Good news! Now Pokemon Go is available in UK, Italy, Portugal and Spain . Here's why you gotta play it!

Written by B Johnson December 02, 2017
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So the latest Pokemon game called “Pokemon Go” just launched recently on both Android and iOS platforms. This Pokemon game series actually has been around since 1996 when it was released the very first time on GameBoy, while the movie version entitled “Pokemon: The First Movie” was a huge hit in 1999.

But today, this popular Japanese franchise is now available to play on smartphones and tablets. So what’s so great about this new game on Android and iOS platforms?

So Pokemon Go is developed by a game company named Niantic, but it’s published by The Pokemon Company, while Nintendo is responsible for its distribution.

However, unlike the previous installments of Pokemon games in the past, Pokemon Go is now an augmented-reality game that basically uses the area around you as gameplay arena using the rear-facing camera of your smartphone or tablet.

Pokemon Go Launches on Android and iOS. What's so awesome about this game

The game is actually quite fun to play. But in order to play it, you must go from one area to another area around you and along your journey, some characters will begin showing up to you.

In this game, you can do a lot of things like capturing items, fighting against monsters, training your own Pokemon and even trading virtual Pokemon who show up along your journey in your town. And all of these will only work with your smartphone/tablet's rear camera activated.

Unfortunately, despite being launched on Google Play and iOS, Pokemon Go is currently only available in the US, Australia and across Europe. So if you don’t live in any of those countries or region, then you need to be a bit patient until the game gets its global launch probably in the near days or weeks.

Anyway, if you're so curious about how this game plays and looks like, here check this one out, the gameplay video I stumbled upon on YouTube.

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