How to Add Quick Refresh Button in Address bar on Mozilla Firefox?

Written by B Johnson August 04, 2016
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For me personally, I think Mozilla Firefox has been one of my favorite web browsers so far on my smartphone mostly because it offers something that no other mobile web browsers do.

And that is the ability to support add-ons which really helps a lot to enhance its functionality when surfing the web, just like on the laptop version.

However, there’s something that I don’t really like and even hate on Mozilla Firefox app. And that is the design layout of this web browser.

I mean, it’s totally different with the PC version of Mozilla Firefox obviously. Not to mention, the navigation buttons like reload, stop, back and forward buttons are hidden on the menu option, unlike the full laptop version, making it hard to reach these buttons while we're browsing the web.

For example, everytime you want to reload or refresh the web page, you need to tap on the menu option on TOP RIGHT and from there you’ll finally be able to refresh the website.

That’s why today I’m gonna show you how to add REFRESH/RELOAD button inside the address bar on the top.

So everytime you want to reload the web page, you just need to tap the menu in address bar and select ‘Refresh’ in order to reload the page.

Okay, without further ado, below I'm going to show you show you how exactly to add this button to your Firefox app. Enjoy!

#1. Open Mozilla Firefox app

First things first, open the Mozilla Firefox app on your smartphone or tablet. But if you don’t have it yet, you can download on Google Play Store. It’s free by the way, but I suggest you to download it using WiFi connection because this app is pretty heavy in size, around 25MB which can waste your date.

#2. Press the menu option

After you open the app, now tap the button on the TOP RIGHT CORNER to open the menu option.

#3. Select Tools

In the list of menu option that you just opened, new scroll down and select “Tools”.

#4. Select Add-ons

After you open the Tools, there are 4 options here that you can choose from. Now select “Add-ons” because you want to go to Firefox add-ons' website from here.

#5. Press “Browse All Firefox Add-ons”

As you can see on the add-on page, there’s an option on the bottom that says “Browse All Firefox add-ons”.

Now press it and it will lead you to Firefox add-ons' website. I know that you can also go to this website through the address bar, but I think this method is much simpler and quicker than typing the URL in address bar.

#6. Find “Refresher” in the search bar

Okay, after landing to the website, now search an add-on called “Refresher” in the search engine box.

There are actually some other similar add-ons that do the same job here. But I think “Refresher” is a pretty nice choice for you because it’s simpler and it gets the job done. So I don’t see any reason why you need to choose other add-on.

#7. Press “Add to Firefox”

If you have found the add-on, now press it to open the download page. As you can see here, there’s a button that says “Add to Firefox”. Now press it to download this add-on to your Firefox app.

#8. Wait for a couple of seconds

After pressing the download button, wait for a couple seconds until the downloading process is complete. But don’t press any button during this process until you see the installation window appear on the screen. And when that happens, press the install button.

#9. Try to open any website

This add-on usually doesn’t require you to restart your Firefox app. So once the installation process is complete, you can try it out on the get go.

Okay, now visit any website on a new tab. For example, try

#10. Press the menu button in the address bar

After the page if fully loaded, press the menu option inside the address bar. As you can see, the new option “Refresh” has been added here in the list. Now press it to reload the website you’re currently visiting.


Well, there you have it, a refresh or reload button for Mozilla Firefox app.

What do you think about this add-on? Do you like it? I know that you can also reload or refresh the page by pressing the menu option on and from there, you can tap on the reload icon to refresh the web page.

But I think that’s not as efficient as the refresh button in address bar. I mean, everytime you want to reload the page, you can simple press the menu option in address bar and select “Refresh”. And this is much simpler and quicker than going through the menu option, right?

Anyway, hope you enjoy what I just wrote you in this post. And if you find this article helpful or information, please don’t hesitate to share this post on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus by pressing the social media buttons on this page. I would totally appreciate it a lot!
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