How to add 'Close Tab' button on Mozilla Firefox on Android?

Written by B Johnson August 04, 2016
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Surfing the web using Mozilla Firefox on your smartphone or tablet is such a pleasing thing to do because this web browser is capable to load any kind of websites without any problem, even the heaviest ones you normally visit with laptop or desktop.

The other coolest thing about Mozilla Firefox is, unlike other web browsers on mobile devices, Firefox supports the use of add-ons. So not only are you able to enhance its functionality to the higher level, but you can also improve the experience of using this app on your device.

However, despite being a really awesome mobile web browser, there’s something that keeps bugging me about Mozilla Firefox app. And that is its navigation/button layout.

Okay, don’t get me wrong. I really love the layout and design of this app, but I think there is something missing on Mozilla Firefox app, compared to the laptop version. And one of them is the CLOSE TAB button.

So on the mobile version of Mozilla Firefox, everytime you want to close any tab, you must firstly press the corner button of the tab (on TOP RIGHT) to enter the TAB screen, and then swipe any tab to left or right in order to close each tab. And that's not really efficient and can be time wasting for some people.

The good news is, there’s the solution for that. And that's by using the add-on that will add the 'CLOSE TAB' button inside the address bar.

Okay then, below I’m about to show you how exactly to add 'CLOSE TAB' button inside the address bar of your Mozilla Firefox app.

1. Open your Firefox app

As usual, now open Mozilla Firefox app on your smartphone or tablet. If you haven’t had it yet on your device, you can get it from Google Play Store. And it’s free by the way so you don't have to spend any dime here.

But it’s worth mentioning that this app weighs in around 26MB so if you don’t have enough internet data to download it, I suggest you to use WiFi connection in order to save your mobile internet data.

2. Go to Firefox add-ons website

Okay, after opening the Firefox web browser, now go to Firefox add-ons' website. You can simply press the menu option on the TOP RIGHT CORNER > and then select 'Tools' > Add-ons > and from there you’ll find the link on the bottom that says “Browse All Firefox add-ons”.

Now select it and it will lead you to Firefox add-ons' website.

3. Find the add-on called “Close Tab Button”

After landing to the website, now search the add-on called “Close Tab Button” in the search engine box and then press the link to go to the download page of this add-on.

4. Download the add-on

On the download page, tap on “Add to Firefox” to download this add-on to your Firefox app. But don’t press anything during this process because Firefox is trying to download this add-on in the background. So if you press anything here, you might miss the installation window that will pop up later after that.

5. Install the add-on

Okay, once the downloading process is complete, the installation window will be prompted to you by then. Now press “Install” to let the app install the add-on.

6. Try it out

Usually, this add-on doesn’t require you to restart the app. So once it finishes installing the add-on, you can try it out by yourself by opening a new tab.

As you can see, inside the address bar, if you press the menu inside the address bar, you will see that the new option “Close Tab” has been added here. So if you want to close the tab, you can simple select this “Close Tab” option.


Well, there you have it guys, a pretty useful add-on called “Close Tab Button” which you can use on your Mozilla Firefox app. I know that this add-on is a really simple add-on that doesn't do anything besides closing the tab. But I think it's really useful and can enhance the experience of using this browser.

What do you think of this add-on? Isn’t it cool, huh? I hope so.

Anyway, if you have any other cool add-ons for Mozilla Firefox app that you would like to share with all of us here, that would be awesome. Just voice your opinion on the comment section below. I'll be more than happy to hear your thoughts here.
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