How to add a background photo on clock widget?

Written by B Johnson August 04, 2016
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Homescreen is definitely the most important element on your smartphone or tablet because that’s the first thing that you see everyday when you turn on your device. The great thing is, unlike iOS with its strict UI, the homescreen of Android devices is customizable. You can use live wallpaper and most definitely, you can also add widgets to make it look attractive and intuitive.

There are actually many widgets that you can use to make your homescreen look awesome. One of my favorites so far is the customizable clock widget.

Okay, I know that on stock Android OS, there is a default clock widget which you can use on the homescreen. But I think it’s not as cool as the clock widget app I’m about to show you right now.

So the clock widget app I’m talking about here is called ‘Clock Widget’. But don’t be mistaken here because this app is developed by ‘Calathea’.

How to add a background photo on clock widget?

The cool thing about this widget is, it’s customizable. So this widget is not about showing you the current time and date, but you can also change its background picture to make it look attractive, you can change its font and you can even use your own photo on this widget.

Okay then, without further ado, here I’ll show you how to add this awesome clock widget app on your Android device. Enjoy!

#1. Go to Google Play Store

Okay, the first thing you need to do is, go to Google Play Store because that’s where you can find the app that provides the photo gallery widget for the homescreen of your device.

#2. Download the app called “Clock Widget Calathea”

After opening your Google Play Store app, now search an app called “Clock Widget Calathea” in the search bar and press enter.

There are actually tons of other clock widget apps with the same exact name “Clock Widget”. So this is why I ask you to be more specific and use the search phrase “Clock Widget Calathea” in order to find the right app I’m referring on this page.

Anyway, after finding the app, download the regular version. Don’t worry, it’s not heavy in size, probably around 13MB. So it’s up to you whether you want to download it using your mobile data or WiFi connection. But I strongly recommend you to pick WiFi connection of your device to save your mobile data.

#3. Open the app

Now after you finish downloading and installing the app to your device, now open the app. As you can see, there are some categories of wallpapers that you can choose from as the background of the clock widget, from: Premium, Top Rated, Animals, Vehicles, etc.

All of these categories require you to activate your internet connection in order to download the wallpaper photos to your device.

#4. Use your photo as the background

The other great feature of this app is, not only can you use the regular wallpapers from this app, but you can also use your own photo or picture as the background of the clock widget.

If that’s what you want, you can simply press the “Select from Photos”. After that, select any picture from the recent photos on your device, but you can also choose the photos according to each folder by pressing the option on the bottom of the screen.

Okay, after choosing the photo, you will be taken to the next screen where you’ll be asked to crop the photo so it will fit perfectly on the clock widget that you’re about to use on the homescreen.

Now using the 4 pointers on the corners, drag any of these pointers to crop the picture according to your liking.

After you finish modifying with the size of the cropping area, now press the check mark icon on the top right of the screen to SAVE the photo.

#5. Set up the widget

Okay, now you have chosen the background of the widget. The next thing you’re going to do is, modify the whole setting of the widget. To do that, now press the clock widget on the top of the screen to enter the setting page.

* General Tab * As you can see, on the next screen, there are some settings that you can modify here on the tab “General”: from the date format and clock format. Not to mention, you can also add battery life bar as well as the date and month information on the clock widget.

* Fonts Tab * The other great thing about this app is, you can also modify the font of the clock widget in “Fonts” tab on the right.

* Position Tab * And then, on “Position” tab, you’ll be able to move the clock information to any position on the widget. And there are other settings that you can apply on this widget.

You can actually see every change that you just made on the widget by looking at the preview on the top. So if you, for example, enable the battery bar, then on the preview of the widget, the battery bar will appear in real time.

It goes the same if you change the font or move the clock. So it's actually really easy to modify this widget because you can see every change in real time.

#6. Save the setting

Okay, now you have finished setting up the clock widget, from the background to other details on the widget. Now save the setting by pressing the “Finish” button below the clock widget.

#7. Add a widget

After you finish setting up the widget, now you need to add the clock widget on the homescreen because in default, there is no clock widget on the homescreen of your device. So you must add this widget first in order for it to work properly.

It’s actually simple to do that, you just need to press any empty area on the hommescreen > select “widgets” option > scroll down > choose “Clock Widget 5x2” > and then press the widget for 2 seconds > and finally add the widget to any area on the homescreen.

Well, as you can see, the clock widget will appear on the homescreen according to your previous configurations. From the background picture, the date format, the font and all elements on this widget are the ones that you’ve set up earlier on the setting page.


Well, there you have it guys, a really attractive clock widget for your Android device. I’ve actually have been using this app for quite awhile now simply because I love how simple it is to modify. I mean, I can just tap this and that, and voila.. a great looking clock widget appears on the homescreen of my smartphone.

Anyway, what about you? Do you happen to have any other great clock widget on your device right now? Or maybe you are a type of user who loves using simple clock widget from stock Android OS?

Well, if you do, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts here on the comment section below. I'll be more than happier to hear them.
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