How to Turn Off Images When Browsing with Mozilla Firefox on Smartphone or Tablet?

Written by B Johnson July 12, 2016
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Browsing the net is definitely a lot more fun to do if you can also view interesting pictures on the web pages you're currently visiting. Not only will it make your browsing experience more pleasing, but it can also give you a better understanding about the content you’re reading.

So for example, if you’re reading an article about Apple iPad Pro, then you definitely want to see the actual iPad Pro, right?

Or maybe you’re reading the news about a new species of animal, then you will also want to see the actual picture of that animal because you want to see what it looks like.

That’s the reason why images can be so important when browsing the web.

However, turning ON the images on web pages will also squeeze a lot of your internet data because everytime your web browser loads the web page, it will also load the images on the web page entirely, from top to bottom, header to footer, especially the ones in the content.

So the best way to cut off the use of your internet data is of course by turning off the images from being loaded on your web browser. By doing this, you can still read contents on the web pages without loading their images.

How to Block Images from Being Loaded on Mozilla Firefox?

So, how exactly to turn OFF images on Mozilla Firefox app?

Well, it’s actually easy to block images when browsing with Mozilla Firefox app. You can simply do that by tapping on the menu option on the TOP RIGHT CORNER > Setting > Advanced > and selecting “Blocked” in 'Show Images'.

However, using this method is actually not really efficient because everytime you want to block the images from being loaded on the web page you’re visiting, you will always need to go through the Setting > Advanced and so on, which can be time wasting.

So is there any other way to turn off the images from being loaded on Mozilla Firefox app without going through the Setting?

Luckily, there is. And that’s by using an add-on called “Mobile Image Blocker”.

What is “Mobile Image Blocker” and how it works?

So yeah, if you haven’t known already, on the mobile app version of Mozilla Firefox, you can also use a bunch of add-ons to enhance the functionality of this web browser. And ‘Mobile Image Blocker’ is one of the useful add-ons which you can get on Firefox add-on website.

Anyway, as its name implies, ‘Mobile Image Blocker’ indeed is an add-on that you use to block the images entirely from being loaded on any website you’re visiting.

So with this add-on activated, you can instantly view the web page without any image on it, which can cut off the use of your internet data by a lot.

1. Go to Firefox add-on website

So the first thing you need to do is go to Mozilla Firefox add-on website because that’s where you can find ‘Mobile Image Blocker’ add-on. But you don’t need to type in address bar because you can straightly go to Firefox add-on website simply by tapping the menu option on the TOP RIGHT CORNER > Tools > Add-ons > and selecting 'Browse all Firefox Add-ons'.

2. Download ‘Mobile Image Blocker’ add-on

On Firefox add-on website, now type in the search field ‘Mobile Image Blocker’ and then download it by tapping on 'Add to Firefox'. It usually takes a few seconds until the final installation button pops up on the screen. So don’t do or press anything after you tap on that download button. Just wait a few seconds until the installation window pops up.

3. Activate ‘Mobile Image Blocker’ add-on

Okay, correct me if I’m wrong but usually, after the installation process is complete, you can use this add-on right away. So you don’t need to restart the web browser.

Anyway, to activate this add-on, you just need to open the menu option on the TOP RIGHT CORNER and then tick off the small box of ‘Mobile Image Blocker’.

4. Test the add-on to see if it works or not

After activating ‘Mobile Image Blocker’, now you can try this add-on by visiting any website. If it works properly, you can see that on the web page, there’s no image being loaded here.

However, if you want to turn ON the images again, you can simply tap on the small box of ‘Mobile Image Blocker’ again on the menu option.


Well, there you have it guys. That’s my tutorial if you want to turn off images when browsing the web with Mozilla Firefox app. I know that you can also turn off the images on Mozilla Firefox through the Setting, but I think it’s not really efficient for me.

So this is why I think ‘Mobile Image Blocker’ can be the best solution for that.

On other browser like Opera Mini, you can also turn off the images through the menu option (Opera icon on the bottom) > Data Saving > Images.

Unfortunately, Opera mini doesn’t allow user to use add-on just like on the PC/laptop version. So I think it’s best to deactivate the images permanently on Opera Mini.

Anyway guys, hope you like what I just shared above. And if you find this useful and informative, please kindly share this article to your friends or family by using the social media buttons on this page. I would totally appreciate it.

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