How to Download Youtube Videos Using Smartphone or Tablet on Mozilla Firefox App?

Written by B Johnson July 12, 2016
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As you know already, downloading videos from YouTube using PC or laptop is not such a difficult thing to do thanks to many great 'YouTube Downoader' add-ons found on Mozilla Firefox web browser.

So if you’re currently using Firefox as your daily web browser on your laptop or PC, then you can easily download online videos either on YouTube or other flash-based websites by using these 'YouTube Downoader' add-ons on your Firefox browser.

To name a few, there are many great add-ons like 1-Click YouTube Video Downloader, FlashGot, NetVideo Hunter and many other more, which you can find all of them on Firefox add-ons website.

However, all of these add-ons are only available on the PC or laptop versions of Mozilla Firefox, not the smartphone or tablet version.

How Exactly to Download YouTube videos with Smartphone or Tablet?

So the question is, how to download videos on YouTube using our smartphone or tablet?

Well, the answer is actually pretty similar just like what I’ve mentioned already in the beginning of this post. Yup – the answer is by using 'YouTube Downoader' add-on on Mozilla Firefox browser on Android.

But how exactly to do that?

This is why today I’m really happy to share to you how exactly I always download videos from YouTube using my smartphone.

I want to let you know that it is possible to download videos from YouTube and even from other websites without using your PC or laptop anymore. You can now simply do that also using your own smartphone or tablet.

Okay then, below I’m gonna show to you how exactly I do that.

1. Download Mozilla Firefox on Android from Google Play Store

Okay so first and foremost, you must firstly have Mozilla Firefox web browser installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Don’t you worry, just like the PC and laptop versions, the mobile version of Firefox web browser is also free to download. You can simply go to Google Play Store and then find Mozilla Firefox web browser.

It’s worth mentioning that on Google Play Store, there are 2 versions of Mozilla Firefox web browser. The first one carrying the name “Mozilla Firefox” is the main and standard version of the app.

Meanwhile, the second one is called “Mozilla Firefox Beta”, but this is not the beta version of the app. As a matter of fact, it is also the same full version of ‘Mozilla Firefox on Android’ app, similar just like the main version of “Mozilla Firefox” app.

However, in this “Mozilla Firefox Beta”, you can see some new features or new looks/design that will likely be added on the main version of this app.

But all depends on the feedback from developers or users who use “Mozilla Firefox Beta” on their devices. Do they like the new features or do they not like them?

2. Find Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox app

Okay, after you finish downloading Mozilla Firefox app on your smartphone or tablet, now go the Firefox add-on website. You can actually do that simply by pressing the menu option on the TOP RIGHT (with Ξ logo on it) > Tools > and selecting ‘Add-ons’ on the menu option.

Once you press that option, you will be taken to the add-on page of your Mozilla Firefox app. Here you’ll find all the add-ons that you have downloaded and installed on this web browser.

If you want to start downloading add-ons for your Mozilla Firefox app, now press the option “Browse All Firefox Add-ons”.

Once you select that, with internet connection activated, you will be directed to the Firefox Add-ons website, but the smartphone/tablet version, not the full-fledged PC/laptop version of the website.

So on this website, all the add-ons available here are specifically made for smartphones or tablets.

3. Find ‘YouTube Downloader 4K Downloader’ add-on

There are actually not many YouTube Downloader add-ons available on this website, unlike the PC/laptop version that has tons of it.

But I think the best YouTube downloader add-on for Mozilla Firefox on smartphone/tablet is the one called ‘YouTube Downloader 4K Downloader’.

But make sure that you only download this add-on and don’t download other YouTube downloader add-ons because it will just ruin the system everytime you download video on YouTube.

Usually, if you download 2 YouTube Downloader add-ons, when you try to download a YouTube video, Mozilla will download this video twice, even if you only press the download link once. And this of course will waste a lot of your internet data, especially if you download long videos.

4. Press the download button of the add-on

Okay, after you press ‘YouTube Downloader 4K Downloader’ in the search results, you will be taken to the main page of this add on. Now press 'Add to Firefox' to start downloading this add-on to your Mozilla Firefox app.

It’s gonna take a few seconds or 1 minute until this add-on finishes being downloaded by the system. But remember to NOT press anything or go back to the previous page during the downloading process because once you press 'Add to Firefox', the system will download this add-on in the background.

So it will not tell you or show you the downloading process of this add-on. It seems like nothing happens on the screen, which is not correct because this web browser is trying to download this add-on in the background.

Anyway, once the downloading process is complete, Mozilla Firefox web browser will prompt you the installation window. Now press ‘Install’ and wait a few seconds until the system asks you to restart the web browser. It will pop up on the top of the screen, below the address bar.

And once the option to restart pops up, press it and let Mozilla Firefox app restart itself and install the add-on when the app opens again.

5. Download YouTube video

Okay, now it’s the most important part of this tutorial, which is downloading YouTube videos using the add-on.

Now go to and find your favorite video that you would like to download to your smartphone or tablet.

If you have found the video you want to download, now go to the page of that YouTube video. Once Firefox finishes loading the page, usually there will be a blue arrow pointing down in address bar.

But if you can’t see this logo, you can also press the menu option inside the address bar on the right (arrow pointing down).

If you press it, there will be some options presented to you in the list. Right on the bottom of the list, select the last option ‘Download Media’.

Once you press it, a new page will be opened on a new tab. On this new tab, there will be plenty options of video formats which you can pick and start downloading to your smartphone or tablet.

I usually pick the option ‘MP4 format with 360p resolution (Low)’. Of course it’s not the sharpest, but if you’re bit low on data, I strongly suggest you to pick this format because it’s not going to squeeze a lot of your internet data but it still looks good.

However, if you have plenty of data to use at your disposal, you can also get a much sharper video format with 720p resolution.

6. View the downloaded videos

Okay, after the downloading process is complete, you can actually view that video directly from the notification window. However, if you want to know where the video is located on your device, you can just open file manager app and then find the folder called ‘Download’ in the root directory.

There you will find the video that you just downloaded earlier. So all of the videos that you download using Mozilla Firefox app can be found here in this folder.


Well, there you have it guys, my secret tips for you if you want to download videos from YouTube website using your smartphone or tablet.

However, not all YouTube videos can be downloaded with this add-on by the way. It depends on the setting that YouTubers/uploaders use for their uploaded videos.

Anyway, VEVO videos cannot be downloaded with the mobile version of Mozilla Firefox app using any add-on.

So if you want to download VEVO music videos, you must use the laptop version of Firefox browser with your laptop of course and use add-ons like 1-Click YouTube Video Downloader, FlashGot, NetVideo Hunter and many other more.

But if you still insist to download VEVO videos using your smartphone, you can just go the website and then find the videos you would like to download.

Bear in mind that the only available format that you can download on website is MP4 (360p) format. So there are no HD 720p or 1080p formats here.

Stay tuned for more about Firefox add-ons

Anyway, there’s actually a lot of cool add-ons that you can use on Mozilla Firefox app on your smartphone or tablet. But I’m going to share them all in the next posts in the coming days. So be sure to stick around on this website if you’re interested.
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