How to Activate Dual Split-Screen Multitasking Mode on Android Nougat OS?

Written by B Johnson July 12, 2016
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Some of you here already know that Android Nougat OS has one really awesome feature that have been waited for so long by many Android users out there. In fact, this feature is one of the best improvements that ever happened to Android Operating System.

Yes – it is the multitasking or dual split-screen mode.

So besides ‘Data Saver’ and ‘Night Mode’ which I’ve already showed you in the previous posts, this dual split-screen mode is also one of the features that you’re about to enjoy on your Android device in the coming months, but of course, if your device gets upgraded to Android Nougat OS.

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As the name of this feature suggests, yes, dual split-screen mode is the feature which allows you to activate 2 different apps on the screen at the same time.

So yes, with this feature, you can deploy 2 apps of your choice and then use them both simultaneously on the same screen. Isn’t that awesome, huh?

However, despite being a ground-breaking feature on Android OS, this dual split-screen actually has been around through some devices like Samsung GALAXY Note series and Samsung GALAXY Tab Pro tablets released a few years ago.

So once this feature is activated, you’ll get to choose 2 apps you would like to use on the same screen simultaneously. And if you want to change the size of each app, you can just drag the pointer in the middle, to any position according to your liking.

However, on Android Nougat OS, this dual-split screen works differently than the one found on Samsung GALAXY Note and Tab Pro series.

So in order to activate this feature, there’s a bunch of tricks that have been programmed by Google Android team so users can have an easy and quick access whenever they want to turn ON this dual split-screen on any screen.

Anyway, in the following list below, I would like to share to you some of the methods that you can apply on your device in order to activate the dual multitasking split-screen mode.

Okay then, without further ado, here they are.

By Dragging the Title Bar on 'Recent Apps' Screen

So the very first method to activate this dual split-screen mode is by dragging the title bar on any app that you would like to use in split-screen mode, either on top or bottom position.

However, in order for this trick to work, you must firstly go to the ‘Recent Apps’ screen by pressing the ‘Recent Apps’ button (using the right capacitive button).

Once you are in the ‘Recent Apps’ screen, you will see a pile of apps that you’re currently using on your device which you can scroll up or bottom to pick between any of them.

So if you want to enter the dual split-screen mode, you simply press the ‘title bar’ of any app on the ‘Recent Apps’ screen, and then drag the title bar on top or bottom position according to your preference.

For example, you want to use Chrome web browser in the dual split-screen mode. So all you need to do is press the 'Chrome' title bar, and then drag it to any position you want, top or bottom position on the screen.

When you are doing this, you will see a transparent effect which indicates that the app you’re dragging right now will be placed either on top of the dual-split screen mode or bottom, according to your choice.

So when you’re still deciding whether to put the Chrome browser on top or bottom, you will see a transparent effect appear on the back which will follow your finger everywhere when you are dragging the app.

And when you release the title bar, that Chrome app will enter to the dual split-screen mode automatically and this app will be placed on the position where you release the title bar.

Meanwhile, on the second screen, it will still show you the ‘Recent Apps’ screen so you can then pick the second app you would like to use to accompany the Chrome web browser in dual split-screen mode.

This trick is actually pretty reclusive and I don’t think many non-geeky users would know how to activate this feature using this method.

So Google probably will make some tutorials in the beginning or intro of homescreen especially about how to use some important features like dual split-screen mode on this new Android Nougat OS.

By Sliding the Right Capacitive Button to the Top Direction

So there’s also another interesting method to activate this dual split-screen mode. It’s actually much easier and quicker than the first method aforementioned above. So you just need to press the 'Recent Apps' button on the right and then slide/drag it to the top.

Once you do that, the dual split-screen mode will be activated on the screen. And on the bottom or the second screen, it will show you the ‘Recent Apps’ where you can pick which app you would like to use in split-screen mode.

So for example, when you’re currently reading article on Chrome web browser and you want to open another app in split-screen mode, you can simply press the right button and then slide/drag it to the top.

And when you do that, the split-screen mode will be opened showing you the ‘Recent Apps’ screen on the bottom. And from there, you can pick any app you would like to use as the second app in dual split-screen mode to accompany the Chrome web browser you already open before.

However, in order to activate this trick, you must firstly go to System UI Tuner' through the Setting. And from there, you can finally activate this method.

By pressing the Right Capacitive Button for a Few Seconds

The third or the last trick to activate this dual split-screen mode is by pressing the 'Recent Apps' button (the right button) for a few seconds and voila…the dual split-screen will be activated on the screen.

This method was actually just introduced in the latest beta build of Android Nougat OS released a couple of weeks ago for developer preview.

And it will likely end up being used as the main method to activate this feature. It’s mainly because this method is much easier to apply and I believe majority users will know how to use this trick through simple learning curves while using the device.


So there you go guys, the 3 methods to activate the dual multitasking split-screen mode on your devices running Android Nougat OS.

Although many users will end up using one of these tricks above, not all of them, I think it’s still awesome how we can apply some different methods to activate this feature, which will surely enhance the whole experience of using our device, right?

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