How to Stop Notifications from Twitter App on Your Smartphone or Tablet?

Written by B Johnson July 12, 2016
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Twitter app has been one of the must-have apps on smartphone or tablet because you can get a lot of great things from it: like information, attractive contents and you can even meet new friends from all across over world.

However, Twitter app can be such a squeezer of your internet data because everytime you open it, there will be many contents like images or videos that are being loaded automatically, which of course uses your internet data a lot.

Not only that. Just like any other social media apps, this Twitter app can also waste your internet data and battery life because this app will always connect to the internet in the background for every few seconds to check if you receive a new mention, a new follower or a new direct message.

How to turn off notifications from Twitter app?

So how exactly to turn off the notifications from Twitter app so we can save internet data of our device and improve its battery life?

1. Open Twitter app

Well, it’s actually not really hard to cut off all the notifications from Twitter app, the first thing you need to do is open your Twitter app of course. If you currently use the latest version of this app, then as you can see, there are 3 tabs on the top of the screen: Home, mentions and direct message.

2. Open the Menu Option

If you’re indeed using the latest version of Twitter app, then you can definitely open the left menu option by swiping from left to the right. But you can actually open it simply by pressing your avatar on the TOP LEFT CORNER.

3. Select Setting

On the menu option, you can see there are some options here. Now tap on the Setting so you can start modifying the setting of your Twitter account.

4. Select ‘Notifications’

After selecting the option 'Setting', you will be brought to the next screen of setting, where you can do a lot of changes to your account, like your password, your privacy setting and many more.

Now select ‘Notifications’ in the option number 2 because this is where you can turn off notifications from Twitter so you will no longer receive any notification from this app to your device, which will save your internet data and improve battery life.

5. Select ‘Mobile Notifications’

As you can see on the screen, when you select ‘Notifications’, you will be taken to the page where you can modify the setting of your notifications. Now select the first option, ‘Mobile Notifications’.

6. Turn off Mobile Notifications

On the top of the screen, you will see the toggle that controls ‘Mobile Notifications’ of your Twitter app on your device. So all of the push notifications will pop up automatically on your device everytime you receive a mention, a new follower or a direct message.

Now in order to turn off all of these notifications from your device completely, you just need to tap on the toggle to turn it off. By doing so, you will no longer see any notification from the account you’re currently using on this app.

However, if you currently log in to multiple Twitter accounts on this app, then you must turn the notifications manually one by one, from every account.

So after you finish turning off the mobile notification of the account A, you will then do the same thing on the account B and so on.


Well, there you have it guys, my tips for you if you want to turn off the push notifications from your Twitter app. Hopefully you like what I just shared here in this post.

This is actually a good thing to do in order to slash the use of your internet data by a lot as well as to improve the longevity of your device. Besides, I think it’s pretty annoying to hear the notification ringtone everytime you get a mention, a new follower or direct message.
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