How Quick App Switching Feature Works on Android Nougat OS?

Written by B Johnson July 12, 2016
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As we are waiting for Android Nougat OS to get its official release date globally in the coming weeks, it’s good if we know something about this new OS, especially its new features.

So what’s the new stuff found on Android Nougat OS?

Actually, I’ve already mentioned a lot in my previous posts about the new features that you’re about to enjoy on the new Android Nougat OS.

To name a few, there are Night Mode, the dual split-screen mode, quick reply on notification, ‘Clear All’ button on ‘Recent Apps’, Redesigned Setting App and many other more.

However, there’s one feature, although small, but still deserves to get attention in Android Nougat OS. And that is the quick app switching feature.

Not many people know about it but I think this quick app switching can be one of the most favorite features on the new Android Nougat OS.

So as the name suggests, “quick app switching” indeed is a feature that allows users to switch really quickly from one app to another app in just 2 simple clicks.

With this feature, now you don’t need to go through the “Recent Apps” screen anymore to switch to another app because on Android Nougat OS, now you can go from one app to another app in “Recent Apps” in just 2 simple clicks.

How to Apply “Quick App Switching” Feature?

The first thing you should know is, your device must be running on Android Nougat OS in order to enjoy this feature. So this “quick app switching” feature is not available on Marshmallow OS.

This feature is actually not that hard to apply. In fact it’s really simple to do. You just need to press the “Recent Apps” button twice everytime you want to switch from one app to another app.

But of course, in order for this trick to work on your device, you must open more than one app.

So for example, you’re currently opening many apps at once, like Chrome, Google Play, Twitter and Instagram. If you open the “Recent Apps” screen, these apps will be shown as a pile of apps which you can scroll up and down to switch between them.

In order to apply this feature, you firstly need to choose one app that you want to use right now on the screen, say, Twitter app. So when you’re currently opening Twitter app on the screen, you can switch to another app by simply pressing the “Recent Apps” button twice.

When Can I Enjoy this Feature on my Smartphone or Tablet?

But you’re probably wondering when your device will be upgraded to Android Nougat OS, right?

And that’s because in order to enjoy this cool feature, your smartphone or tablet must be running on Android Nougat OS.

Well, this Android Nougat OS actually hasn’t been released yet by Google. In fact, Google hasn’t released the final build of Android Nougat OS to the market or to Android devices, only the beta versions for developer preview.

And the fact that many Android devices on the market are mostly still struggling to get Marshmallow and even Lollipop updates leaves a big question mark especially regarding the release date of Android Nougat OS to many of these older-gen devices.

So I think the chance for your device to get the upgrade to Android Nougat OS is pretty small here, especially given that most of manufacturers usually will put more focus on the next-gen devices they are about to release to the market, while leaving the older-current-gen devices in uncertainty, in terms of software updates.

How to enjoy this feature if my device won't be updated to Android Nougat?

But there’s actually a workaround for this. And that is by installing the custom ROM on your device based on Android Nougat OS, which probably will come out when the final build of Android Nougat OS is officially released by Google.

However, you must be well-experienced first in order to be able to do this because it requires rooting, installing custom recovery tool and so on. And there are consequences here, like loosing your warranty, suffering a bootloop and even brick on your device.

The good news

But the good news is, if your device is currently running on Android Marshmallow OS, there’s a huge chance that your smartphone or tablet will also be upgraded to Android Nougat OS in the coming months, although it still depends on the manufacturer that produces your device.

And that could happen because Android Nougat OS is actually not such a huge departure from the previous-gen Android Marshmallow OS, either in design and system. So it’s basically just a new improved Marshmallow OS but with new features and more improved system and apps.

So the best thing you need to do right now is wait because this Android Nougat OS hasn't even been released yet to market. And there’s still no single Android device on the market running on this Android Nougat OS.

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