How to Stop Notifications from Instagram on Your Smartphone or Tablet?

Written by B Johnson July 12, 2016
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Alongside Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media apps, Instagram has become one of the must-have apps on smartphone or tablet. Whether you like it or not, Instagram actually can be really fun to use especially when you’re in horrible mood or when you need some inspirations.

Well, that’s because on Instagram, you can see a lot of great inspiring photos and even videos taken by many Instagram users, which can be refreshing for your mind. But the most amazing thing about this app is, you can see a lot of new cool stuff or places that you haven't seen before.

However, just like Twitter and Facebook, the push notification feature on Instagram can be pretty annoying especially if you always receive a lot of ‘likes’ or new followers on your Instagram account.

And it will be much even worse if you open multiple accounts on this app. There is a lot more notifications that will pop up on your device every few minutes or even seconds.

So the question is, how to turn off the notification feature from your Instagram app?

Well, in default, Instagram already sets up your app to always notify you everytime you receive a new ‘like’ on your post, a new follower, a new direct message, a new comment or everything that just happened on your account.

This of course can ruin your mood especially if you’re trying to focus on doing something important like your homework or documents in your office.

This is why today, I would like to show you exactly how to turn off all the notifications from your Instagram app so you can live in peace from now on.

Actually, I’ve already showed you how to turn off the notification feature on Twitter and Facebook apps in my previous posts. So if you want to learn more about that, you can visit those articles.

1. Open your Instagram app

The first thing you need to do is of course open your Instagram app.

2. Open your profile page

Now that you’re on the timeline page where you can see a bunch of new photos from the people you follow. To change the setting of your account, first, press your own avatar/photo on the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER on the screen.

3. Tap on the menu option

As you can see on the screen, you're on your own profile page. Now to open the setting of your Instagram app, tap on the menu option on the TOP RIGHT CORNER with Ξ logo on it. When you press it, it will bring you to the menu option where you can modify your account here, like your password, username or anything.

4. Select Push Notifications

In the list, now scroll down a little bit and select the “Push Notification” to modify the notification setting of this app.

5. Turn off all the notifications on your Instagram app

After choosing “Push Notifications”, you can see that there are some settings that each of them will control each different notification on your Instagram app.

To turn them all off completely so you’ll no longer see any notification from this app, select the option “Off” on each of the notification section on the screen, such as: “Likes”, “Comments”, “Follower Requests”, “Accepted Follower Requests” and so on. All of them.

But if you still want to see other notifications from your Instagram app, you can easily turn off the notifications that you don't want to see on your smartphone such as: “Likes” and “Comments”.

6. Exit the app and you’re good to go

Okay, now you just finished turning off the push notification from your Instagram app. What you should do next is exit the app. From now on, you will no longer see and hear any annoying notification ringtone everytime you get a new ‘Like’, a new comment, a new direct message and other stuff from your Instagram app.


Well, there you go guys, my tips to turn off push notifications from your Instagram app. Hopefully you find this article useful and informative.

I actually think that it’s not necessary for you to turn off this notification feature completely if there’s not much going on on your account. I mean, if your account don't get many likes, followers or comments, I think it's fine to let this notification feature be activated.

However, turning off this push notification on Instagram app can actually save your data and improve the battery life of your smartphone or tablet because there will be no activity triggered by this Instagram app anymore on your device.
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