9 Simple Tips to Magically Improve the Battery Life of Your Tablet or Smartphone

Written by B Johnson July 12, 2016
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Who doesn’t want a tablet or smartphone with strong battery life? Well, everyone definitely wants a device that can last all day, especially for doing some heavy stuff like gaming or video watching.

It’s useless if your tablet or smartphone has all great specs and powerful performance, but its battery life will always drain really fast and keep begging to get recharged during the day. It’d totally ruin the experience of using the device itself.

Imagine what if you have an appointment with your business partner at some place you barely know but you cannot contact that person using your smartphone because its battery life is about to die.

Or what if someone enters into your house without your permission but you cannot call police because your phone is already dead, thanks to your carelessness for not recharging it last night?

Well, that sucks, right?

That’s why, it’s really important to have a tablet or smartphone that you can totally count on everyday especially in some urgent situations.

But the question is, how exactly to improve the battery life of our smartphone or tablet?

Well, there are actually tons of ways you can apply on your device in order to improve its battery life.

This is why today I would like to share to you my own personal tips that hopefully will magically improve the battery life of your tablet or smartphone, even if it has small battery capacity.

Okay then, without further ado, in the following list below, I’m gonna share to you my 10 simple tips that I always apply on my device in order to make its battery life last really long without recharging during the day.

Hopefully, all of these tips below will help you as well with your own device.

1. Don’t use active widgets on homescreen.

Okay, who doesn’t like to use active real-time widgets like Twitter or Gmail widgets on homescreen?

Well, thanks to these useful widgets, you can always get updated really fast when there are new tweets from your Twitter timeline or when you receive new emails in your Gmail inbox.

However, despite being really useful to give quick updates to user, these active real-time widgets are actually killing the battery life of your device every few minutes.

And that's because for every new update that the system sends to these widgets, it always requires internet connection of your device in order to download the latest data to the widget. And this is happening in the background in every few seconds when your internet is activated.

So I think it's best for you to stop using active real-time widgets from now on if you want to get better longer battery life out of your device.

2. Don’t use apps that are secretly running in the background

So recently, actually a couple of months ago, I decided to download a RAM cleaning app called Clean Master because I thought this app would really help me clean the memory RAM of my phone when there are lags in its performance.

So if you haven't known already, Clean Master is a RAM management or cleaning app that basically does its job to remove or force-close all the junks in memory like web browser’s cache and active apps in order to improve performance and battery life.

But turned out, ever since I used this app, my phone suffered from overheating issues even when I’m not using the phone. And this of course caused the battery to drain much even faster.

So if you want to clean the memory/RAM of your device, I strongly suggest you to use other RAM cleaning app that’s only assigned to clean memory, not do other things in the background like Clean Master app does.

And it actually worked out really well ever since I removed this app from my device. It didn’t suffer from overheating anymore and the battery life lasted much longer in one day.

3. Always clean all the running apps in “Recent Apps” window

Every time I look at other people’s phones, I’m always baffled of why they love keeping a lot of apps opened on the “Recent Apps” screen, even when they are not using most of them.

This is actually one of the many causes why your battery life drains much faster because all of the apps that are running on “Recent Apps” screen, especially the ones that use internet connection, will keep downloading the latest data to the apps every few seconds or minutes.

So if you want your smartphone or tablet to last really long in one day, you have to develop the habit to always close or remove every app everytime you finish using it, every one of them. This means, you don’t leave any single app opened on “Recent Apps” screen.

The good thing is, on the latest Android Nougat update, Google finally adds the “Clear All” button on the “Recent Apps” screen, making it easier for users to remove all the apps altogether in one single click.

But if your device is not eligible to receive the Android Nougat OS, you can still remove all the apps on “Recent Apps” screen one by one by sliding the apps to the left or right.

4. Always turn off data/internet connection when you don't need it

Most of smartphone or tablet users usually will keep the internet connection on their devices activated all the time. So they never turn OFF their internet connection maybe because they always want to be notified when there is a new message or update from social media apps like WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook.

However, despite this convenience, letting the internet connection of your device activated all the time actually can be the culprit of why your device doesn’t last very long in one day.

So if you let your internet connection be active all day long, it allows all the apps on your device to keep downloading updates for every few seconds. And this of course is squeezing a lot of power in the battery because your smartphone is forced to work very hard every single second.

That’s why if you want to have a long lasting battery life out of your smartphone or tablet, you must always disable the internet connection everytime you don’t need it.

I know that on Lollipop OS, the feature for quick data toggle has been removed by Google. But you can actually revive it again from the dead by using my secret trick I’ve already shared a couple of weeks ago. But of course, your device must be rooted first in order to enjoy this feature again on Lollipop OS.

But if you are hesitant to root your device or don't have any clue about rooting, then you can still turn off your internet data by going through Setting > Data Usage and from there, you can tap on data toggle.

5. Always turn off WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS when not needed

Besides the internet connection, the other features that don’t need to be activated all the time are GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. These features, especially WIFi, really squeeze a lot of juice in the battery.

So everytime you don’t really need any of these features, you must always disable them manually through the notification window on the top. This will help a lot increase the longevity of your device.

6. Don’t use live wallpaper

Okay, everyone definitely loves to use live wallpapers on their devices. They make the homescreen of your device look nicer and attractive.

However, using live wallpaper obviously will make your device work much harder because the animation of live wallpaper are always active everytime you’re using your device.

Of course, for other smartphones that have huge batteries or great power-saving features, using live wallpaper definitely doesn't have any impact to the battery life. But for other smartphones with small battery capacities, I think it’s best to use regular static image as the wallpaper in order to reduce the power consumption.

7. Don’t set the screen brightness too high

Setting the brightness at the highest level of course will make the screen look nicer and clearer, allowing you to use your device even under the sun.

However, using this high-level brightness will also bring much heavier task to the processor of your device, which will squeeze a lot of power from the battery.

So if you want to improve the battery life of your device, you can simply set the brightness of your device at normal level around 40% or 50%. But of course, the lower, the better.

8. Don’t deploy a lot of widgets on homescreen

I think the easiest way to make your tablet or smartphone long lasting in battery life is by not using a lot of widgets on the homescreen. I know this tip sounds pretty cliche, but it's true.

Personally, I only use 2 widgets on the homescreen of my smartphone. The first one is the photo gallery widget, while the second one is just the widget that shows clock and date with customized background.

As a result, the battery life of my smartphone always lasts really long in one day, even for doing some heavy tasks like for watching movies or playing PSP games.

9. Don’t use email client apps

Using email client apps like Gmail or Yahoo Mail is of course really helpful because everytime you receive new emails, these apps will instantly notify you through pop-up notifications that appear on top of the screen.

However, even though they are great in giving updates, using these apps actually will have a huge impact to the battery life of your device.

And that's because these apps will keep downloading new data every few seconds in the background, especially if your internet connection is always activated all the time.

So I think the best way to reduce the power consumption of your device is by not using any of these email client apps on your smartphone or tablet.

You can actually check out your emails on Gmail or Yahoo Mail by using simple web browsers like Opera mini because it’s really efficient with data usage when browsing. So not only can you improve battery life, but you also save your internet data.

My Last Word

Well, those are my 9 simple tips that hopefully will improve the battery life of your tablet or smartphone significantly.

I know that there are many apps like battery saving apps or memory management apps that can also help make your device more efficient with battery life.

However, not all of these apps are doing their job properly as marketed by developers. Some of them even drain the battery life much faster and also cause overheating on the device. So it becomes useless to use these apps.

This is why, if you want to magically increase the longevity of your smartphone or tablet, you just need to apply all of my simple tips above. It’s not hard to do and they also don’t cost any of your money.

Anyway, hopefully all of the tips above are helpful and informative to you. And if that’s true, please don’t hesitate to press the share buttons to let other people know about this article and also my website. I would really appreciate your effort here.
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