How to Activate the Night Mode on Android Nougat OS?

Written by B Johnson July 12, 2016
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So the name for the next Android OS has just been made official by Google Android a couple days ago. And it’s called Android Nougat OS.

But what’s so special about this new Android OS, especially compared to the previous-build Marshmallow OS? What are the new features found in this new Android build?

In my previous post, I’ve already showed you what’s new in Android Nougat OS. But talking about the new features, to name a few, there are actually some cool stuff found in this new build of Android OS. One of them is called “Night Mode”.

From the name of this feature suggests, this “Night Mode” indeed is the new feature on Android Nougat OS that basically does what it says, which is to reverse the color of background on some pre-installed apps on your device into dark black, while the text will turn into white.

But the real question is, how exactly to activate this feature?

Well, if you want to activate this feature, it’s actually not really hard to do. But of course, your device must be running on Android Nougat OS if you want to use this feature.

So you just need to go to ‘System’, after that scroll down to the bottom and find ‘System UI Tuner’ in the list. And then choose “Colour and Appearance” and from there, you’ll find the option of ‘Night Mode’.

How to Activate the Night Mode on Android Nougat OS?

However, in the beta version of Android Nougat OS, it’s actually pretty tricky to activate this ‘Night Mode’ on your device. So according to what I saw on YouTube, you need to press the toggle 3 times.

First, you tap the toggle to turn ON this feature (but it’s not activated yet). And then you press it again the second time to turn it OFF. Lastly, press it again the third time to turn ON the feature. And this ‘Night Mode’ feature is finally activated on your device.

This is probably just a bug or software problem and should be fixed when the final build of Android Nougat OS finally arrives to the market in the coming weeks or months.

So in this final build of Android Nougat OS, everytime you want to activate this ‘Night Mode’ feature, you just need to tap the toggle once, not 3 times just like in the beta version.

Night Mode is Available Only on Android Nougat OS

I know that this Night Mode is only available on Android Nougat OS. And the final build of this new OS is not even released yet by Google officially to the market (only the beta version).

Not to mention, the Android devices that will be eligible to enjoy this new OS are probably very limited to some high-end and new-gen devices which will come out in the coming months, so not many users will be able to enjoy ‘Night Mode’ on their devices.

However, I think it’s really important to know more about it and especially about how to activate this feature on our device.

Besides, if your smartphone or tablet is already running on Marshmallow OS, I’m pretty positive that you can also enjoy Android Nougat OS on your device especially given that this new OS is not such a huge departure from Marshmallow OS.

So I think it’s just a matter of time before you finally hear the news about your device’s eligibility for Android Nougat OS update (yay for that!).

The other features in Night Mode

Besides 'Night Mode', there are actually some interesting parts in setting page of ‘Night Mode’ which you can be chang manually according to your preferences. The first one is called ‘Adjust Tint’.

With ‘Adjust Tint’ activated, the dark black background that is already set using ‘Night Mode’ will turn much even darker, while the blueish navigation bar or title bar will also be changed into a much darker grey, which blends perfectly with the entire dark background.

This of course will be ideal to use in low light conditions when you’re about to sleep or if you want to read some e-Books before you go to sleep. But you can also activate it everyday as your daily driver even in daylight. It would still look cool on your device.

Besides ‘Adjust Tint’, there’s also another setting called ‘Adjust Brightness’ which basically sets the brightness of your device in lower level so you’ll be able to read articles or digital eBooks when you’re in bed with minimum amount of lighting.


So there you have it, the new awesome ‘Night Mode’ on your smartphone or your tablet. But of course, in order to be able to enjoy this feature, you need to firstly upgrade your device from Marshmallow to Android Nougat OS when Google finally releases it to the market in the coming weeks or months.

Unfortunately, if your device is not eligible to enjoy this Android Nougat OS, then the only thing you can do is sell your smartphone/tablet and get a new one that already comes out of the box with Android Nougat OS.

However, there’s probably a workaround for this, like rooting your device and installing the custom ROM that is running on Android Nougat OS.

This is like what happened to my previous Alcatel Flash Plus phablet that didn’t get official Android Lollipop OS upgrade from Alcatel and TCL, but could still be updated to Lollipop OS by rooting and installing the unofficial custom ROM based on Lollipop OS, which worked nicely and perfectly.

On the other hand, if your device is eligible for Android Nougat OS update in the near future, then you should be grateful for that. The ‘Night Mode’ feature in this new OS is gonna be such an awesome feature for you.

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