12 Awesome Android, PSP and SNES Games for Your Tablet (Tested on Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus)

Written by B Johnson March 07, 2014
12 Awesome Android, PSP and SNES Games for Your Tablet (Tested on Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus)
Recently, I just bought a smartphone. And it is a great one. As a matter of fact, it is the best smartphone I ever had in my entire life.

It has a sharp HD display, it has fast and smooth performance, it has decent cameras, it has elegant and premium design with its gold glossy finish, it has huge battery and the most importantly, it’s really awesome for playing games.

Amazingly, this smartphone only costs around $155 for the basic 16GB model, which is insanely cheap for a great all-around smartphone like this.

The smartphone I’m talking about here is Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus.

List of Games that Work Perfectly on Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus
It's actually more of a phablet rather than a regular smartphone especially because it has a huge 5.5-inch display, which obviously stands in the phablet territory alongside Samsung GALAXY Note series.

One of the great things about this phablet that manages to impress me a lot is definitely its powerful gaming performance.

I have played many powerful games on this device, such as: Modern Combat 4/5, Asphalt 8: Airborne, GTA Vice City, Dead Trigger and even some PlayStation Portable games like PES 2015 and Prince of Persia Rival Swords. And all of these games run perfectly and smoothly even in full highest graphics.

So that's why today, I would like to share to you 12 awesome games that worked perfectly on this phablet. I want to show you how amazing this device really is especially for playing any games even from different platforms besides Android OS.

Okay then, without further long introduction, in the following list below, I would like to share to you 12 of my favorite games which all have been tested on my phablet.

1. Modern Combat 5

modern combat 5 icon
Game: Modern Combat 5
Platform: Android
Developed by: Gameloft
Genre: First Person Shooter
As many of you know, Gameloft is one of the most popular game developers on mobile platforms (from cell phones, smartphones and tablets). This developer actually has been around in this business for quite long time, even several years before iPhone came out.

Modern Combat 5 is one of its popular franchise titles. Actually, this game is hugely inspired by one popular console/PC game from Activision called “Call of Duty”.

As a matter of fact, Modern Combat series has been widely known as the clone version of Call of Duty game. And that’s shown clearly from its storyline, the characters, the gameplay and pretty much everything about this game is really identical with Call of Duty series.

Modern Combat 5 still follows the same footsteps of its predecessors, which is a First Person Shooter game with many dramatic cutscenes in the gameplay. Unfortunately, despite being a free-to-play game on Google Play Store, Modern Combat 5 requires gamers to stay online all the time.

To be honest, I really enjoyed playing this game on my phablet, especially with its gorgeous graphics and amazing gameplay. Not to mention, this game worked perfectly and smoothly without any lag on my phablet.

However, it became really frustrating for me to play this game because it always required me to turn on the internet connection of my device, which would consume a lot of my internet data. And this totally ruins the whole experience of playing this game, which is why I decided to delete this game a few months ago so I could install other games on this phablet.

But apart from that, Modern Combat 5 is still one of the best FPS games on mobile devices right now. In fact, I think there’s no other mobile game developer out there that is as aggressive as Gameloft in delivering console-quality graphics as well as gameplay to mobile platforms.

2. GTA Vice City

gta vice city icon
Game: GTA Vice City
Platform: Android
Developed by: Rockstar Games
Genre: 3D open world action-adventure with third-person perspective
When I was still in high school, there was one popular game that got me hooked all day on my computer. And that game was Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

So as many of you know, yes, GTA Vice City is an open-world action-adventure 3D game that allows you to explore the city called "Vice City" and do a lot of crazy things with your character: from stealing cars, punching people in the face, shooting at police officers, flying a chopper and many more.

On my phablet, this game of course runs seamlessly without any lag whatsoever, even in full graphics. Overall, I have no complaint about this game. It runs really smooth and it plays great on my phablet. GTA Vice City is definitely one of the best 3D games I ever played on my device.

And the fact that this game uses almost all the exact materials and graphic sources from the original version released on PC, as well as the same storyline, this really makes this game totally worth it to buy on Google Play Store.

3. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne icon
Game: Asphalt 8: Airborne
Platform: Android
Developed by: Gameloft
Genre: Arcade Racing
Asphalt 8: Airborne from Gameloft has been one of the most popular games on iOS, Android and Windows platforms since it made its first debut in 2013. I’ve actually been a huge fan of this game even since the first installment of Asphalt 1 was released on the cell phones (Java game).

Asphalt 8: Airborne actually kind of reminds me with one popular arcade racing game on consoles called “Burnout”, which is developed by Electronic Arts. So in this game, you will race against other drivers in many different tracks, competitions and countries in order to become the champion.

And similar just like Burnout, in this game you are allowed not only to race against other drivers, but also to knock them out from the race by hitting their cars using your nitro boost.

There’s actually one thing that separates Asphalt 8: Airborne from its predecessors (Asphalt 1 - Asphalt 7: Heat). And that is the ability of players to do extreme stunt jumps with their cars. So within the racetracks, there will be a lot of jumping tracks that enable players to do these extreme stunts and gain some critical points in the race.

Asphalt 8: Airborne is now FREE to download on Google Play Store and the great thing is, this game doesn’t require you to always stay online all the time during the gameplay just like Modern Combat 5. So you can always play it in offline mode without wasting your internet data.


GTA III icon
Platform: Android
Developed by: Rockstar Games
Genre: 3D open world action-adventure with third-person perspective
If you love GTA Vice City, then you will definitely love its predecessor, GTA III. So in this GTA III, you will be deployed in the Liberty City and fight your way to the top in order to finish the game.

The conflict starts when you and your friend (girl) are trying to escape from the chase of some cops. Unfortunately, your friend betrays you and even knocks you out with the bullet of her gun. A few days later after that incident, you find yourself being arrested by police officers who are about to take you to the prison.

GTA III is not free to download on Google Play Store, just like GTA Vice City. So if you have enough balance in your Google Wallet account or in your operator, you can use any of them to buy this game. But it's totally worth it especially if you're already a huge fan of this series.

5. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 icon
Game: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
Platform: Android
Developed by: Konami
Genre: Soccer/Sport
I’ve been a huge fan of this soccer game ever since my parents bought me the first-gen Xbox several years ago. At first, I kind of sucked at playing this game because the controls were really hard to master. But after a few months doing a lot of trainings, I became pretty good at it. And the great news is, now I can enjoy the same experience of playing this soccer game right away on my phablet.

However, the Android version of PES 2012 is not as realistic as the console versions. It’s really easy to play and it doesn’t take a lot of time for me to master the controls. Scoring the goals in this game is also not something that will require a lot of trainings. This is probably why I decided to switch to the PSP version of PES 2012 because the PSP version somehow has more realistic gameplay just like the console versions.

Anyway, PES 2012 is not free to download on Google Play Store. So you have to pay for it either with the balance of your operator or Google Wallet. Unfortunately though, this game has been removed by Konami since long time ago. So you may want to switch to the PSP version of PES 2012, which offers a more realistic gameplay than the Android version.

6. Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3 (SNES)

Donkey Kong Country 2
Game: Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3
Platform: SuperNintendo NES (with SNES emulator on Android)
Developed by: Rare (published by Nintendo)
Genre: 2.5D Adventure
The first gaming console that my parents bought me when I was a kid was Super Nintendo NES or known as SNES. And one of the games that got me so hooked all day on my gaming console was Donkey Kong Country 2, which was an amazing adventure game.

Donkey Kong Country 2 looks like a 3D game, but it's actually a 2.5D game, which is the combination of 3D and 2D. So the graphics in this game are 3D but the gameplay is in 2D platform, so you’re only allowed to control the characters in 2 directions, forward and backward, which kind of reminds me with the gameplay of Trine 2 from Xbox 360.

Amazingly, this game now is available to play also on my Android phablet. And the installation process is really easy actually. So you just need to download the SNES emulator on Google Play Store and then place the downloaded SNES file of Donkey Kong Country 2 (which is called as ROM) in specific folder that can be accessed later by the emulator.

This game is the original version ported directly from SNES, not the simpler version of it. So all the graphics, characters, storyline, gameplay and pretty much everything in this game is the exact same thing just like the original SNES version.

7. Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded icon
Game: Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded
Platform: Android
Developed by: Nfusion Interactive
Genre: 2D adventure RPG
A few years before smartphones and tablets were invented yet, mobile game actually had found its way to the hearts of gamers through their cell phones.

And the development of mobile games back then was already advanced, with titles like Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, Prince of Persia Warrior Within and Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 being available to play even on your tiny 2-inch cell phone.

Besides these games, there is actually one adventure game that is really addictive to play on my cell phone. And that game is called “Leisure Suit Larry”.

So in Leisure Suit Larry, you will play as the guy named Larry and your first tasks in this game are basically just simple activities inside your house that you usually do in your real life: like answering phone calls, cleaning your dirty clothes, etc. But the real journey in this game will start right when Larry leaves the house and goes to the airport.

On Android platform, this game is also available to download on Google Play Store, goes by the name of “Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded”. But it is a totally different game with the cell phone version, although the gameplay is basically still similar with the original version.

I think this game is really awesome and addictive to play. And I totally recommend it on your smartphone or tablet especially if you love playing simple adventure games with great storyline, funny conversations and a little bit of RPG elements in it.

8. 25-in-1 Casino & Sportsbook

25-in-1 Casino & Sportsbook icon
Game: 25-in-1 Casino & Sportsbook
Platform: Android
Developed by: gApp Technology
Genre: Casino and card-related games
When I was still in high school (which was around 12 years ago), I used to play Poker with my friends. This game was really fun and definitely addictive to play in long long hours.

And fast-forward to the present, now I can still find my favorite poker and online casino games right away on my Android phablet. To be more specific, there are actually tons of poker and online casino games that you can find on Google Play Store. But the game that got me really excited to play it on my phablet was the one called “25-in-1 Casino & Sportsbook”

As the name of this game implies, “25-in-1 Casino & Sportsbook” literally has 25 casino games that you can choose to play within the app. So you can play all of these 25 games in one app without needing to download any extra content in the future. This is probably why this game is pretty huge in size (46MB).

However, it's worth mentioning that this game doesn’t require you to spend your real money in order to be able to play it. So this game can be a great app for you especially if you want to practice your skills to play online casino games.

But of course, if you want to learn more about playing online casino, then onlinecasinoguide.co.nz can be the right destination for you.

9. Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PSP

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PSP icon
Game: Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PSP
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Developed by: Konami
Genre: Soccer
Okay, who doesn’t know Pro Evolution Soccer series? Well, this game has been one of the most popular soccer games for the past few years and vast majority of soccer fans out there really love this game a lot on their consoles.

Besides the console version, Konami actually also releases Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 on PlayStation Portable; with updated teams, jerseys, transfers, stadiums, graphics and of course, gameplay. And just like the console versions, this PES 2015 now has much improved gameplay and controls than its predecessors.

The great news is, if you don’t have PlayStation Portable at your disposal, you can still play this awesome soccer game right away on your Android tablet by using a PSP emulator app called “PPSPP” that you can download for FREE on Google Play Store.

However, the gaming performance of each PSP game will also depend on the hardware of your tablet (CPU, GPU and RAM). I mean, if you want to play heavy games like “PES 2015”, it’s recommended that your Android device should have at least high-end CPU and GPU. Not to mention, huge amount of RAM.

10. Prince of Persia: Rival Swords

Prince of Persia: Rival Swords icon
Game: Prince of Persia: Rival Swords
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Developed by: Ubisoft
Genre: 3D adventure/platform
Besides PES 2015, there’s actually on other awesome PSP game that can also be played on your Android device. And this game is one of Ubisoft’s most popular adventure titles on consoles, Prince of Persia: Two Thrones.

However, on PSP, this game has been changed to “Prince of Persia: Rival Swords”, although the gameplay, storyline, graphics and pretty much everything about this game is basically the same one found in the original “Prince of Persia: Two Thrones” released on PS 2 and Xbox (classic).

And similar just like Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, you can also play this PSP game on your Android tablet through a PSP emulator called PPSPP. But, bear in mind that this game is really heavy either in size and graphics, so it’s ideal to play it on Android device with high-end CPU, GPU and huge RAM.

11. Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger icon
Game: Dead Trigger
Platform: Android
Developed by: Madfinger Games
Genre: Zombie Survival FPS
Ever since “Walking Dead” TV series became really popular a few years ago, there has been a lot of zombie-themed games being rolled out on gaming platforms. If consoles and PC already have “Dying Light”, then tablets and smartphones also have its own zombie-shooting game called “Dead Trigger”.

Yes, just like in “Dying Light”, in “Dead Trigger”, you will also play as a guy who is trying to survive in zombie apocalypse. Many of these zombies are ready to take you out to the "dinner" (or breakfast maybe?) if you’re not fast enough to escape from hordes of hungry zombies that you meet across the street.

This game is actually quite fun and addictive to play, especially if you have a separate 3rd party gaming controller that you can pair with your Android device, just like what I do with my phablet. And the game is also FREE to download on Google Play Store.

So if you love shooting at zombies and slaughter them all with your grenades or bazooka, then “Dead Trigger” might be the one you should consider.

12. Unkilled

Unkilled icon
Game: Unkilled
Platform: Android
Developed by: Madfinger Games
Genre: Zombie survival FPS
After gaining a huge success with “Dead Trigger”, Madfinger Games is back again with another zombie-survival FPS title called “Unkilled”. And similar just like its sibling, in “Unkilled”, the character you play in this game will also try to survive from the hordes of zombies by shooting them all with any guns at your disposal.

Unfortunately, despite being a free-to-download game, “Unkilled” requires users to always stay online all the time during the gameplay, which is similar with Modern Combat 5 from Gameloft. So everytime your internet connection is dropped, the game will restart itself from the beginning of each level/checkpoint.

For me personally, I think this game is not as fun and addictive as “Dead Trigger”. I mean, it’s really easy to kill the zombies and it’s not really challenging to play. I know that the graphics are more gorgeous and way more improved than in the “Dead Trigger”, but I think the gameplay of this game leaves a lot to be desired compared to its sibling.

But if you’re still interested to try it out on your Android device, then go ahead! It’s free to download on Google Play Store.

The list continues in the next review of my phablet

Okay then, those are some of my favorite games that have been tested on my Alcatel phablet and they all worked perfectly without any lag.

Actually, there are still some other games that I would like to share to you in the list above, but I thing it would be great if I could do it in the next review of my Alcatel phablet.

So if you want to learn more about that, be sure to stay tuned on this website!
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