How to Get a Better Understanding About Bioshock Infinite Plot?

Written by B Johnson May 23, 2013
How to Get a Better Understanding About Bioshock Infinite Plot?
From many aspects that are presented in this game, one thing that really stands out and could probably be the magnet that could tempt many gamers out there to play Bioshock Infinite is definitely its amazingly brilliant storyline.

If you already have your hands on with this game, Bioshock Infinite plot can be considered as really genius as it requires gamers to think even harder before even start playing this game.

This can be crucial if they really want to digest the whole story behind Bioshock Infinite plot, especially the existence of Comstock, Elizabeth, Columbia and even Booker Dewitt himself.

As one of the best games in 2013, if not the best game, Bioshock Infinite plot brings such a fresh air to many gamers out there who love playing more serious games on their consoles or PC.

Unlike other games that mostly have some standard or cheesy storyline, Bioshock Infinite offers gamers more than just a first person shooter gameplay with stunning graphics. This game is way more than that.

Well, this is not so surprisingly given that Bioshock Infinite is such a great game in 2013 and it’s just mind blowing if we can think of how Irrational Games has really put its mind to this game and bring it all straightly to this game, resulting in complete package of a game with much heavier experience to those who have the chance to play this game.

Maybe some of you have already finished playing this game and see its ending, with Booker Dewitt finding out that Comstock is actually himself in different reality if he decided to take the baptism in the first place.

However, many fans of this game apparently decide to play this game more than once as they want to know more about Bioshock Infinite plot and the entire storyline of this game in order to get a much better understanding more thoroughly.

Okay guys, in this article, I’m really excited to share to you my own opinion about Bioshock Infinite plot, so those of you who maybe, just started to play this game or have already been playing this game in the past few weeks, can really understand the story behind Bioshock Infinite plot.

Bioshock Infinite Plot

As we already know, at the beginning of this game, Bioshock Infinite plot starts with Elizabeth asking Booker Dewitt if he really scares of God.

And then, the story continues as Booker Dewitt is shown in a boat with 2 other characters known as Robert and Rosalind Lutece, 2 brilliant inventors and scientists that are narrated as twins with different genders. But they are actually the same “one” person but from 2 different realities.

Why Robert and Rosalind Lutece are the Same One Person?

Okay, in simple words, i can explain to you with this assumption.

Robert Lutece exists as the result if Rosalind Lutece decides to DO the trans-gender operation, while Rosalind herself is the result if she decides to CANCEL the plan to do that trans-gender operation.

So THE MOMENT when Rosalind is STILL DECIDING to do the transgender or not, these 2 decisions (whether to do the transgenders or not) automatically will create 2 different realities.

Let’s say, if Rosalind Lutece decides to DO the trans-gender, she will enter to the first reality named “TIMELINE A”.

And if she decides to NOT DO or CANCEL the trans-gender operation, she will enter to the second reality named “TIMELINE B”.

And thanks to Rosalind Lutece’s brilliant invention and technology, she, which is currently in the “TIMELINE B” or where she decides to NOT DO the trans-gender, manages to make a communication with HERSELF in the “TIMELINE A”, the reality where she decides to do the trans-gender, which now makes her gender a MALE named Robert Lutece.

And again thanks to Rosalind’s technology, she also manages to bring the male version of herself, which is Robert Lutece, to her own reality or “TIMELINE B”.

Okay, i know, that is not the real story behind why Rosalind and Robert Lutece are narrated as twins in Bioshock Infinite plot.

But i share that assumption to you so you can really understand thoroughly why they both are told as twins but with different genders.

After having known about why Robert Lutece and Rosalind Lutece are twins, then we can now proceed to the next part of this game, the Bioshock Infinite plot.

Booker Arrives to Columbia

Okay, now we know that in the first part of this game, Booker Dewitt is brought by Robert and Rosalind Lutece to Columbia by using a boat.

As rain is falling down to the ocean and the sky is crowded with dark clouds and screaming lightning, Booker Dewitt is shown as a person who is given a job by both Luteces to do something really important in Columbia.

When these 2 scientists are busy talking to each other, Booker Dewitt tries to digest the situation and makes himself busy by checking out the box that is given by Rosalind Lutece, who sits in front of Booker.

As being shown in the game, the box contains many stuff that Luteces believe will be really important to accompany Booker during his journey in Columbia, like a photo of Elizabeth with a message behind it that reads “Bring to New York unharmed”, a gun, a photo of Lady Comstock, the key to the Monument Island and some other more.

After arriving to the lighthouse, Booker approaches the dock ladder, while Robert and Rosalind Lutece staying on their boat.

As they leave Booker on the dock of lighthouse, then Booker asks loudly Luteces if he is meeting someone there.

And this is the moment when the Bioshock Infinite plot starts.

The Past of Booker Dewitt

However, for those of you who are currently just playing this game for the very first time, you might be wondering or even scratching your head because there is not much information to gather from the beginning of this game.

Okay, before proceeding to the part where Luteces leave Booker on the dock of lighthouse, i want to tell you some important facts about the past of Booker Dewitt’s life as this will give you much better understanding of Bioshock Infinite plot in more thoroughly.

To begin with, previously, before he is given the job by Luteces and dragged to the Columbia, Booker was an agent.

To be specific, he was the former agent of Pinkerton National Detective Agency. Something that made him unlovable by his agency is that he was really cruel as an agent.

But that is not the first time Booker is narrated as a cruel person.

Long before he became a Pinkerton agent, he used to be a soldier and he was involved in Wounded Knee Battle at the age of 16, where he had committed many horrible actions during the war and killed many people really brutally.

Many of his comrades during that war called him as “The White Injun” because he was such a beast soldier, treating the victims of war as if they were some kind of trophies.

One of his brutal actions that is told in this game is that he always skins his enemies’ heads after killing them all, and burn them all together.

However, having done many horrible actions during the Wounded Knee Battle plus during his tenure as Pinkerton agent, Booker comes to the phase when he feels really guilty by his actions in the past.

He then decides to repent and turn himself to be a good person by taking a baptist.

He believes that religion is the only way to turn him to God and makes him a better person, thus wiping off all of his sins that he already committed in the past.

Okay wait, before we proceed even further to the part when he receives his baptism in the river, let’s go back again to the part when Booker is narrated as Pinkerton agent.

When Booker Was a Pinkerton Agent

When he became a Pinkerton agent, he was given a job by his agency to create a chaos inside the group of labor union.

However, thanks to his natural behavior, which was the result of being involved in Wounded Knee Battle, he brought all of his brutal habits that he learned during the previous war, to his current actions when he became an agent.

His agency then decided to fire Booker and this is the part when Booker turned himself to compulsive drinking of alcohol and gambling.

When he dragged himself to this life style, while feeling guilty full of regrets of his past brutal actions, he then felt that his life meant nothing anymore, when as a normal human, normally he should bounce back and try to forget all of those things in order to begin his new life.

However, given that his past actions can be considered as really brutal, as told in this game that he murdered so many people brutally by skinning their heads and burning them, then it’s not surprising that Booker felt that all of his sins are just way too much and they are just unforgivable, at least by himself.

Furthermore, his miserable life is worsened by the other facts that will surely bring Booker down to the level where he just couldn’t get up and fix his life anymore.

When Booker Had a Daughter Named Anne Dewitt

As you may know (or not), in 1892, as told in this game, Booker had a daughter named Anne Dewitt.

Even though there is not much of information being told in Bioshock Infinite plot about his wife, Booker had either a wife or probably just a girlfriend, and his wife gave a birth to a child that they then named her as Anne Dewitt.

Sadly though, after giving birth to Anne Dewitt, Booker’s wife was dead.

This is why with so many problems and regrets about his past being burdened on his head, not to mention with his new born child, and maybe some other problems that are not told explicitly in this game, he had no choice (where he supposedly had) but to turn his back from all of his problems and lay on drinking alcohol and gambling.

When Booker Decides to Embrace Alcohol and Gambling

As a drunk gambler, then it’s no brainer that Booker stands no chance to make fortune in gambling, especially when he already had so many problems in his head.

So surprisingly not, he lost a lot and then started collecting a pile of debts as he kept losing and losing in his game.

So think about this, with all of his current problems that Booker previously decided to put far behind his back (from the arrival of Anne Dewitt, the regrets of committing so many brutal actions in the past, etc), plus some new additions of problems, in this case the pile of debts as the result of his gambling lost, then he had no other place to go as he was cornered by so many problems, not to mention the debt collectors that surely have no plan to forget his debts.

Booker Sells His Daughter to Wipe Off His Debts

However, weirdly, when in the position to posses so many problems and debts, in 1893, there was some guy, maybe from far far away distance of galaxy or reality, came to save the day.

As told in this game, that person is Robert Lutece.

And as i mentioned earlier in this article (which you can check it out above), Robert Lutece is the twin brother of Rosalind Lutece.

However, despite their label as twins, Robert Lutece is actually the same one person of Rosalind Lutece herself, but from different reality (where maybe she decided to do a trans-gender operation to become a guy named Robert).

Robert came from “TIMELINE A” and he was voluntarily dragged by his “twin sister” to the “TIMELINE B” in order to work together with her to help Comstock build Columbia and all of his dreams, while Rosalind herself is getting help by Comstock to fund the developments of her inventions or technologies.

So they both have their own benefits by helping each other.

Okay, back again to the part about Booker met Robert Lutece.

When he felt desperate and guilty with his past, plus stressed out by the people that were knocking on his door to collect his debts, which obviously kept mounting up, Booker then made a terrible decision of his life.

After meeting up for the very first time with Robert Lutece, apparently, the arrival of this guy to Booker’s reality is no other but to buy his baby, Anne Dewitt, under the order of Comstock.

Having been offered with the golden chance to wipe off all of his debts, he reluctantly decided to accept Robert’s offer and hand over his only daughter to Robert Lutece in order to save Anne from Booker’s miserable life where Booker had no money anymore to raise Anne.

However, after handing over Anne to Robert Lutece and Robert was preparing himself to leave Booker’s reality, Booker suddenly felt regret about giving her child to a person he barely knows for the shake of wiping off his debts.

He then followed Robert to the place where he was about to depart from Booker’s reality to the other reality where Comstock, Rosalind Lutece and Columbia exist.

Booker managed to track Robert down and get close to Comstock in order to get Anne back.

But sadly, even though Booker was just an inch away to grab Anne from Comstock’s hands, his effort was in vain as he slips Anne away and must be willing to let Comstock bring Anne back to his own reality, along with Robert and Rosalind Lutece waiting in there.

As the port (where Comstock, Luteces and Columbia exist) was closing, the port circle accidentally cut Anne’s pinky finger as she was just an inch away to the port door.

This is the moment when Anne starts possessing the power called “tear”.

The Moment When Booker Discovers that Comstock is Actually Himself

I don’t mean to give you the spoiler about the ending story of this game, but given the fact that Bioshock Infinite has already been released a few months back and this game is one of the most popular game in 2013, so i assume that many of you, who are so curious about Bioshock Infinite plot, maybe almost finish this game or even have already finished this game entirely and discover the truth about Comstock history.

Therefore, i think it’s fine for all of us here if i decide to share about the real story behind Comstock and the existence of Luteces and Columbia.

Okay, first of all, about Comstock. As we all know already, just like Robert and Rosaline Lutece, Comstock is actually the same one person of Booker Dewitt himself, but from the different reality.

The reason why Comstock exists in Columbia is Comstock decides to accept the baptism and believes that all of his past sins can be washed away by the dunk to the water or baptism. Okay, this is really confusing, right?

Let’s flashback again to the part when Booker Dewitt was overwhelmed with so many problems, his regrets regarding his brutal actions in Wounded Knee Battle, his sadness of losing his wife and the stress of raising Anne Dewitt himself.

In that moment, when Booker felt desperate, he then decided to turn his back from all of his problem and began to gamble and started drinking alcohol.

Having lost so many money in gambling, he then started collecting debts.

With Anne on his side, Booker didn’t want to drag her daughter to his miserable life, so when someone named Robert Lutece offered him the chance to wipe off all of his debts with the exchange of selling Anne, Booker reluctantly accepted that offer.

However, Booker then changed his mind and decided to take Anne back, but sadly for him, he didn’t manage to grab Anne from Comstock’s hands and must be willing to let her slip away, as the port circle closed and cut Anne’s pinky finger, to the reality where Comstock, Robert and Rosalind exist in Columbia.

Having accepted the truth that he failed to save her child, while other regrets in the past keep haunting him down, he then wrote 2 letters or an initial of “AD” on his right hand, which stands for “Anne Dewitt”, in order to remind Booker that he had so many failures in his life, most importantly selling his child.

Soon after that, realizing that he cannot just keep mourning about his failures for the rest of his life, he then decided to give him a chance to repent his life and try to be a better person in the future by taking baptism.

Okay, this is when the story gets exciting.

The moment when Booker decides to take baptism, this reality is divided into 2 realities. The first reality or let’s call it “TIMELINE A”, Booker decides to ACCEPT the baptism.

The second reality or “TIMELINE B”, Booker decides to NOT accept the baptism. But keep in mind that the realities where Booker decides to ACCEPT or REJECT the baptism are totally DIFFERENT with the realities where Robert and Rosalind Lutece exist.

This is really important to know because in Bioshock Infinite, there are so many realities, not just 2 or 4 realities, but INFINITE realities (just like the name of this game) where every reality is shown by each different decision taken by every character in this game, not just Comstock, Booker, Robert, Rosalind Lutece only, but all the people involved in the game, including the people in Columbia.

In the first reality or “TIMELINE A”, where Booker decides to ACCEPT the baptism, he then decides to CHANGE his name to Comstock, maybe, in order to forget all about his past and start his new life all over again.

In this reality, given the fact that he wants to start his new life, he then leaves all of his gambling habits and decides to do something insane in this world.

And that’s to create a floating city up in the sky where he can do whatever he wants to do, including to become a president of his own created city and even the “prophet” of his people in Columbia.

Comstock is so lucky because he has a friend named Rosalind Lutece, a brilliant scientist that has so many insane and genius ideas in her head, and she was the one who came up with the ideas of floating city, which known as theory of “quantum of levitation”.

Anyway, in this part, Robert Lutece still doesn’t exist yet as Rosalind hasn’t built the technology to travel through time and realities already.

Thanks to the negotiating expertise of Comstock, he manages to convince the government of New York to help Rosalind fund her inventions and technologies.

And thanks to her brilliant and genius ideas, Rosalind can finally fulfill her dreams of creating a floating city called Columbia, thus giving Comstock the credits for his efforts (to raise the fund from government) by letting him become the president of that floating city.

After so many inventions and technologies being developed by Rosalind Lutece, she finally manages to create a machine or technology that she can use to travel not only through time, but also through all the different realities (e.g, TIMELINE A, TIMELINE B, TIMELINE C, etc).

Comstock definitely welcomes this technology with open arms.


Well, there you go, the plot of this game. I really hope with my own version of Bioshock Infinite plot can give you a much better understanding about the whole storyline of this game. I know, my story can be pretty confusing to digest, but the game itself is also confusing, right?

Anyway, if you feel helped by this article, please share this article to your friend via your social media accounts. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
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