Learning More About Bioshock Infinite Storyline in Simpler Way

Written by B Johnson May 23, 2013
Learning More About Bioshock Infinite Storyline in Simpler Way
Compared to other regular FPS (first person shooter) games on the market right now, i think Bioshock Infinite storyline really stands out among other games in this genre, of course for this year.

That’s is not so surprising given that this game has brought something that has been missing in the FPS genre for such a long time.

And that is a great shooting gameplay combined with fantastic storyline.

Actually, as my recall, but you can correct me if i’m wrong, most of FPS games out there usually are about the battle between soldiers and terrorists, which is pretty standard and cheesy these days, although it proved still works best and sells great, especially for all the lovers of FPS games.

Okay, i know, there are many awesome RPG games with great storyline out there, which also use first person perspective in the gameplay.

And many of them offer brilliant storyline and great game concept for the gamers. But still, they are not shooter games with real guns, right?

That's why, if we compare this game with other first person shooter games that have great storyline, then Bioshock Infinite is definitely one of the best out there, if not the best.

The Beginning of Bioshock Infinite

Anyway, Bioshock Infinite storyline begins when Booker is shown as one important person who is being brought by Robert and Rosalind Lutece in a boat to the lighthouse, in the middle of the night when it’s heavily raining.

Still in the boat, Booker is given a job by these 2 twins to help a girl named Elizabeth escape from Columbia and bring her to New York.

And then, Bioshock Infinite Storyline continues to the part when Booker and Luteces finally arrive to the last destination, the lighthouse's harbor.

Robert and Rosalind Lutece then leave Booker there. As ordered by Luteces, Booker goes to the top of the lighthouse and this is where his journey begins.

Apparently, at the top of that lighthouse, there is some kind of rocket launcher that is prepared for anyone who wants to go up to the floating city of Columbia in the sky.

The Basic Bioshock Infinite Storyline

Actually, the basic concept of Bioshock Infinite storyline is about a guy named Comstock who wants to go back to his past with a “Time and Reality” machine to buy a child named Anne Dewitt in order to prepare the child to replace Comstock as the leader of people in Columbia.

Bioshock Infinite storyline can be really confusing to understand, especially if you haven’t finished this game already.

Anyway, so that guy, Comstock, who has become sterile and can’t have anymore child thanks to the time/reality machine technology, then decides to go back to his own past when he was still the person named Booker Dewitt and hadn’t changed his name to Comstock.

So in the past, when Comstock was still Booker Dewitt, he was NOT sterile and had a child named Anne Dewitt from his wife/girlfriend (who then died after giving a birth).

But thanks to his decision to take baptism to wash off all of his sins in the past (including all of his brutal actions during the war), he then becomes a new guy and changes his name from Booker Dewitt to Zachary Hale Comstock.

Who are Booker Dewitt, Comstock, Anne Dewitt, Elizabeth and Luteces?

In Bioshock Infinite, storyline of this game can be a bit confusing given that it involves not just time travel, but also reality travel.

That's why, in order to reduce some confusions about Bioshock Infinite storyline, why don’t we take a deep look at who Booker, Comstock, Anne Dewiit and Elizabeth really are.

Booker Dewitt

First of all, let me tell about the background story of Booker. Booker Dewitt is a guy who always feels guilty by all of his actions in the past.

He used to be a soldier in 7th Cavalry Regiment of US Army and took part in the war called “The Wounded Knee Battle”.

During the war, he acted like a bad horrible soldier and loved torturing his enemies before killing them. One of his brutal actions in that war is, skin his enemies' heads and then, burn them all together.

After the war ended, he had a child named Anne Dewitt from his wife/girlfriend who then died after giving a birth.

Booker then turned to gambling and alcohol in order to forget all of the problems like raising his child as a single father, the death of his wife/girlfriend, his brutal acts in the past and many more.

Sadly for Booker, he then lost all of his money and started collecting debts.

In order to wipe off all of his debts, Booker then sold his child, Anne Dewitt, to Robert Lutece, under the order of Comstock.

But he soon realized that what he just did was wrong, so he chased Robert through the hallway to cancel the deal.

Unfortunately, Booker didn’t manage to grab his daughter back from Comstock, as the window of the “Time and Reality” machine closed.

When Booker Decides to Take Baptism

After that event, even though all of his debts have been wiped off, Booker felt really guilty and was full of regrets, so he then decided to take baptism in order to wash off all of his sins he committed in the past, from selling his child, doing brutal actions during the war and many more.

In the event when Booker is STILL deciding whether to accept the baptism or not, this reality is divided into 2 different realities.

In the first reality or “TIMELINE A”, Booker decides to ACCEPT the baptism and changes his name to Comstock and moves to the floating city of Columbia.

On the other hand, in the second reality or “TIMELINE B”, Booker decides to REJECT the baptism and will still remain as Booker Dewitt himself.

Zachary Hale Comstock

Zachary Hale Comstock is the leader and prophet of the people in Columbia. He is cruel and has bad visions as a leader.

However, Comstock is actually Booker Dewitt himself in the reality or “TIMELINE A” where he decides to ACCEPT the baptism and becomes Comstock.

The reason why Comstock wants to bother himself to go back to his own past (the the reality when he was still Booker) with a time machine invented by Robert and Rosalind Lutece, is because in Columbia, thanks to Lutece’s “Time and Reality Travel” machine, Comstock suddenly becomes sterile and just can’t have child anymore.

So he then travels back to his past to Booker Dewitt’s reality and orders Robert Lutece to go to Booker and offer him a deal.

And the deal is to wipe off all of Booker’s debts if Booker is willing to sell his child, Anne Dewitt, to Robert.

Anne Dewitt

Okay, let’s proceed to the next character in this Bioshock Infinite storyline, Anne Dewitt. Anne Dewitt is the daughter of Booker Dewitt.

Anne’s mother died after giving birth to her. When Comstock comes to Booker’s reality to buy his child (or his own child in different reality), Anne is still a little baby.

So she doesn’t remember anything whatsoever about his past with Booker Dewitt.

When the window of Lutece’s time machine closes, Anne loses her pinky finger because her finger doesn’t fully enter to Comstock’s reality.

So her pinky finger is cut into two parts, which one of them is left in Booker’s reality.

Weirdly, this apparently makes Anne Dewitt posses some kind of super power which allows her to open the thing called “tear” or window and travel to different timelines and realities.

However, thanks to the machine called “siphon”, created by Luteces under the order of Comstock, Anne cannot use her full power.


After being dragged by Comstock from Booker’s reality to Comstock’s reality in Columbia, Comstock changes Anne’s name to Elizabeth.

In Columbia, she has been held captive in the locked tower in Monument Island for the rest of his life, guarded by “Big Daddy” alike, Songbird.

In the tower, besides reading many books, she also learns a lot about lock-picking and geometric co-ordinates, while sharpenning her skill to open the tear.

And as we all know already, at the ending part of Bioshock Infinite, storyline continues as Booker finally manages to control Songbird and destroy the siphon, thus helping Elizabeth gain her power at the fullest, without any restriction anymore.

Robert and Rosalind Luteces

As shown in Bioshock Infinite, storyline of Robert and Rosalind Lutece is about 2 twins brother and sister who are really genius and brilliant in technology inventions.

However, the truth is, Robert and Rosalind Lutece are actually the same one person but from 2 different realities.

Thanks to Rosalind’s “Time and Reality Travel” machine, she manages to communicate with herself from the different timeline and reality. But apparently, in that different reality, Rosalind is not a woman.

She has turned into the male version of herself, named Robert Lutece.

So they both then decide to work together to help Comstock reach his dreams, which one of them is to become the leader and the prophet of Columbia.

Okay, now let’s proceed to the Bioshock Infinite storyline we already skipped earlier.

When Booker Arrives to Columbia and meet Elizabeth for the First Time

So after arriving to the Columbia, Booker then is forced to take the baptism because this is the only way Booker can gain access to enter the city of Columbia

After some pretty long journey, Booker finally finds the tower where Elizabeth has been held captive in Columbia.

When they meet for the very first time, Elizabeth doesn’t trust Booker and even attacks Booker with books.

But after Booker shows her the key (which is given by Luteces) to open the tower, Elizabeth then trusts Booker and they escape from the tower.

Besides, by that time, Elizabeth thinks that Booker is the only way to help her escape and get her to France, her favorite place she wants to visit.

Meanwhile, Songbird, which is a robotic bird (like Big Daddy) and has a job to protect Elizabeth, can sense Booker’s presence, so this bird then chases Booker and Elizabeth.

When Booker Lies to Elizabeth About New York Destination

When Booker and Elizabeth arrive to the airship, Booker who initially has a mission to bring Elizabeth to New York, then lies to her by saying that they are heading to France, whereas the co-ordinates of the airship tell that they are heading to New York.

However, given that Elizabeth is a well-trained when it comes to geometric co-ordinates, she quickly finds out that Booker lies to her.

So she then knocks Booker out to faint.

The First Meeting with Daisy Fitzroy

After waking up from the faint, Booker is shocked that the airship is already full with Vox Populi people, a group of resistance that want to fight against Comstock’s group, “The Founders”.

Daisy Fitzroy then offers Booker a deal to prepare the weaponry for Vox people if Booker wants them to spare his life.

When Booker and Elizabeth Continue the Journey with the First Lady

After some long hard-fought journey, Elizabeth and Booker are finally back to the airship to head toward France.

But unfortunately for them, Songbird manages to sniff them out and crash the airship to the ground.

This is the part when they meet again with Luteces and receive the paper about how to control Songbird.

When Songbird Manages to bring Elizabeth Back to the Tower

Finally, Bioshock Infinite storyline continues again to the part when Booker and Elizabeth finally manage to reach Comstock’s house.

However, in order to gain access inside Comstock’s house, they will need the fingerprints of either Comstock or her wife, Lady Comstock, in order to open the gate.

Realizing that Lady Comstock has died, murdered by Comstock himself, Elizabeth and Booker then head to Lady Comstock’s cemetery to cut her hand as the fingerprint authorization to open the gate.

This is the part when Elizabeth finally finds out that the one who ordered people to keep Elizabeth locked in the tower was Lady Comstock herself because she suspected that Elizabeth was the result of Comstock having an affair with Rosalind Lutece.

When Booker Meets the Future’s Elizabeth

When Elizabeth and Booker Dewitt want to continue their journey, Songbird shows up again. But this time, Songbird manages to capture Elizabeth and bring her back to the tower.

After being dragged to the tower again, Elizabeth is tortured and brainwashed by Comstock with his people in order to prepare her as the leader of Columbia, to replace Comstock.

Meanwhile, in other place, Booker meets with “the future’s Elizabeth” and is shown the scene of the future of Columbia, when the war between Columbia and New York happens.

After that event, the future’s Elizabeth gives Booker a special instrument called “The Whistler” along with the songnotes, known as C.A.G.E, to control Songbird.

The future’s Elizabeth then transports Booker to the past when Elizabeth was still being tortured by Comstock.

When Booker Manages to Control Songbird and Destroy the Siphon?

After helping Elizabeth escape again from Comstock’s place, they then continue their journey to chase Comstock. They manage to arrive to the Comstock’s airship and meet him.

Booker then confronts Comstock and at the end of their debate, Booker kills Comstock by crashing his head on the edge of the fountain and drowning him in the water.

When Elizabeth, Booker and Songbird Go to Rapture

At the Monument Island, thanks to the special instrument given by the future’s Elizabeth, Booker manages to control Songbird and destroy the siphon.

After the siphon has been destroyed, Elizabeth finally can use her full power without any restriction anymore.

Elizabeth then uses her full power to open the tear and transport her, Booker and Songbird to the underwater city of Rapture.

Thanks to the high pressure of the water, Songbird cannot survive and dies in the deep ocean.

On the other hand, Booker and Elizabeth are being transported inside the building in Rapture, so they can breath conveniently.

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