Check Out These Awesome Bioshock Infinite Concept Art

Written by B Johnson May 22, 2013
Check Out These Awesome Bioshock Infinite Concept Art
There are many things about Bioshock Infinite that make this game one of the best games around the market in 2013, if not the best. Besides its brilliant storyline and game concept, this game is also superior in terms of graphics.

And that’s why i have no reason to be shocked if many fans of this game really want to get any Bioshock Infinite concept art that they can find around the net.

Besides, Bioshock Infinite concept art will also look gorgeous if you use it on your desktop’s wallpaper.

The good news is, Bioshock Infinite concept art can be found easily around the net right now.

However, you need to spend some time on Google in order to find much better looking concept arts of this game.

One of the things that makes Bioshock Infinite concept art worth checking out is because these concept arts will re-create the game in more meaningful pictures, just like some beautiful paintings.

So it kind of like brings more value to the gamers than when seeing the graphics or cutscenes in the game itself.

Websites that Provides Bioshock Infinite Concept Arts

Anyway, there are many places on Google where you can find the best Bioshock Infinite concept art.

However, in this article, I’ll only show you some of the websites that have the concept arts of this game. Okay then, without further ado, here they are 3 websites you should check out if you’re looking for Bioshock Infinite concept art.

Despite being the official or a dedicated site for this game, on this website, there are not many great concept arts of Bioshock Infinite that you can find here.

So don’t expect to see many jaw-dropping images and beautiful paintings of Bioshock Infinite on this page, even though this site indeed has a complete database about the game itself.

However, if you just want to check out the site, then no one’s gonna stop from doing that.

Besides, it still has some basic concept arts of the game, although not very attractive to see, they are still worth checking out.

Even though this website doesn’t provide a database information as many as above, this site turns out to be one of the great sources where you can find and look any interesting Bioshock Infinite concept art.

In fact, there are tons of them and amazingly, they have more complete concept arts of the game than the website mentioned above.

On this page, you can check out some interesting concept arts of Bioshock Infinite, such as: Elizabeth, Propaganda Songbird, Propaganda Murder of Crows, Propaganda Poster, Columbia Market Fire, Motorized Patriot Gun and many more.

Even though Kotaku is not the site the provides database information as many as, there are great concept arts of this game that you can find on this dedicated page.

However, some of Bioshock Infinite concept arts on this website actually can also be found on Neoseeker.

So if you want to get more complete concept arts of this game, then Neoseeker is the site you’re looking for.

Bioshock Infinite Concept Arts

Anyway, besides sharing 3 websites that provide the concept arts of this game, in this article, i also want to show you some of Bioshock Infinite’s concept arts that i think look really gorgeous and deserve to get attention from all of you here.

Well, if you’re curious to see some of the stunning Bioshock Infinite concept arts that i just stumbled upon around the net, then without further ado, here they are!!



The first concept art that i believe is interesting to check out is definitely this one, which reads “The true patriot has nothing to fear from The Songbird”.

As shown in the picture, then we can all agree that this concept art wants to show you about how Vox Populi people are really brave people.

They even dare to fight Songbird, whereas, in this game, Songbird is simply unbeatable by Booker himself.

And the only way Booker can control Songbird is when he finally got the special instrument called “The Whistler” from the future Elizabeth.

So i think, this concept art has a deep and meaningful message in it.

And that is to not be afraid of anything, even of something that seems unbeatable by you.

You just need to always be confident and brave to face anything in this world.

Okay, i know, maybe that’s not the real message that the creator of this concept art wants to tell, but i believe you got my point here.


I think this is one of my favorite concept arts that i stumbled upon across the internet.

In this picture, Elizabeth looks way more beautiful than in the game itself in my opinion.

Even though she is covered with dirt and mud, she still looks that gorgeous in this concept art.

I don’t know who created this, but i give two thumbs up for this picture.

Street of Columbia

One of the best experiences that can be found in Bioshock Infinite is definitely when we can walk around the street of Columbia and check out every room and house around the street.

This is one selling point why this game earns so many huge fanatic fans all across the world.

As you can see in this concept art, the street of Columbia is re-created in really beautiful painting, although looks a bit cartoonish, this concept art still deserves all the compliments from the viewers.


As we all know already, in Columbia, the technology in this place is really advanced, thanks to Rosalind Lutece’s inventions.

By looking at this concept art of a factory in Columbia, we can experience the feeling of being in Columbia’s factory and know exactly what’s going on inside the factory.

I thinks this one looks cool, although not my favorite.

Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth

Okay, this is probably the best of the best Bioshock Infinite concept arts that i just found on the net today.

As we can see in the picture, there are Booker Dewitt who looks so tough with his pistol, while protecting Elizabeth on his back.

And if you look at the background behind Booker and Elizabeth, those warning papers clearly show how Booker and Elizabeth have been labeled as “fugitive” by the people in Columbia.

I think this one looks really cool and deserves the spotlight in this article!!



This is the last Bioshock Infinite concept art that i want to show you in this article.

This one is called “the Propaganda of Columbia”.

Based on my opinion, i think in this concept art, the creator wants to tell you about all the propaganda that is created by Comstock in order to prevent outsiders, in this case, black and Irish people, from entering to the floating city of Columbia.

As seen in the picture, there is a bunch of people, which i believe is the group of Vox Populi, that is pictured as really horrible people that want to destroy Columbia.

Whereas, these people just want to get the same treatment with other white people to get the access to live in Columbia equally and peacefully.

So there you go. Some of Bioshock Infinite concept arts that i believe are worth checking out, especially for those of you big fans of this game.

Well, if you want to get more interesting concept arts of Bioshock Infinite, then you can check them out at the given link address above.

And if you any other recommended website or some other concept arts of this game, then feel free to post them in the comment section below!

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