Some Facts About Bioshock Infinite Booker Dewitt that You Probably Never Know

Written by B Johnson May 26, 2013
Some Facts about Bioshock Infinite Booker Dewitt that You Probably Never Know
In Bioshock Infinite, Booker Dewitt is characterized as a desperate guy who feels extremely guilty by the things that he had done in the past.

Having committed so many brutal murders during the war in The Wounded Knee battle, Booker then realizes that he has turned into a brutal and savage human being.

This is one of the starting points when Booker begins collecting so many problems in his life.

In that moment, soon after the birth of his child from his wife/girlfriend (which is not told explicitly in the game), the darkest days of Booker’s life are about to begin.

Who is Booker Dewitt?

Booker Dewitt is a guy who has a daughter named Anne Dewitt. He is the only playable protagonist character in Bioshock Infinite.

Booker Dewitt
used to be part of 7th Cavalry Regiment of US Army and took part in The Wounded Knee Battle, the war where he committed so many brutal and illegal murders to his enemies.

There are many parts, either in the cutscenes or the gameplay of Bioshock Infinite, that Booker Dewitt is being told as one crazy horrible person in the past.

To name a few, is when Booker finally meets Slate in person in Columbia, one of his comrades during The Wounded Knee Battle, who used to call Booker as “The White Injun”, thanks to Booker’s brutal methods when fighting enemies in the war, like skinning enemies’ heads and burning them all as if they were some kind of trophies in the war.

In the beginning part of Bioshock Infinite, Booker Dewitt also sees some kind of parade, narrated by Comstock’s speaker sound, that is passing by the bridge.

That parade shows how Comstock used to be part of The Wounded Knee Battle in his past just like Booker, and this has been kept secret by Comstock from the people of Columbia.

So by looking at some of the scenes in that game, we finally know that Booker Dewitt used to be a really brutal soldier, having committed so many brutal murders to his enemies in the war.

However, at the age 18, when he had a daughter named Anne Dewitt, he then somehow started realizing of how cruel he was in the past.

What drives Booker to gambling and alcohol?

With the death of his wife/girlfriend after giving birth to Anne Dewitt, plus some other problems that keep mounting up on Booker’s shoulders, not to mention the recalls of his bad memories in the past, especially during the war, Booker who feels desperate and guilty, then turns to gambling and alcohol.

Sadly for Booker, as a 'drunk gambler', he loses many of his money and begins collecting debts. And as the debts keep mounting up, he has no where to go.

Booker’s Job as Pinkerton Agent

The situation of Booker’s life is getting even worse when Booker is fired from his current job as an agent.

Apparently, his agency, Pinkerton National Detective Agency, just cannot accept how Booker handles his job.

When he was given a job to create a chaos inside the group of Union Labor, Booker still brought his brutal habits and used them as the methods when doing his job.

Getting fired from his job of course will give a slap in his face as he still possesses so many debts under his shoulders.

If you were Booker Dewitt with his screwed up life, then you could feel how horrible his life was when being cornered with so many problems in his life that just never disappeared, instead kept piling up like a pile of old newspapers in the warehouse.

However, this turns out to be the turning point of Booker’s life when he is finally free from all of the problems, but with the exchange of something that he would regret for the rest of his life.

In 1893, there was someone named Robert Lutece, who approached Booker when he still possessed so many debts.

Under the order of Comstock, Robert then offered Booker the golden chance to wipe out all of his debts if he was willing to sell his child, Anne Dewitt, to Comstock.

This of course is one of the hardest decisions to make for Booker.

Selling his child with the exchange of all his debts being wiped out is definitely not gonna make Booker win any "Best Father of the Year" award.

However, seeing that his debts keep getting bigger and taller, Booker just cannot let his lovely daughter get dragged to his miserable life.

So Booker then reluctantly accepted Robert’s offer and handed his child to him.

But soon after realizing that what he just did could never be forgiven by himself, Booker then decided to chase Robert through the hallway in order to cancel the deal with Comstock.

Sadly for Booker, he didn’t manage to grab his child from Comstock’s hands, who also came to Booker’s reality with Rosalind Lutece’s “Time and Reality” machine.

As the circle of Rosalind’s time machine shut down, Booker must be willing to see his only child being dragged by Comstock to the different reality in Columbia.

Booker Decides to Take Baptism

Realizing that Booker cannot just mourn and feel guilty for the rest of his life, Booker then decides to take baptism as the way to wash off all of his sins in the past. Led by Preacher Witting, Booker then goes to the river to take his baptism.

In the moment when Booker Dewitt is STILL DECIDING whether to accept the baptism or not, this reality is divided into 2 different realities.

In the first reality or let’s call it as “TIMELINE A”, Booker decides to ACCEPT the baptism and will change his name to Zachary Hale Comstock.

On the other hand, in the second reality or “TIMELINE B”, Booker apparently decides to REJECT the baptism and will still remain as Booker Dewitt for the rest of his life.

Booker Refused to be Baptized

As shown in Bioshock Infinite, Booker Dewitt decides to REFUSE to be baptized and will still remain himself, Booker Dewitt.

The reason why Booker rejects the baptism is because he thinks that all of his sins, from committing brutal murders during the war, just cannot be washed away only by the dunk in the water or getting baptized.

Booker Accepts to be Baptized

On the other hand, in the first reality or “TIMELINE A” of Bioshock Infinite, Booker Dewitt makes the decision to ACCEPT to be baptized and lets Preacher Witting dunk him in the river.

So in this reality, it’s pretty clear how Booker feels and believes that all of sins are washed away and forgiven by God.

However, the decision to ACCEPT the baptism turns out to be the moment when Booker becomes a much even more horrible person.

Despite being born as a new better person with baptism, apparently Comstock still inherits some of the dark sides of Booker in his past.

Therefore, after having managed to convince New York government to fund his friend, Rosalind Lutece, to do her technological projects and inventions, he then becomes the leader and the “prophet” in the floating city of Columbia, which was created by Rosalind Lutece.

Booker’s Weapons and Powers

As the only one playable protagonist character, in Bioshock Infinite, Booker Dewitt will definitely get a load of guns that he can freely use to attack any enemies that stand in his way.

As shown during the gameplay, as Booker, you can use any kind of weapon that Booker grabs along his journey in Columbia.

From an old-style 1990’s pistol, big fat shotgun, until the modern looking turret are presented in the game. And the good news is, you can use all of them (NICE!).

And if you think those big weapons are still not enough to accompany you in the violent journey in Columbia, then you can still count on Booker’s 'super' telekinesis powers.

By using these powers, you can out any kind of telekinesis powers or magics from your left hand and throw any of them to enemy in order to attack them.

To name a few, you got some telekinesis powers like, Devil’s Kiss, Murder of Crows, Bucking Bronco and many more (which i already explain them all in my other article, “9 Bioshock Infinite Plasmids that You Can Find in this Game”).

For example, with Devil’s Kiss, you can throw some kind of fire grenade to the enemies in front of you.

Meanwhile, with Murder of Crows, you can attack your enemies with the flock of flying crows. And with one of your best telekinesis powers, Bucking Bronco, you can shock your enemies and make them fly unconsciously in the air.

The Helps from Elizabeth Always Can Come in Handy

However, even though Booker are blessed with so many big strong guns and powerful telekinesis powers at your disposal, in Bioshock Infinite, Booker Dewitt can always count on Elizabeth as she possesses a power to open the tears.

With this power, you as Booker, can always ask her to open any kind of goodies which initially comes from the other different realities, such as: medics, bullets, walls to defend, decoys and many more, and bring any of them to Booker’s reality.

Not to mention, on some occasions, Elizabeth usually gives Booker some stuff like coins (that Booker can use to upgrade his powers) or anything as the way to thank Booker for protecting her along their journey.

Booker Finds out About Who Comstock Really is

As shown at the end of Bioshock Infinite, Booker Dewitt finally discovers that Comstock is actually Booker himself if he ACCEPT to be baptized.

This moment occurs after the siphon has been destroyed by Songbird and Elizabeth can gain her full power.

By using Elizabeth’s full power to open the tear, Booker is transported back exactly to the reality in his past when Booker was still currently being baptized in the river.

In that part, Booker is shocked with the truth that he is actually Comstock himself. Elizabeth, along with other Elizabeths from different realities, then gather around Booker and drown him into the river until he dies.

At the end of Bioshock Infinite, Booker Dewitt finally manages to stop Comstock from being born and he comes back to his past when he still remains Booker himself.

However, when Booker approaches Anne Dewitt’s room and open the door, the game finally comes to an end.

So there you go, the short story about Booker Dewitt in Bioshock Infinite.

Hopefully, my version of the story can help you get a much better understanding about who Booker really is and most importantly, about the entire storyline of this game.

Anyway, if you feel helped by this article, then it would be great if you could pass along this article to your friends or family via you social media accounts. Thanks!

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