Bioshock Infinite Story Explained: Let me Help You Understand About this Game

Written by B Johnson May 25, 2013
Bioshock Infinite Story Explained: Let me Help You Understand About this Game
Compared to other First Person Shooter games, then Bioshock Infinite definitely has much heavier storyline and richer gameplay than other games in this genre.

That’s the reason why so many fans of Bioshock Infinite find it hard to digest the real story behind this game.

Therefore, in this “Bioshock Infinite story explained”, i want to help you guys dip a little bit more into the game in order to get a much better understanding about the storyline of this fantastic game.

Anyway, I want to call this article as “Bioshock Infinite story explained” because in this blog post, i want to share to you the whole story about this game, however, in much simpler way.

So you can follow me through and understand each story and event along the way without even losing your hair.

There are many things about this game that i wish i could spill them all to you in this Bioshock Infinite story explained.

However, given that the story of this game no doubt is really heavy to consume for some of regular gamers out there, then i decide to shrink it down into a much easier-to-understand storyline and only include some of the most important events that really matter in this game.

The Beginning of the game

Okay then, first of all, In this Bioshock Infinite story explained, let me start with the part when the game is just about to start.

As shown at the beginning of Bioshock Infinite, the game plot starts with the appearance of Booker Dewitt along with 2 other persons in a boat in the middle of the night when rain is falling on the ocean.

In this part, Booker is narrated as a guy that is given a job by those 2 persons, which some of you already know as Robert and Rosalind Lutece, to get the girl named Elizabeth and bring her out from Columbia to the last destination, New York.

And then, after arriving to the lighthouse, gamer who controls Booker Dewitt, must walk toward the top of the lighthouse in order to get to the rocket launcher that will bring him up in the sky to the floating city of Columbia.

This is when the journey of Booker begins.

As the rocket launcher lands to the Columbia, Booker then will be forced to take the baptism as the first requirement to enter the city of Columbia.

The Whole Story of Bioshock Infinite

For some of us who are still trying to digest the whole story of Bioshock Infinite, one of the best ways to do that is by learning the meaning of each story and fact of this game just like solving every piece of puzzle in order to get one complete picture at the end.

However, given that most of the facts in this game are presented in random orders, along the journey of Booker and Elizabeth, then it would be harder to understand the entire storyline of this game.

Therefore, before moving straight to real storyline of Bioshock Infinite, let me give you the whole picture of this game in much simpler points.

Learn More About Each Event in Bioshock Infinite

As we all know, at the beginning part of the game, it’s shown that Booker is being delivered to the lighthouse by Luteces, of course along with them.

In the boat, Luteces give Booker a job to get a girl named Elizabeth and bring her out from Columbia to New York.

I believe, many of you here can get the point of this part perfectly.

So Booker is given a job by Luteces (Robert and Rosalind Lutece) – The job is to help Elizabeth escape from the tower in Columbia and bring her to New York – Elizabeth is a girl who possesses a special magic or power to open the tears but she cannot use her full power, controlled by the siphon created by Comstock.

Elizabeth is held captive in the tower and she learns a lot about lock-picking and geometric coordinates.

After taking Elizabeth to the airship to deliver her to New York, Booker lies to Elizabeth and says that they are heading to Paris (because Elizabeth loves Paris and wants to go there).

Booker doesn’t know that Elizabeth knows a lot about geometric coordinates – After finding out that Booker has lied to her, Elizabeth knocks him out to faint.

After waking up from the faint, Booker then finds out that Vox Populi people (people that want to rebel against the government of Columbia, known as "The Founders") apparently have taken the control of his airship.

Daisy Fitzroy, the leader of Vox Populi, orders Booker to help their weaponry if Booker wants to stay alive – He then is released by Vox Populi and continues his journey with Elizabeth.

Along the journey, Songbird, a robotic bird that always guards Elizabeth in the tower, suddenly occurs and crashes Booker’s airship to the ground – They both meet again with Luteces and are given the manual card that shows how to control Songbird.

As they continue the journey, Songbird occurs again outside the building, but Booker and Elizabeth manage to hide below the table.

After arriving to the gate of Comstock’s house, Booker needs Lady Comstock’s hand as the fingerprint authorization to open the gate.

At Lady Comstock cemetery, Booker and Elizabeth meet Sirene, the ghostly version of Lady Comstock – In that moment, Booker and Elizabeth find out that the person who gave the order to lock Elizabeth in the tower was Lady Comstock herself because she hated Elizabeth and suspected her as the result of Comstock having an affair with Rosalind Lutece (which is not true).

Songbird appears again, but this time, he manages to capture Elizabeth and bring her back to the tower.

In the several months of being held captive again, Elizabeth has been tortured and brainwashed by Comstock and his team in order to prepare her as the next heir to replace Comstock as the next leader of Columbia.

In the meantime, Booker meets “the future” Elizabeth and is given an instrument called “The Whistler” and songnotes to control Songbird – Booker then comes back to the past when Elizabeth hasn’t been captured by Songbird.

In this part, Booker and Elizabeth finally arrive at Comstock’s airship and confront Comstock together - Booker then kills Comstock by crashing his head on the edge of fountain and drowning him in the water.

After that, thanks to “The Whistler”, Booker finally can control Songbird and make this bird destroy the siphon that has been preventing Elizabeth to use her full power all along.

After the siphon has been destroyed, Songbird aims back at Booker to kill him but thankfully, Elizabeth can now use her full power and bring 3 of them to the underwater city of Rapture – In the underwater city of Rapture, Songbird dies because the pressure of the ocean kills him.

Luckily, Elizabeth delivers Booker and her inside the building of Rapture, so they are still alive.

In this part of the game, Booker finally finds out that Comstock is still alive in different realities and the only way to stop him forever is by preventing Comstock from being born in the first place – Elizabeth then brings Booker to the place where Comstock was born or created.

But Booker is shocked knowing the truth that Comstock is actually himself if he decides to ACCEPT the baptism in the river and becomes the leader of Columbia.

Finally, Elizabeth, along with other Elizabeths from different realities are gathered around in the river and drown Booker in the water until he dies.

Booker then comes back to the past where he was still Booker, and Elizabeth, was still Booker’s little baby, Anne Dewitt – THE END.

The Past of Booker Dewitt

Okay, after knowing the entire events that occur along the journey of Booker, in the next part of this Bioshock Infinite story explained, i want to share to you the story about Booker Dewitt.

Okay, first of all, in the next part of this Bioshock Infinite Story Explained, let me begin with Booker's past.

At the age of 16th, Booker Dewitt took the part in 7th Cavalry Regiment of US Army and became a soldier.

During the war in Wounded Knee Battle, Booker was known as a really cruel soldier who committed many brutal illegal actions against his enemies, like skinning their heads and burning them all. This is why one of his comrades named Cornelius Slate called Booker as “The White Injun”.

In 1892, he then had a child from his wife/girlfriend that he named her as “Anne Dewitt”. Unfortunately, his wife/girlfriend died when giving a birth to Elizabeth.

This is the part when all the problems keep piling up on Booker’s shoulders.

Realizing that he just can’t raise his daughter as a single father, plus remembering all of his past and his brutal actions during the war, he then decides to turn to alcohol and gambling.

Sadly for Booker, as a drunk gambler, he lost a lot of his money in gambling and starts collecting debts.

After finishing his duty as a soldier, he then became an agent in Pinkerton National Detective Agency. But apparently, Booker still brings all of his brutal habits and use them as the methods when doing his job as an agent.

Thanks to that, he then is fired by his agency.

Living his life under the huge pressure of debts, Booker is not willing to drag his daughter, Anne Dewitt, to his miserable life.

So when the offer to wipe off his debts comes around, he then reluctantly gave his child to Robert Lutece, a guy sent from other reality by Comstock.

However, Booker then realizes that what he just did is such a huge mistake, so he then chases Robert through the hallway in order to cancel the deal.

Unfortunately, Booker doesn’t manage to grab his child from Comstock’s hands. As the window to other reality shuts down, Booker must be willing to see his child is taken away to Columbia by Robert, Comstock and Rosalind Lutece.

After that moment, he then feels really guilty by all of the mistakes he has done in the past, including his decision to sell his child to wipe off his debts, his brutal actions during the war and many other things.

In order to start his new life and become a better person, Booker then decides to take the baptism to wash away all of his sins in the past.

In this part, when Booker is still DECIDING whether to ACCEPT the baptism or REJECT the baptism, this reality is DIVIDED into 2 realities.
  1. In the first reality or let’s call it as “TIMELINE A”, Booker decides to ACCEPT the baptism and finally becomes Comstock. 
  2. On the other hand, in the second reality or “TIMELINE B”, Booker decides to REJECT the baptism and remains as himself as Booker Dewitt.
The Life of Comstock

The other important story that i think should be shared in this Bioshock Infinite story explained, is about the life of Comstock.

Okay, if you’ve already finished this game, then you know that Comstock is actually Booker Dewitt himself if he decides to ACCEPT the baptism in the “TIMELINE A”, as mentioned above (Oops spoiler alert!!).

In this reality, Booker who becomes Comstock, feels that all of his sins have been washed away, thanks to the baptism.

However, despite being born as a new “better” person, apparently, Comstock still inherits some of the dark side of Booker Dewitt in the past.

Comstock has a friend named Rosalind Lutece, a genius scientist and technology inventor. Rosalind has a dream that one day, she could build a floating city up in the sky.

Thanks to the help from Comstock who manages to convince New York government to fund Rosalind’s technology inventions, Rosalind finally can make her dream come true.

And to give the credits to Comstock who help her raise the fund, Rosalind then lets Comstock becomes the leader of the floating city of Columbia and even the “prophet” of people in Columbia.

Besides discovering the way to build that floating city, Rosalind also manages to build a “Time and Reality Travel” machine.

With this machine, Rosalind amazingly can make a communication with herself in different reality.

However, despite being her twin, Rosalind in the different reality apparently is the male version of Rosalind, named Robert Lutece. They then meet with each other in Columbia with that machine and work together to help Comstock to build all the technology inventions he needs.


So the conclusion of this Bioshock Infinite story explained is, Comstock is actually Booker Dewitt himself if he decides to ACCEPT the baptism.

Therefore, after finding out that Comstock is Booker Dewitt in different reality, Elizabeth then uses her power to transport both of them to the place where Comstock was being born for the very first time, which is when Booker Dewitt decides to ACCEPT the baptism or REJECT it.

Elizabeth then, with many other Elizabeths from the different realities, gather around Booker and baptize him, which actually to drown him in the water until Booker dies.

Well, with all of these facts that i have shared in this Bioshock Infinite story explained, i hope you all guys can now get a much much better understanding about what is exactly going on with the whole storyline of Bioshock Infinite.

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