This guy buys 2 houses thanks to Axie Infinity APK

Written by B Johnson August 18, 2023
This guy buys 2 houses thanks to Axie Infinity APK
This guy buys 2 houses thanks to a Crypto game, Axie Infinity
The story about some guy who manages to buy 2 houses and make tons of money from a mobile game may not happen very often and sometimes it sounds like a made up story. But this is actually happening to some guy in Philippines. All thanks to Axie Infinity APK, which is a mobile game, that he downloaded on his device.
A guy named John Aaron Ramos probably would've never thought that all of the time he spent on a mobile game called Axie Infinity could have landed a fortune to his life.
This guy buys 2 houses thanks to Axie Infinity APK
John Aaron Ramos, the guy from Philippines who made a fortune from Axie Infinity
Amazingly, not only did he manage to cash out some huge chunk of money from this game, but on his Facebook account, this gamer also announced that he has bought like 2 homes, yup, 2 real houses, all thanks to the money that he earned from Axie Infinity APK game.

That is insane, right?

But John Ramos is not the only person who made a fortune from Axie Infinity game. Besides Ramos, there is also a ton of other players, mostly in Philippines, that also have been pretty successful in bringing tons of cash out of Axie Infinity world.

In fact, on average, Axie Infinity players out there can make at least $400 every month by selling their items, potions or game creatures which are rewarded to them by doing PvP battles against other players online.

How to make money from Axie Infinity APK?

This guy buys 2 houses thanks to Axie Infinity APK
The turn-based gameplay of Axie Infinity, which allows player to attack other enemies or defend their monsters using the selection of cards presented on the screen
Anyway, if you've been missing out, so Axie Infinity is actually just a normal video game, an online game to be exact and it is currently available on smartphone, tablet and also laptop. And if you happen to own an Android device, you can download this Axie Infinity APK on your device, install it and you're good to go.

However, unlike most of other popular mobile games out there such as Mobile Legends, Among Us or PUBG - Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn video game that is being developed by Sky Mavis in Crypto blockchain - Etherium. And this means this game is built in Etherium ecosystem.

And given its development in crypto blockchain plus its integration with the cryptocurrency wallet, the game allows players to trade their in-game items like potions or game creatures to other players through the NFT Marketplace provided within this game.

Feeling confused? Okay, let me explain it in much simpler words

This guy buys 2 houses thanks to Axie Infinity APK
There's an RPG element in the gameplay of Axie Infinity that makes it more addicting than any other turn-based monster games out there
Okay, this may sound really complicated. But if you're still scratching your head right now, so in a nutshell, Axie Infinity is developed in Etherium blockchain as an online game that can be played on smartphone, tablet or laptop.

But given the fact that this game is developed in crypto blockchain, almost all the items in the game like game characters, avatars or items (like potions) are digitized as NFTs. So it allows players to trade their game characters and other items to other players all over the world using Cryptocurrency coins, which then can be converted into cash.

So all the players within the game can buy or sell their game characters, avatars or game items as NFTs using Cryptocurrency coins.

How John Ramos manages to become rich from Axie Infinity APK?

Some of you here are probably still wondering how the hell did he manage to buy 2 houses from an online game, right?

The reason why John Ramos has been really successful with this game is mainly because he is a fully committed player from the very first start.

So he is not a type of guy who just wants to make some quick bucks out of some platform and go to the next one for another quick bucks.

He is a serious Axie Infinity player and has definitely done a research and deep learning about the gameplay mechanics before even deciding to install Axie Infinity APK on his device.

And given the huge amount of time he has spent on this game, plus money as well, then the massive success that he has earned so far is totally well-deserved.

Not to mention, the integration of this game with Crypto blockchain and wallet is also making it easier for him to trade his items with other players and make a fortune out of this game.

Axie Infinity is on the RISE and getting more popular!

As of today, Axie Infinity has attracted more than a million of players all across the world, with vast majority of them located in Philippines. And that is a huge number for a Crypto-based video game.

And the success of this game will likely continue even further as the popularity of Cryptocurrency is still on the rise today, especially with the introduction of metaverse and other big Crypto projects in the future.

Plus, many high-profile companies like Nike, Adidas, Ubisoft, GUCCI and many other big players have joined the party in Crypto-based virtual lands such as Decentraland and the Sandbox.

So if you're thinking about jumping on the same bandwagon just like any other Axie Infinity players out there, this is probably a good time to do it because in the future, the price to join the game may increase and can be really expensive in the future.

At this point, if you're interested to become an Axie Infinity player, you have to purchase 3 required monsters or creatures for $1000 in total (around $300 for each creature) in order to be able to start playing the game.

How to play Axie Infinity?

Anyway, in my next future articles, I will talk more about Axie Infinity and other topics related to this game. So if you're really interested about Axie Infinity and everything about it, be sure to stick around on this site! Oh, I will also share to you how to play the game for free without paying any money.
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