A Massive Crypto NFT Game, Axie Infinity APK, and its Mind Boggling 1 Million Users

Written by B Johnson July 25, 2022
Here is the latest Axie Infinity APK: How this Crypto game attracks a million of gamers all over the world
If you're looking for Axie Infinity APK and you want to play it on your Android device, you've come to the right place. You can get the link for that game somewhere in the middle of this article. But first, let me discuss about Axie Infinity.
If you guys have been caught up in the crypto world and following every single news in the crypto sphere, then you already know that there is one popular crypto-based game that is currently getting a lot of attentions and eye balls from online gamers all over the world right now.

I'm talking about Axie Infinity.

What is Axie Infinity?

Here is the latest Axie Infinity APK: How this Crypto game attracks a million of gamers all over the world

If you've been living under the rock (like Flintstone), so Axie Infinity is a crypto-based video game developed by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese game developer.

It is basically similar just like Pokemon Go, where players will be able to collect unique creatures along their journey and raise them, breed them and then use them in PvP battles against other players online.

This game is currently available on smartphone, tablet and even laptop. But if you want to play this game on your Android device, all you have to do is download this Axie Infinity APK file below, install it on your device and you're good to go.

Axie Infinity APK (64.1MB)

Version: for Android

Download URL:

Updated On:

Feb 07, 2022

What's so cool about Axie Infinity?

But you might ask, what's so interesting about this game, right?

What makes it so attractive to a million of gamers all over the world right now?

Download Axie Infinity APK on your Android device and start earning money from it

Well, to tell you the truth, at first, I actually didn't find anything so spectacular about this game, especially in the whole aspect about it.

Download Axie Infinity APK on your Android device and start earning money from it

I mean like, the game is just a PvP turn-based battle game with simple 2D graphics, and I've seen tons of games like this one everywhere.

And the characters in the game or so called "Axies" don't look quite attractive to me, especially if you compare it to more popular titles like Angry Birds or Pokemon, which both have more compelling game characters and they look really cute and funny, right?

But after a few minutes looking at the gameplay and how it works, I actually kind of digged Axie Infinity and started to like what it had to offer, especially in terms of gameplay. And the graphics actually look kind of cool. Plus, it can be really addictive as you get better at playing the game.

It kind of reminds me with Angry Birds when I first saw it like 12 years ago if I'm not mistaken. I mean like, at first, I didn't find it interesting to play. But as I got the hang of it, its gameplay actually became really addictive and could get me hooked all day on my phone.

You can make some money from Axie Infinity

The coolest thing about Axie Infinity is that, you can actually make some money out of this game.

So unlike most of other mobile games out there like Pokemon Go or Mobile Legends, Axie Infinity is developed in crypto blockchain. And all of the items in the game are digitized as NFTs or non fungible token, which means, anything inside the game can be traded or sold to other players in exchange for crypto coins, which then can be converted into cash.

Download Axie Infinity APK on your Android device and start earning money from it

This is the reason why Axie Infinity is known as a play-to-earn video game because if you want to earn some cash from it, you've gotta play it.

There is actually one guy from Philippines who managed to make a huge chunk of money from this game and he even bought like 2 houses, all thanks to the money that he earned from Axie Infinity. That is insane, right?

And that's not it. There are also tons of other Axie Infinity players out there who've also made some fortune from this game using the in-game economy system like trading SLP potions or selling/renting unique creatures or items to other players in the game on Axie Infinity NFT Marketplace.

My next posts about Axie Infinity and other Crypto-based games

In my next article, I will share to you how to make money from Axie Infinity. So if you are interested to find out more about how to become the next rich guy from Axie Infinity, you might want to check that out.

Anyway, in my next future posts, I'm also gonna discuss a lot more about Axie Infinity game as well as other gaming-related news in cryptocurrency world. So if you're interested to get more updates about crypto games that are currently really popular right now, you can expect a lot more news about them in upcoming future. SO stay tuned for that.

Download Axie Infinity APK

Ooops.. I almost forgot. Here is the link to Axie Infinity APK if you want to play it on your Android device. It's the latest version by the way, so I'm sure you'll get the newest updates and improvements, as well as new looks and hopefully new creatures.
Axie Infinity APK (64.1MB)

Version: for Android

Updated On:

Download URL:

Feb 07, 2022

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