With Only $50, You can Use Your iPad as Desktop Using These 5 Items

Written by B Johnson June 29, 2022
With Only $50, Use ipad as desktop Using These 5 Items
With Only $50, Use iPad as Desktop Using These 5 Items - Can you believe that, with less than $50, you can use iPad as desktop? Yup, a fully working desktop just like the one on your desk right now.
For some of you here, the new iPad may seem like something that most people are going to use mostly for enjoying Netflix or browsing the web, right? Well, it's probably right because this new iPad is versatile especially as a media consumption device.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bandwagon, there's also a lot of iPad users who are gonna use their iPad as desktop, where they can edit Office documents, chat with their colleagues and browse the web - all at once.

But did you know that, with less than $50, you can actually turn your iPad from a regular media consumption tablet into a productivity machine at your home. Yup - that's right. You can use iPad as desktop with less than $50.

But how is that possible?

Okay, if you have big budget in your pocket, you can simply get Apple Folio keyboard case ($150), Bluetooth mouse and you're good to go! But this can be considered as expensive for many people out there, especially considering that iPad is already pretty pricey here, selling at $399.

Thankfully, there's a workaround which you can do here if you wanna save up all of your money. And that's by buying some certain items which are gonna complement your iPad as desktop.

Below, I'm going to show you how you can magically use iPad as desktop using these 5 items with less than $50.

1. Tablet Stand/Holder ($8.99)

Okay, this first equipment is probably the most important thing of all. So it is a tablet holder or tablet stand. So in order to use iPad as desktop, you're gonna need to buy something that can hold your iPad on the table so it can stand by itself in desktop mode.

There are many tablet holders or tablet stands that you can find at Amazon.com today. But the one that is my favorite here is definitely the one sold by Creadream. So it costs only $8.99. The coolest thing is, it's made out of aluminum, which is gonna make your iPad look sturdy and elegant. This tablet holder I recommend here currently has 8.300 reviewers and it's received 4.5 out of 5 stars.

creadream tablet stand holder

But you can also buy this tablet holder instead from Nulaxy to start using your iPad as desktop. It also costs $8.99. And it has received 2.300 reviews with 4.5 out of 5 stars. The coolest thing is, this tablet stand is really tall so it can make your iPad look elegant and tall.

Nulaxy tablet holder

2. Bluetooth Keyboard ($8.99)

Okay, the second equipment that is quite important here to use your iPad as desktop is definitely a Bluetooth keyboard. And similar just like the tablet holder up there, there are tons of Bluetooth keyboards at Amazon that can be paired with your iPad. But the one that is recommended by Amazon itself (Amazon Choice badge) is actually the one made by OMOTON.


So I found one Bluetooth keyboard made by OMOTON that is really cheap here. It's only $8.99. Well, this may seem like something that you only find in La La land, right? But thankfully, this item has been ordered by thousand of people receiving over 6.202 reviews. And it's got 4.5 stars out of 5, which is quite reliable.

But if you if you have more money in your budget, you can also buy the other Bluetooth keyboard made by Arteck. It has 6.900 reviews with 4.5 stars out of 5. And it costs $16.99.

artech bluetooth keyboard

3. Bluetooth Mouse ($30)

Okay, now you already have a tablet holder and a Bluetooth keyboard. In total, you've already spent like $17 here. The third thing you need to buy next to use your iPad as desktop is a Bluetooth mouse. And this is also really important because with a Bluetooth mouse, you can control your iPad mini UI easily using this mouse.

It's worth noting that the Bluetooth mouse that I recommend here is the one that doesn't require you to plug the USB receiver whatsoever to your iPad mini. So you only need to turn on your Bluetooth and pair the mouse to your iPad mini and you can start using your iPad as desktop.

There are many Bluetooth mouse at Amazon that work with iPad. But my favorite is definitely the one sold by this store. It's mostly because it's rechargeable. The good news is, this mouse is also recommended by Amazon itself. And with 13.000 reviewers reviewing this product and most of them are happy (4.5 stars out of 5), I think this Bluetooth mouse deserves your attention here.

rechargeable bluetooth mouse

It only costs $12.99 by the way. But if you're NOT tight on budget, you can also get the more expensive one from this store instead, which costs $19 (499 reviews and 4.5 stars).

white bluetooth mouse

4. Mouse Pad ($3)

Besides Bluetooth mouse, you're gonna need a mousepad as well. Well this is because this mouse pad can really help a lot to ensure the precision of the mouse cursor on your iPad. This is why I recommend you to get a premium-textured mousepad so it can't be ripped off easily.

There is one mousepad that I think can be a good choice for you. This only costs $2.99 and the good news is, it's recommended by Amazon itself. It's made by cimetech by the way and it currently has 3.740 reviews receiving over 4.5 stars.

cimitech mousepad

But if you're able to dig deeper in your pocket, you can also get the mousepad from MROCO ($5.99). This one receives 4.5 stars out of 5 and it's been reviewed by 15.000 verified buyers of this product.

mroco earbuds

5. Earbuds ($23)

Okay, so already have a tablet stand, Bluetooth mouse and Bluetooth keyboard, plus mousepad. You can now use your iPad as desktop.

But, wait a minute... There's another item that is also important to turn your iPad into a desktop. And that is Bluetooth earbuds.

When it comes to earbuds, we need to be really picky here because there are tons of cheap earbuds out there and they mosty fall short in terms of sound quality, the Bluetooth range and especially battery life. This is why you're gonne need to find the earbuds that have a huge amount of positive reviews at Amazon.

I actually found the one made by TOZO T10. So it is a Bluetooth earbuds and it currently has been reviewed by 247.000 reviewers, which is mind boggling here for Amazon reviews. It's received 4.5 stars out of 5 and it only costs $23.99.

tozo 10

But if you more cash in your budget, you can also get Tozo 6 Wireless earbuds that also has a mind blowing amount of reviews (152.000) receiving 4.5 stars out of 5. And this only costs $25.6.

tozo 6

I also found another interesting pair of earbuds at Amazon. You can get it for $20 but the one that really steals my attention is definitely the extra information that you can see straight on earbuds recharging box, which is quite useful like battery life bar . This has been reviewed by 333 people by the way with 4.5 stars out of 5.
Wireless earbuds with battery life bar


Well, there you go guys, my recommendations of 5 items that hopefully can enhance your iPad functionalities and turn it into your productivity machine like desktop.

So from now on, not only will you be able to use your iPad as a media consumption device for watching movies, reading books, browsing the web or playing games, but you can also use it to do some heavy productive tasks like editing Word documents or doing spreadsheets.

Thanfully, this new iPad already comes pre-installed with the latest iOS 15, which is the same exact OS that's running on the iPad Pro. So you basically get all the goodies, including productivity-oriented features like split screen, note-taking app, etc.. etc - just like on the iPad Pro.

So this will totally help a lot in making this iPad an excellent productivity machine for you.
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