6 Cheapest Android 9 tablets under $120

Written by B Johnson June 30, 2022
6 Cheapest Android 9 tablets under $120
With more and more Android tablets getting better and smoother in performance, is it worth it to buy an Android tablet today?
In the past few years, iPad has been a definite choice for most tablet hunters out there in the market. It's just really popular - especially in holiday season.

Even at Amazon website, it's either iPad or Kindle Fire from Amazon that most people are going to pick when it comes to tablet choice.

But it seems like that tradition has been changing quite a lot in the past few months.

The latest Android 9 (Pie) has improved so much that not only does it bring new features to the devices that run on it, but it also helps deliver smooth buttery experience to users.

The amazing thing is, at Amazon today, you can find a great selection of cheapest Android 9 tablets that surprisingly are really low in price but they still manage to give satisfaction to the users - as seen from their rating.

Below, I'm going to show you 6 cheapest Android 9 tablets under the price range of $120 that you might want to consider of buying the next time you're planning to get an Android tablet.

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1. Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet ($119)

Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet

The first cheapest Android 9 tablet is coming from Lenovo. And it has one interesting device that is definitely worth checking out here.

So it is Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet.

Okay, who doesn't know Lenovo? This company makes tons of great Android smartphones, tablets and even notebooks that many people have enjoyed of using until now.

And this Lenovo Tab M8 tablet is no exception. In fact, I find this tablet pretty impressive especially considering its really low price, which is $119.

So as mentioned above, it is Android 9 Pie tablet. So it's got that fresh and clean looking UI with more attractive and intuitive visuals than the previous Android OS.

Under the hood, there's a quad-core CPU running the show here, helped by 2GB of RAM, PowerVR GPU and a pretty huge 5000mAh battery.

The screen is 8-inch by the way, sporting the HD 1280x800 pixels resolution. So this thing can be really ideal for watching Netflix, reading books or playing some casual games. In fact, I believe this tablet should run most of graphically demanding games just fine.

One of many things that really impresses me a lot with this tablet is definitely the huge amount of reviews and good ratings that it has received so far.

So at Amazon, Lenovo Tab M8 tablet has been reviewed by over 5.193 buyers and most of them are quite happy with this tablet, as seen from the 4.5 stars rating (out of 5).

Here are some of the reviews that capture my attention:
cheapest Android 9 tablets

cheapest Android 9 tablets

cheapest Android 9 tablets

So what are you waiting for? If you are planning to buy an Android tablet but you happen to have a low budget to spend, this Lenovo Tab M8 tablet might be a decent choice for you.

2. Dragon Touch Notepad Y80 android 9 ($59)

Dragon Touch Notepad Y80

This is actually one of the cheapest Android 9 tablets that I managed to find at Amazon. And it only costs you $59 if you wanna bring it home. But the question is, is it worth it to buy such a low priced Android tablet like this?

Well, the answer is probably YES for most people that have purchased this device.

So it is Dragon Touch Notepad Y80 and it is an 8-inch tablet running Android 9 Pie OS out of the box. There's a quad-core (probably Mediatek) processor running the entire show here, with the help from 2GB of RAM to ensure its smooth performance.

It comes with 32GB of internal storage, but you probably will only get like around 10 to 15GB of storage to keep all of your contents photos, songs or videos.

Dragon Touch Notepad Y80 has been reviewed by almost 611 verified buyers and it managed to get 4 stars out of 5, which is pretty impressive.
dragon touch y80 notepad review

dragon touch y80 notepad review

So if you happen to have $59 and you're planning to get an Android tablet just for enjoying videos or browsing the web, you might want to put this tablet on your list.

3. PRITOM M10 Tablet 10 inch ($99)

PRITOM Android tablet 10 inch andriod 9

The next cheapest Android 9 tablet that I find pretty interesting is definitely the one made the company named PRITOM. It costs $99 and it brings Android 9, quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 8MP rear-camera to the table here.

What I find quite impressive is actually the reviews that this tablet has managed to receive from many verified buyers of this device.
Pritom m10 tablet review

Pritom m10 tablet review

So this PRITOM M10 tablet has been reviewed by 1.429 people at Amazon and yes, they have bought this tablet. And it receives 4 stars out of 5 from the entire people.

4. Zonko Android 9 Tablet 10 inch 3G ($109)

Zonko Android 9 Tablet 10 inch 3g

Another cheapest Android 9 tablet that I managed to find at Amazon is the one from the Zonko store. And it's gonna cost you $109 if you wanna bring this quad-core tablet home.

One of many things that I find really amazing about this Zonko 10 inch tablet is that, this Android 9 tablet has been bought by almost 8.911 customers and most of them are pretty happy from this purchase, as seen from the rating (3.8 starts out of 5).

Speaking about the specs, this Zonko Android 9 tablet is powered by a quad-core processor inside, as well as 2GB of RAM. There's also 5MP camera on the rear if you love taking photos, but don't get your hopes up given that most affordable Android tablets are really superior in this area.

Anyway, the screen 10-inch by the way, and it is HD touchscreen. So this can be pretty good for reading books, browsing the web or watching videos.

Another plus point is the support of 3G network for phone and text messaging purposes. So you can definitely use Whatsapp without any problem.
zonko tablet review

5. AOGE Tablet 10 inch android 9 hd dual ($109.99)

AOGE Tablet 10 inch android 9 hd dual

If the cheapest Android 9 tablet from Zonko costs $109, it goes the same with the next tablet I'm going to show you here. So it is from a store named AOGE. I'm not sure whether the brand of the tablet is AOGE or not, but one thing for sure, this device offers a great set of specs for its price.

This AOGE 10-inch tablet comes with a 10-inch display sporting the HD resolution. And with the combination of a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, I believe this tablet is not going to consume a lot of power from its battery.

Just like the Zonko tablet aforementioned above, this one also supports 3G network, so you can insert your SIM card into this device and use to telephone or text your family in case you're out of data.

At Amazon, this tablet has been reviewed by 1027 people and most of them are pretty happy with this purchase (4 stars out of 5).
zonko tablet review

zonko tablet review

6. Tablet 10 inch, dual sim android 9.0 ($109)

Tablet 10 inch, dual sim android 9.0

The last tablet that I'm going to recommend in this article is also a 10-inch tablet. This 10-inch Android 9 tablet comes with a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, which are pretty standard for a $100 Android tablet.

The screen supports HD resolution by the way, and thanks to its huge 6000mAh battery, I believe this tablet can excell in battery life, especially if you are going to use it mainly to read books, browse the web, watch the videos or edit some Office documents.

Speaking about the review, this tablet has received over 1.546 reviewers with 4 stars rating out of 5. So I'm sure most of people who have bought this device is pretty happy with the purchase.
android dual sim review

android dual sim review

What's so special about Android 9 OS on these tablets?

Well, after seeing all the 6 cheapest Android 9 tablets that I have recommended above, I believe many of you here are wondering what's so special about Android 9 OS that is running on any of these devices.

Well, first of all, Android 9 Pie OS comes with a bunch of improvements here and there all over the UI, mostly the visual aspect of the OS that now looks more simple.

So it now looks clean, more attractive and intuitive with interesting elements, and it also runs smoothly on most of Android tablets that are equipped with a quad-core and 2GB of RAM.

Of course, you cannot expect something really spectacular like the smooth buttery experience that users get from their iPad or Samsung high-end tablets.

But if you mainly are going to use any of these cheapest Android 9 tablets to do some basic stuff like watching movies, browsing the web, reading books, editing Office documents or playing some casual games, I believe you will find satisfaction from any of them.

My experience of buying a cheap $70 Windows tablet

Well, if you ask me, from my experience from using a really cheap Chinese tablet in the past, I actually found that my cheap tablet is really good for its price.

So I used to have a Windows 8 tablet that cost only $60 when I first got it. It was really really cheap for a Windows tablet. And it is running on the full-fledged Windows OS, so I got all the features that you also find on full-fledged Windows OS.

Impressively, this tablet last about 3 years before I finally sold it through an online retail app in my country. And the battery life has also been magnificent for the entire 3 years, it could survive around 5 hours for heavy use and 7 hours of regular use.

So yeah, I was pretty happy with my cheap $70 Windows tablet.
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