How to Transfer Your Save Game from Xbox One to Xbox Series X or S?

Written by B Johnson September 16, 2021
How to Transfer Your Save Game from Xbox One to Xbox Series X or S?
Despite the massive sales and pre-orders of PlayStation 5, on the other side of the universe, there's a bunch of gamers that still side on Xbox camp. Xbox Series X and Series S are still the go-to for casual and heavy gamers out there who happen to love video games.

How to Transfer Your Save Game from Xbox One to Xbox Series X or S?

Anyway, if you just bought the new-gen Xbox Series X/S but still own the predecessor - Xbox One - and you are planning to continue playing your Xbox One games on your new-gen console, below I'm going to show you how exactly to transfer your save data from your Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S.

1. Connect both of your Xbox consoles to the same WiFi network.

Okay, the first thing you need to do here is to connect both of your Xbox One and Xbox Series X to the same wifi network. Also, make sure that your WiFi connection is working properly.

2. Open "My Games and Apps"

On the main screen UI, open "My Games and Apps" menu, and then scroll down to "Manage" option, and select the "Network Transfer" menu on the bottom, and lastly pick "XBOXONE" since you want to transfer your game data from your Xbox One to Xbox Series X.

3. Pick the games you would like to transfer

As you can see, there is a bunch of games that you have installed on your Xbox One, now pick the game that you would like to transfer by giving a check mark to the box, and then select "Copy Internal" on the right of the screen.

4. Press "Copy"

A message then will appear on the screen saying "You are about to copy 1 item from XBOXONE to internal", now press Copy.

Transferring your Xbox games using external storage

Alternatively, if you don't want to use your internet connection to transfer your save games, you can also use external storage, and then transfer all of your save data to Xbox Series X manually, this is way faster because it provides a much better transfer speed than using network connection.

1. Open the "Games" tab

To do this, on the main screen, open the tab "Games" which will show you the game library that you have on your Xbox One.

2. Choose the games you would like to transfer

After that, you have to choose which games you would like to move.

3. Select "Manage Game and add-ons"

Now press the menu button on your controller and then select "Manage Game and add-ons" option, now from here, you can copy the game to your external storage.

The coolest thing is, you can play this game on your Xbox Series X straight away from this external storage, without needing to copy anything to your new system.
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