Psst... These 5 games will turn you into coward. So DON'T EVER PLAY THEM!

Written by B Johnson January 20, 2018
Don't play these games in front of your kids or they will be...!
Playing games is supposed to be fun and entertaining, especially when you're playing it with your friends or family. However, there are many games out there that are just not meant to be played by kids or people that get scared easily. Yes, we're talking about horror games.

Horror games are definitely not made for everyone. This type of game is designed basically to make you scared to go to dark places or sleep alone at night. Interestingly, there is a lot of people out there that are fond of playing horror games.

Today, we would like to share to you some of the best horror games that we believe would be awesome to play on your gaming machine.

But we have to warn you: PLEASE DON'T PLAY THESE GAMES ALONE unless you want to turn yourself into a big fat coward! .

1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil has been a massive series on consoles and PC for more than decade. The latest installment of this game - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is definitely the scariest Resident Evil game so far.

This is absolutely the game that's gonna scare the s**t out of you, especially if you're playing it alone in your house. That's why we totally recommend you to keep it away from your kids because this game is not meant to be played by children.

As many of you know, Resident Evil series has always been about shooting zombies or monsters on the street. But Resident Evil 7 is a totally different type of game. It's actually more like a horror game than a zombie game.

You will play as a guy named Ethan Winters who has been worried sick looking for his wife, Mia, whom has been missing in action (no pun intended) for really long time. In the search of Mia, Ethan then embarks a long adventure in a scary house owned by Baker family where they have been possessed by some kind of dark spirit. Not zombies, but you will fight demons, monsters and even a possessed Mia.

2. Dying Light

Another horror game that deserves the spot on our list is the one called "Dying Light". Similar just like Days Gone which will be released this year, this game is also a zombie shooting game but in first person perspective.

Fighting zombies in this game can be challenging and sometimes really difficult because not only are the zombies smarter and faster, your attack will be limited by your stamina. So when your stamina is low, you cannot attack the zombies and the only thing you can do is run.

The scariest part about this game is when the night finally comes. A horde of more savage zombies will come out from their hiding places. They are much faster and will eat you alive if they capture you. So you’ve gotta run really fast to your headquarter if you really want to stay alive.

3. Day Light

Day Light

Another scary game you should never play alone at home is “Day Light”. This game is nothing like Dying Light. It’s actually more like Silent Hill where you will wander around a dark haunted house to solve a mysterious phenomenon. You will be equipped with a smartphone to see the map, while your left hand will be holding either glow stick to light up the darkness or flare to fend off ghosts.

4. Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 is actually a science fiction game rather than a horror game. But this game can still be really scary to play and even could give you a hearth attack. Dead Space 2 reminds us with Doom Resurrection, especially with the monsters and evils.

In this game, you’ll be deployed on a strange planet filled with many monsters and aliens that will kill you to death if you don’t defend yourself. Thankfully, you will be equipped with a plenty of powerful weapons at your disposal, but you can also use your foot to crush your enemy’s head when they are on the ground.

5. The Evil Within

The Evil Within 1

Despite being a new IP in this category, The Evil Within series has been a massive success in horror genre. It manages to bring the level of fear that's never been seen before in horror games. This is why this game is definitely not recommended to play for your children.

Anyway, if you’ve been living under the rock, so The Evil Within is a shooting game in third person perspective. It reminds us with the beginning chapters of Resident Evil series where you will fight zombies with your weapon and then collect some herbs to make health packs and other equipments.

There's actually the sequel of this series - The Evil Within 2. But we have no single doubt that the first The Evil Within game is far scarier than the second one.


Well, there you go guys, 5 horror games that you should play alone especially at night. Anyway, what about you guys? If you have any other recommendations of great horror games, why don’t you share them to use here on the comment section below.

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