This is what you will find inside Nintendo Switch. Pretty shocking isn't it?

Written by B Johnson January 22, 2018
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As a gaming handheld, Nintendo Switch can be considered as a pretty awesome device. Thanks to Nvidia's powerful Tegra X1 processor inside this bad boy, Nintendo Switch totally has the possibility to become the best gaming handheld in the future. However, have you ever wondered about the components that Nintendo crams inside the Switch?

Well, lucky for you, today you can finally have the answer right here, right now.

Recently, a website focused in technology - TechInsight - just performed a teardown of Nintendo Switch to find everything inside this gaming handheld. But the main focus here is more on the processor of the Switch, not all the components.

Nintendo Switch uses stock Nvidia Tegra X1
As it turns out, the teardown was showing a pretty surprising result. So the Tegra X1 processor found inside Nintendo Switch apparently is the stock version of NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, not the custom version.

This totally is pretty shocking given that back in October last year, Nvidia stated that Nintendo Switch - goes by the codename "Nintendo NX" - was going to be powered by its "custom Tegra processor".

So this totally contradicts with what Nvidia said last year:

Nintendo Switch
"Nintendo Switch is powered by the performance of the "custom Tegra processor. The high-efficiency scalable processor includes an Nvidia GPU based on the same architecture as the world's top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards." Nvidia said.

The teardown by TechInsights also revealed that the stock Nvidia Tegra X1 processor inside Nintendo Switch comes equipped with GM208 Maxwell GPU, which has staggering 256-cores.

Nintendo Switch uses stock Nvidia Tegra X1
With this teardown, we finally find out also that the Tegra X1 processor of Nintendo Switch is likely similar with the one powering Nvidia Shield Android TV, which also comes with a Tegra X1 processor and 256-core Nvidia Maxwell CUDA GPU.

Nintendo Switch is using fan and heatsink

This teardown is actually not the only teardown performed on Nintendo Switch. So earlier a few weeks ago when Nintendo Switch was first released to the market, there's actually another teardown conducted by some tech guys on the internet.

That also showed a surprising result. Nintendo Switch apparently is using a fan and heatsink on its Tegra X1 processor. And this is quite surprising given that Nintendo Switch is just a tablet, not some high performing devices like Xbox One or PC that obviously need heatsink to quickly reduce the heat out from the chipsets (CPU and GPU) in order to keep all the internal components cool on the inside.

But it appears that, the Tegra X1 processor inside the Switch requires a fan and a heatsink to release the heat out from the GPU. This actually reminds us with what happened to most of Tegra 4 tablets like HP Slate7 Extreme or Xiaomi Mi Pad that are plagued with overheating problems. And these tablets are not equipped with heatsink and fan.

About the Tegra X1 on Nintendo Switch

For those who are not familiar, so Nintendo Switch is powered by Tegra X1 processor, which is manufactured by Nvidia. And this processor is really superior when it comes to performance and graphical power. Nvidia even calls is as "Tegra X1 Super Chip".

Alongside Nvidia Shield Android TV, Nintendo Switch has become the most powerful Android tablet on the market right now, mostly thanks to this Tegra X1 processor that comes with a staggering 256-core Maxwell CUDA GPU.

So this is one of the reasons why Nintendo Switch can be a huge threat for Sony PlayStation Vita in the near future, especially when we also know that this gaming handheld is well-received on the gaming market.

One of its A-rated games - "The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild" - even managed to become a hot-selling game and reach a huge fame lately around the internet sphere.
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