Telltale Games finally announces Batman: The Enemy Within, the next Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us series

Written by B Johnson January 20, 2018
Telltale Games announces Batman: The Enemy Within, the next Walking Dead and The Last of Us series
Yesterday, we passed along the rumors about Telltale Games that would be announcing the new series of its Batman at San Diego Comic Con held this week. This developer was also expected to unveil the next season of "The Wolf Among Us". Well, apparently all of those rumors were true. So just a few hours ago, this studios just made the new "Batman: The Evil Within" official, along with "The Wolf Among Us" game and Walking Dead series.

Right on the first day of Comic Con in San Diego, Telltale Games announced that the developer is indeed working on the next season of The Wolf Among Us. According to them, this game will be released officially in 2018.

There is also the fourth and final season of Telltale's Walking Dead series. This zombie surviving game is slated to arrive next year as well.

And what about the new Batman series? Well, this game is also announced today by Telltale Games and it will carry the title "The Enemy Within", exactly just like what we told you yesterday.

The new Batman series from Telltale Games called The Enemy Within will be announced soon?

The new Batman series from Telltale Games called The Enemy Within will be announced soon?

The good news is, this Batman series from Telltale Games will arrive soon on August 8. Hopefully, it will be available straightly on all gaming platforms, including Android tablets.

According to this developer, this new series of Batman will consist in 5 episodes, which is similar just like the first series - Batman: The Telltale series".

The first episode will go by the title "The Enigma" and in this episode, we finally get to see another Batman's enemy, The Riddler.

Besides The Riddler, other Batman's enemies like Joker and a ruthless federal agent will also be involved in this episode. Interestingly, this time, you will also get to choose which of Batman's enemies that you can trust and even make him into your allies.

Anyway, if you've been playing this Telltale's Batman series, you certainly know that in this game, all of your choices you make will be kept in the game and later will heavily influence the direction of the storyline. And apparently, it still applies to the next series.

So all of your decisions that you've made in the first 'Batman: The Telltale series' will still play a huge part in the storyline in Batman: The Enemy Within.

Thankfully , Telltale Games allows you to start fresh with the game and reset all of your decisions. This is actually good because this will allow you to follow the real storyline of the game without any changes.

We actually are really excited to see the next episode of Walking Dead and of course the next season of Telltale's Batman series. As for The Wolf Among Us, honestly we don't really follow this game so we have nothing to say about this game.

Anyway, the next episode of Walking Dead will arrive next year in 2018, along with the next season of The Wolf Among Us. Meanwhile, Batman: The Enemy Within will be available soon on August 8. So if you're interested to know more about these new games, be sure to stay tuned on this website!
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