IDC: Global tablet sales have declined 8.5% every year. But convertible Windows tablets are selling well

Written by B Johnson July 18, 2017
IDC Global tablet sales have declined 8.5% every year. But convertible Windows tablets are selling well
As many of us already know, in the recent years, the global tablet sales have seen such a massive decline every year. The number of people buying tablets are becoming smaller and more tablet shoppers are migrating to Windows convertible tablets. And apparently, this is still happening. According to IDC's last reports, total shipments of tablets have declined 8.5% year over year with only 36.2 million units of tablets shipped during the first quarter of this year.

The reason why this could happened is mainly because people are more interested to buy phablets, known as giant phone, instead of tablets. The increasing popularity of convertible laptops has also pushed the tablets over the edge. IDC also stated that long upgrade cycles of tablets is also the reason why people are starting to avoid buying tablets these days.

Currently, there are 5 companies that have been leading the tablet market: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Amazon and Lenovo.

Apple, as we all know, has been really successful in convincing people to buy the latest iPad Pro lineup instead of Android slates. Samsung also still gains some impressive results through its wide range of Galaxy devices and especially convertible/2-in-1 Windows tablets.

We're actually quite impressed with Huawei's achievement because unlike other companies like ASUS, it's pretty rare to see Huawei tablets being reviewed on tech sites or channels on YouTube.

Meanwhile, Amazon apparently is still doing great selling its cheap-plastic Fire tablets on Amazon's website. And last but not least, Lenovo, which actually is not surprising given that this company has many appealing Windows convertible/detachable tablets available on the market today.

Interestingly, from these 5 companies, Huawei is the only one that has seen growth of its tablet sales during the Q1 2017. This company's shipments of tablets are growing by nearly 32%. According to the reports from iDC, this could happen because Huawei has been adapting well to the market by shifting from Android-powered tablets to Windows convertible/detachable tablets.

The bad news came to Apple that has seen 13% decline on its iPad's sales. Apparently, many of its uses are still waiting to make an upgrade to the latest-gen iPad series. Meanwhile, Samsung, Lenovo and Amazon all posted low declines on their tablet shipments.

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