This new video ad of Samsung Chromebook Plus will make you want to buy this laptop

Written by B Johnson June 26, 2017
This new video ad of Samsung Chromebook Plus will make you want to buy this laptop
Today, Chromebook laptops can be easily found in vast majority of schools in the US. But despite this huge popularity, Google still has a lot of homework to do especially if it wants to conquer the world of laptop with its Chrome OS. And that's exactly what Samsung is trying to do here. So recently, the Korean company has officially launched the first video ad of its latest Samsung Chromebook Plus

In this video ad, it's pretty obvious that this company is trying to show off how powerful its Chromebook Plus really is. Interestingly, in this ad, Samsung is not giving the spotlight to Chrome OS, but instead, focusing more on the ability of this laptop to run Android apps and how Android apps can enrich the ecosystem.

This new video ad of Samsung Chromebook Plus will make you want to buy this laptop
Through this video ad, Samsung is also trying to show to people that Samsung Chromebook Plus is a perfectly capable machine, even when it's offline, which is an issue that has been plaguing Chromebook laptops for a very long time.

Few years ago, no one cared about the existence of Chromebooks. And they had reasons for that. Chromebooks were sluggish in performance, the designs were not appealing and Chrome OS was still in beta stage. 

Hopefully, with this new video ad from Samsung, more and more people are finally convinced to make a switch to Chromebooks.

Anyway, speaking about the device, so Samsung Chromebook Plus is one of the latest-gen laptops from Samsung. It's running on Chrome OS. The coolest thing is, it already comes with Android support and Google Play Store out of the box, which means you can run Android apps and games on this machine.

As far as the specs goes, this one is actually a will equipped machine. It features a 12.3-inch display sporting the 2400x1600 resolution, a hexa-core OP1 processor (with big.LITTLE architecture), 4GB LPDDR3 RAM, shared graphics card and 32GB of internal storage, which is expandable through microSD card slot.

Probably one of the best things on this Chromebook laptop is its design.

Samsung Chromebook Plus comes with all-metal finish with foldable hinge that can bend for up to 360 degrees. So you can use it either in laptop, tent, kickstand and even tablet modes. There's also S-Pen thrown in the deal, which now is more improved than before and offers a more natural writing/sketching experience to users.

Samsung Chromebook Plus seems like a pretty solid deal especially if you're looking for a great premium convertible laptop. Well, if you're interested of getting one, it's now available at many retailers for around $449. But it's probably much cheaper now at Amazon.
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