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Spotify app now available on Windows Store. Does it work on Windows 10S?

Written by B Johnson June 21, 2017
Spotify app now available on Windows Store. Is it available for Windows 10S?
A few days after Microsoft released its Office apps on Windows Store, now there's another high-profile app being added to this application store. And that is Spotify, which is a widely popular online music app in the world.

At Build conference held last month, Microsoft already promised that this online music app would be coming to Windows Store. And turns out, the promise delivered today. Unfortunately, despite being released on Windows Store, Surface Laptop and other Windows 10S notebooks won't be able to download and install this Spotify app.

So if you want to use this app on your Surface Laptop, you might want to upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro first.

Speaking about the app, Spotify actually has developed the mobile apps for Windows Phone in the past. 

Now on Windows Store, the company decides to convert its desktop app by using Microsoft's Centennial Desktop Bridge Tool.

Anyway, this Centennial Desktop Bridge Tool is a tool that can help make it easier for developers to convert their desktop apps to Windows Store. This tool is actually one of Microsoft's latest efforts to convince more developers to bring their software to Windows Store so there will be more popular apps available on Windows Store.

This app is identical with the desktop version which is available online. The difference is, from now on, Spotify will be updated regularly through Windows Store. 

It's also worth mentioning that this Spotify app is not a Universal Windows app, so it cannot be installed and run on Windows Mobile or Xbox One console. 

So what are you waiting for? If you love listening to music online, be sure to check out this Spotify app on Windows Store.
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