Samsung Notebook 9 Pro available on Best Buy. A solid purchase for heavy users and gamers

Written by B Johnson July 12, 2017
The premium Samsung Notebook 9 Pro available now on Best Buy. A solid purchase for heavy users and gamers
In the past few months, Samsung has been showcasing a lot of great and premium laptops to us. Among these new-gen devices, there's one laptop that manages to catch our attention. Nope - it's not Chromebook Plus or Pro. Actually it's Samsung Notebook 9 Pro - a full-fledged Windows 10 convertible laptop. 

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is currently available to buy on Best Buy. And it consists in 2 variants - the 13.3-inch and 15-inch models. And they are not cheap. These two come with higher price tags.

The smaller one is gonna cost $1.099, while the larger model with 15-inch display can be snatched for $1.299. Both Windows 10 laptops are sporting 1080p resolution on their touchscreen.

One of the strongest points of Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is probably its performance. Both models feature the same Intel Core i7-7500U processor and this is the latest seventh-gen chip from Intel. So you know that both are powerful machines.
The premium Samsung Notebook 9 Pro available now on Best Buy. A solid purchase for heavy users and gamers
But if you're looking for a really adequate gaming laptop here, we suggest you to pick the 15-inch model as it comes with a more powerful AMD Radeon 540 graphics card. Even so, the Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU inside the 13.3-inch model is still perfectly capable for heavy stuff.

Playing games is definitely gonna be really awesome on this laptop because both models are equipped with a good amount of RAM. The 13.3-inch variant has 8gigs of RAM, while the larger 15-inch Samsung Notebook 9 Pro comes with a huge 16GB of RAM. So you can basically throw some of the latest next-gen games like Resident Evil 7 or Outlast 2.

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro available on Best Buy. A solid purchase for heavy users and gamers
Besides performance, Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is also superior in terms of design. So this laptop comes with all-metal finish and it's a convertible 2-in-1 laptop that can bend for up to 360 degrees. So if you feel like using it as a tablet, you can flip over the display to enter the tablet mode.

Not to be forgotten is of course the S-Pen. So just like other latest-gen laptops from Samsung, this laptop will also come with the S-Pen. And it also features Air Command software to give you easy and quick access for taking notes and sketching

The S-Pen is also much improved here than the predecessors. It now has 4000 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is close to the 4.096 pressure levels found on the Pen of Surface Pro. So you're gonna love it especially if you are artist or designer.

The coolest thing is, there's also the dedicated spot for this S-Pen found under the keyboard of Samsung Notebook 9 Pro. So when not needed, it can be tucked away in that dedicated spot.

Not to mention, the S Pen also doesn't require you to recharge it, which makes it a better stylus than Apple Pencil of iPad Pro that always needs to be recharged regularly in weird annoying position under the lightning port of the slate.

The storage provided here is 256GB, which is huge enough to keep all of your stuff on this machine. And there's also an HD camera if you want to do video calls or even simply take selfies.

Well, if you're currently on the street looking for a perfectly capable machine for doing productive tasks or even playing games, Samsung Notebook 9 Pro can be a great option for you.

Both models are available in Titan Silver color option, which looks and feels really premium in all-metal finish and round-edge design. The 13.3-inch model is gonna cost you $1.099, while the bigger one can be yours for $1.299.
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