Good news, Surface Laptop owners! The full version of Office apps finally available on Windows Store.

Written by B Johnson November 01, 2017
Good news, Surface Laptop owners! The full version of Office apps finally available on Windows Store.
As a laptop, no one's gonna argue that Microsoft Surface Laptop is a beautiful piece of tech. It has a premium metal finish all over it. But when it comes to software, this laptop stinks. The amount of Windows Store apps available for this laptop is currently very limited. So it's basically useless for many heavy users out there. The good news is, today Microsoft finally launched the full version of Office apps on Windows Store.

Yes, that's right. If you happen to be the proud owner of this pricey Surface Laptop, you may want to head over to Windows Store right now to grab the full version of Microsoft Office apps. This will make your laptop more versatile especially as a productivity-focused device.

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There are many Office apps that you may want to check out here, from Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher and of course, the one and only, Microsoft Word.

This is actually the very first time Microsoft finally allows users to download Office apps and then get them updated straightly from Windows Store. So if you've been hoping to get the fully working version of Office apps, this is definitely your best shot.

The addition of Office apps on Windows Store is also one of Microsoft's efforts to convince more developers to port their desktop software to Windows Store. The company used to try to convince them to port their software to Windows 8 and Windows RT. But it failed miserably, which was why Microsoft had quickly shifted to Windows 10 since then.

But now in order to lure developers to migrate their apps to Windows Store, Microsoft really counts on a software called "Centennial Desktop Bridge Tool" that basically will make it easier for developers to move their traditional desktop apps to Windows Store.

Anyway, speaking about the Office apps, despite being the full version, apparently there are still some limitations found on these Office apps on Windows Store. Two of them are, you're only allowed to install the 32-bit version of Office and also, COM add-ons are totally blocked here.

Even so, we think this is still a solid move by Microsoft considering how popular Office apps for all Windows users out there. And the release of this full version will hopefully make many users of Surface Laptop think twice about upgrading their laptops from Windows 10S to Windows 10 Pro, which is free by the way.
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