Gameloft gonna bring Donald Trump in Gangstar New Orleans' new update

Written by B Johnson January 20, 2018
Gameloft brings Donald Trump in Gangstar New Orleans
Hey gamers, have you checked out the new game from Gameloft called "Gangstar New Orleans"? Well, if you happen to be a huge fan of GTA series, you definitely should have it installed on your tablet by now. This game is pretty awesome. Anyway, today Gameloft just released a new video which shows the new update in Gangstar New Orleans. And the coolest thing is, in this update, you'll get to play as Donald Trump.

Yes, you got that one right! In this new teaser uploaded by Gameloft on YouTube, there will be some new things that you'll get to enjoy in this update. And yeah, one of them is the option to play as Donald Trump.

But wait!! Don't get over excited yet guys! In this update, you don't literally play as Donald Trump. Instead, there will be 4 new masks that you'll be able to unlock here. And one of them is Donald Trump.

Anyway, if this is your first time knowing about Gangstar New Orleans, so this game is an open world action-adventure game in 3rd person perspective. Yes, it's another GTA clone from Gameloft. We actually have been playing with it for awhile now and it's kind of fun.

However, there's something that probably will be pretty annoying for you about this game. And that is the wait time system. So unlike the real Grand Theft Auto series like GTA Vice City or San Andreas - which are available on Android and iOS -, in this Gangstar New Orleans, once you get hit by enemies, you're gonna need to wait for the character to replenish his health bar.

And that's gonna take a few minutes or even hours. Of course, you can take a short cut by using gems or purple diamonds to gain his health more quickly.

However, once you're running out of these gems, you'll need to splash your real cash through in-app purchasing menu if you want to buy these gems or purple diamonds. But of course, you can still collect these gems by waiting or completing each mission in this game.

Apart from that, Gangstar New Orleans is still a pretty decent action game, especially if you love GTA series. The graphics look nice and the controls of the car are also pretty easy to master.

Gangstar New Orleans is now available on Android and iOS. Hopefully, the new update that contains Donald Trump mask will roll out soon.
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