Yay! Super Mario Run on the verge of reaching 150 million downloads since its first debut

Written by B Johnson January 20, 2018
Yay! Super Mario Run hits 150 million downloads since its first debut
If you happen to be playing Super Mario Run right now, there is one great news about this game. So recently, according to Nintendo's latest financial report, this game just managed to reach nearly 150 million downloads since it first came out last year.

This totally shows that Nintendo's decision to enter to the mobile gaming is totally paying off. However, this huge achievement probably wouldn't have happened if Nintendo hadn't released the game on Google Play Store 2 months ago.

So in January, before this game made its debut on Android, Super Mario Run had been downloaded 78 million times on Apple App Store. However, when the game was finally available on Google Play Store on March 23rd, the number then skyrocketed to nearly 150 million. 

Unfortunately, despite this huge number of downloads, the sales of the Super Mario Run on Android didn't meet company's expectations. The number of people paying this game on Google Play Store apparently is nothing compared to App Store.

This is probably because vast majority of Android users are type of gamers that only want to play Android games for free. This totally contradicts with iOS users that mostly are active paying users and willing to buy the apps and games with their money.

According to Nintendo, from 78 million downloads on App Store, more than 5% have paid $10 to unlock the full version of this game. And that means a huge chunk of money to Nintendo from one single game. Isn't that insane, huh?

Anyway, if you're new to this game, so Super Mari Run is indeed the famous game that you've come to love on your old-gen SNES console. On Android and iOS, this game is still a platforming game though, but Nintendo decides to revamp the game entirely in order to make it more fun and much easier to play on touchscreen devices like tablets.

Just like on iOS, Super Mari Run is also released as a free game on Android. So you can download this game for free, but you're only able to play some few levels in beginning. And if you want to unlock all the levels, as well as the new items, you're gonna need to pay $10 to get the full version.

Should I download this game?

Well, based on our experience with the game, we think this game is really fun to play and definitely a MUST HAVE, especially if you call yourself a huge fan of Super Mario. However, if you happen to love platforming games, this can also be another title to collect on your tablet.
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