Update your Opera mini app now to enjoy all of these interesting stuff!

Written by B Johnson March 11, 2017
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If you happen to love using Opera mini as the main web browser on your tablet, then you might want to head over to Google Play Store right now to download the new updated version for this app. This new update brings some design overhaul to the user interface which totally makes Opera mini more enjoying and intuitive to use.

Okay, once you have updated this app to the new latest version, on the main screen, as you can see, the navigation for "bookmarks" and "saved pages" now have been moved to the main menu.

So if you want to gain access to your bookmark or saved pages, you firstly need to tap on Opera mini icon on the right bottom and from the main menu, you can finally see the options for "Bookmarks" and "Offline pages".

Speaking about the main screen, it basically still looks and works the same as usual, just like the previous version. So all the speed dials of your favorite bookmarks are there on the main screen and they are still shown in 5 rows of boxy icons.

Another interesting update can be found on the news feed section, which is below the speed dials. As you can see, the white box of each news now fills up the entire left and right sides of the screen with no padding at all. 

And then, if you try to reload the news - either by swiping down the screen or pressing the small reload icon on the bottom -, there is some cool visual animation on the top of the screen. It looks kind of nice. The new visual effect also appears when the older news are replaced with the latest ones.

Besides the new design overhaul on user interface, there are some other cool things that you can find on this latest version of Opera mini: from the small animated thunder icon inside the address bar when the page is loading, the shadow effects behind the pop-up warning box (like "Connection failed" box) and some other more. 

So if Opera mini has been your daily driver to browse the web on your tablet, we totally recommend you to update this app to the very latest version in order to enjoy all of these new interesting features.
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