HP Notebook 15 is now only $500 at Staples ($150 off). Get it while it's hot!

Written by B Johnson March 15, 2017
HP Notebook 15 is now only $500 at Staples
If you're still wandering around the street looking for a great performing laptop, then you might want to check out what Staples has in its store right now. One of its most interesting offers is HP Notebook 15. And guess what! This powerful laptop now only costs $500, down from its regular price - $650.

So starting from yesterday, this HP Notebook 15-AY163NR has been on sale at Staples. This retailer is only asking you $500 if you want to snatch this bad boy, which is $150 off from the initial price. This is actually not really expensive for a laptop with good powerful performance. And besides, it's manufactured by HP. So you can totally be sure about the overall quality of this machine.

HP Notebook 15 is now only $500 at Staples
But what's so special about HP Notebook 15, you might ask?

Well, as starter, this laptop is an Intel-Core i7 laptop. It's got a dual-core 2.7GHz Intel Core i7-7500U Kaby Lake processor, which is the 7th generation processor, the latest and greatest from Intel.

And this laptop is also equipped with 8GB of RAM plus Intel HD 620 integrated graphics chipset. So basically, not only are you able to do some heavy productive tasks like video editing, but you can also throw some awesome new PC games on this machine. And everything will run just great, thanks to its reliable graphics card.

When it comes to display, it's also not disappointing at all. It comes with a 15.6-inch screen with 1366x768 pixel resolution on it. And this is slightly higher than the regular HD resolution (1280x720 pixels). So you can still enjoy some nice looking contents like videos, photos or games with pretty good amount of details.

And if you love keeping all of your media entertainment contents like movies or music, you're definitely in the right hands here as HP Notebook 15 is equipped with a huge 1TB of hard drive with 5.400 RPM speed of spinning.

There's also an extra 25GB of cloud storage for you via Dropbox. However, it's free only for one year. If you want to keep using it and get the full 1TB storage, you're gonna need to spend around $100 every year on Dropbox.

And more awesome is, this laptop also features DVD drive to accommodate your productive needs. So you can do more than just browsing the web or watching movies on this device. You can burn your files or videos with blank DVDs. And you can also install any PC games right on this laptop.

On software side, HP Notebook 15 comes pre-installed with Windows 10 OS. So this definitely opens up the door widely for you if you want to install and run any Windows software or PC games on this device.

And thanks to its powerful hardware, it's unlikely that you're gonna get any problem with its performance, especially given that it is a Intel Core i7 laptop.

Scared of virus? Don't you worry, HP already has this laptop equipped with McAvee LiveSave virus-scan software. It may be only the trial version of the software and only available for 30 days, but if you want to feel safe and keep your laptop protected from any viruses, McAvee can be a great solution for you.

As stated by HP, this laptop is capable to survive around 6 hours of battery life. However, we're not sure if this applies to all bunch of activities combined (like watching movies, playing games, editing videos, editing works on Office software, etc) or only to heavy stuff.

But if this laptop could last more than 6 hours for doing simple productive tasks like typing or editing spreadsheets, then we believe that the endurance of this laptop can be considered as pretty great, if not the best.

HP Notebook 15 actually costs more than $600 on the market right now. So Staples definitely has the best price, might even be the cheapest, for this good-solid performing laptop. We totally suggest you to check out this offer while its price is still this appealing. Staples might remove this discount soon if you don't act fast.

HP Notebook 15 is now only $500 at Staples
However, we should mention that HP Notebook 15 is pretty heavy for a new-gen Windows 10 laptop. We believe its DVD drive is one of the things that adds up an extra weight to this machine.

The good thing is, this laptop is well-designed with pretty elegant looks all over it. And the "HP" logo engraved on the center of the front totally makes it look really professional for those using it in front of public.
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