SECRET REVEALED: Get 20% more battery life on your tablet by doing this

Written by B Johnson December 30, 2016
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Having a reliable device that can last really long in one day is definitely the dream of any smartphone or tablet user.

Unfortunately, there are many smartphones or tablets out there, even the most powerful ones, that are still plagued with one annoying problem. And that is the short longevity of the battery life.

Well, if this is what happens on your device right now, there is probably one culprit that causes this problem.

As reported recently by many tech sites on the net, apparently, Facebook app is one of many reasons why the battery life of smartphone or tablet keeps draining really fast in one day.

As a matter of fact, according to the reports, Facebook app is the one that keeps eating 20% of your smartphone or tablet's battery life every single day. Even if you don't activate or open your Facebook app everytime you turn on your device, this app will still open by itself in the background.

To be honest, I'm actually not really surprised by this recent finding because Facebook app is indeed a pretty heave app. By 'heavy', I'm not referring to its size - although it's still pretty heavy in size for a social media app -, but it's more of its features and also how it operates on your smartphone or tablet.

So as I mentioned above, Facebook app, even if you don't activate it manually, this app will activate itself automatically on your device in the background.

And this is really important for the app in order to push the recent updates or notifications on your device, like new mentions, friend requests and other things that are happening on your Facebook account.

There are actually a few things that you can apply in order to save the battery life of your device. One of them, or the rudest method is by uninstalling your Facebook app.

By doing that, not only will you reduce the tasks that Facebook app is deploying in the background, but you can improve the battery life of your smartphone or tablet by 20%. And that's a lot.

And if you want to keep accessing your Facebook app, you can use web browsers like Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome and visit Facebook website through these web browsers.

However, if you still love using Facebook app and you don't want to uninstall it from your device, you can still do certain things like stopping the Facebook notifications from appearing on the screen on the 'Setting' page. You can check out this page for more information about how exactly to do that.

This is actually the method I'm using right now on all of my social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Yahoo Mail app. I know that I will no longer receive any notification from these apps on the screen, but I think this method is pretty effective to make the battery life last much longer everyday.

How to stop instant notifications from your Facebook app?
On this page, let me show you how exactly to improve your smartphone or tablet's battery life by stopping the notifications on Facebook app
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