How to upgrade Alcatel Flash Plus to Android Lollipop OS (unofficial)?

Written by B Johnson July 01, 2016
Alcatel Flash Plus
Before I bought Alcatel Flash 2 around 5 months ago, the previous smartphone that has been my daily driver for 7 months was Alcatel Flash Plus.

This phone might cost only around $180 when I first got it. But this smartphone, or phablet if you would, is really mind blowing in many ways.

I mean, it has a gorgeous looking display, elegant and sleek design, great cameras, good sound quality, reliable battery life, and on top of that, Alcatel Flash Plus has been really awesome in accommodating my hobby of playing games. This phone is a beast when it comes to gaming performance.

Unfortunately, despite having beefy specs and powerful performance, Alcatel Flash Plus apparently will never taste the official release of Android Lollipop from Alcatel. So this phone will be stuck at Android Kitkat OS for the rest of its life.

Thankfully, there are many creative developers out there that have managed to upgrade this Alcatel Flash Plus to Android Lollipop OS. And that's by using the unofficial LEWA custom ROM based on Android Lollipop OS, which is compatible with this phone

Okay then, below I’m gonna show you how exactly to upgrade your Alcatel Flash Plus to Android Lollipop OS with unofficial method. Hope this works.

WARNING!! Do this at your own risk!! I will not be responsible for anything wrong that might happen on your phone!

#1. Download Flash tool (SPFT) and extract it to Desktop

First things first, you need to download this one computer software called SP Flash Tool. This software is really popular and has been used by Android users out there who are familiar with rooting, installing custom ROMs, upgrading or even downgrading Android OS.

Anyway, SP Flash Tool is an executable software, so you don’t need to install this software on your computer. You only need to run it in order to open the software.

#2. Download vCOM driver and install it to your computer

After downloading the SP Flash Tool above, you will also need to download this vCOM driver and then install it to your computer. This driver will help your computer recognize the system of your Alcatel Flash Plus especially when connected.

#3. Root your Alcatel Flash Plus with Kingroot

Rooting Alcatel Flash Plus is actually really simple to do. You only need to download a rooting app called ‘Kingroot 4.0.0’ > install it on your phone > open the app > activate the internet connection > press ‘Start Root’ and let this app root your phone by itself. Your phone will then reboot itself to finish the rooting process.

But you can check out this page to learn more how to root your Alcatel Flash Plus.

#4. Backup your apps using Titanium Backup app

Before continuing to the upgrading process, I think it’s really important to backup your games and apps, along with the saved data. So later, you can restore all of these apps and games when your device has been successfully upgraded to Android Lollipop OS. This is why ‘Titanium Backup’ will come in handy for this kind of situation.

Titanium Backup requires root permission of your device, which is why I already asked you above to root your device. You can check out this page for more details about how to backup your apps by using Titanium Backup.

#5. Backup your data like videos, images, music, etc

Besides backing up your apps and games, you may also want to backup your media files like videos, photos, mp3s or anything. You can move these files to your computer or flashdisk if you have one.

So once your Alcatel Flash Plus has been successfully upgraded to Android Lollipop OS, you can then format your microSD card on the new system OS and move all the media files back on your microSD card.

This is really important to prevent your phone from removing your important media files like photos or videos randomly once it’s upgraded to the new OS.

#6. Create a backup system using CWM recovery tool

The other important thing to do before upgrading your device with the new OS is creating the backup system of your Alcatel Flash Plus by using a custom recovery tool called ‘CWM’ or ClockWorkMod.

So if anything wrong happens, you can still restore your phone back to normal again by using the ‘backup system’ created by CWM.

Now download this CWM, which is compatible with Alcatel Flash Plus, and then extract the image file of CWM (CWM.IMG) on your device.

You can check out these pages to learn more about how to install ClockWorkMod and also how to create the backup system using CWM.

#7. Turn off your phone

After creating the backup system with CWM recovery tool, now select ‘reboot to system now’ to reboot to homescreen. After that, turn off your phone.

#8. Download 2 files: AOFP Lollipop OS custom ROM and the 'scatter-loadinng' file

In order to upgrade your Alcatel Flash Plus to Lollipop OS, you need to have the LEWA OS custom ROM, which is based on Android Lollipop 5.0 OS. And this custom ROM is compatible to run on Alcatel Flash Plus, even though it is not official from Alcatel.

Now download these Android Lollipop 5.0 OS custom ROM and also a 'scatter-loading' file. And then extract them on the Desktop of your computer.

#9. Extract the files on PC and move the files into 'AOFP-5.0/flashtool'

After downloading 2 files above, now extract them to your computer. And then, move ‘MT6752_Android_scatter_2gb.txt’ file into the folder called ‘AOFP-5.0/flashtool’.

Move the file into 'AOFP-5.0/flashtool'
#10. Open Flash Tool (SPFT) on your computer

Next, open SP Flash Tool on your computer.

#11. Select ‘scatter loading’

Scatter loading button
As you can see on this SP Flash Tool, there is a button called ‘scatter loading’ which is placed on the top right area. Now press that button and locate the file named ‘MT6752_Android_scatter_2gb.txt’.

#12. Select ‘firmware upgrade’ in the option

Select 'Firmware Upgrade'
On the left area, change the mode to ‘firmware upgrade’ because you’re about to upgrade the operating system of your Alcatel Flash Plus from Kitkat to Lollipop OS.

#13. Click the green download button

Press 'Download' button
Okay, now you’re all set to start the upgrading process. On the top of the software, press the green button that says ‘Download’.

#14. Plug in USB cable from computer to your phone

Next, plug in the USB cable to your computer and then, with your phone still being TURNED OFF, connect the USB cable to your Alcatel Flash Plus. This is the moment of truth.

#15. Wait until the installation process is complete

Once your phone is connected to the USB cable, the upgrading process will start automatically. This will take up a few minutes for the process to complete. And once the upgrading process is finished, the green check mark icon will appear on the screen.

The process is complete
#16. Now disconnect the USB cable and then turn on your phone

Now disconnect your phone from the USB cable and then turn ON your device manually.

#17. Enter to the homescreen

If the process runs smoothly, the boot animation will appear the first time you turn on this phone. This usually will take up around 15 minutes because your device is trying to install the new software along with all of the pre-installed apps.

And once this process is complete, you will then be asked to enter your Google account and also configure some basic settings like time/date, language, etc.

#18. IMPORTANT! Check the camera!

When your phone finally enters to the homescreen, the next important thing to do is check the camera of this device.

If the camera app works normally as well as the camera, then it means your Alcatel Flash Plus has been successfully installed with Android Lollipop 5.0 OS. Now you’re allowed to install other Lollipop custom ROMs like CyanogenMOD 12 or Vibe OS.

However, if the camera doesn’t work properly, you need to revert back the software to Android Kitkat OS because this Android Lollipop OS software apparently doesn’t work perfectly on your Alcatel Flash Plus. There is something wrong that you need to fix in the previous Kitkas OS software of this device (like doing software upgrades, etc)

QUESTION: How to downgrade from Lollipop to Kitkat OS?

The process of downgrading from Lollipop OS to Android Kitkat OS is actually similar with the process of upgrading from Kitkat to Lollipop OS. First, you need to download this Android Kitkat custom ROM file that is compatible with your Alcatel Flash Plus and then use SP Flash Tool to downgrade the software.

But I'll explain to you later in the near future. So you better stick around on this website!


Well, there you have it guys, my step-by-step guide for you if you want to upgrade your Alcatel Flash Plus from Kitkat to Android Lollipop OS by using unofficial LEWA OS that is compatible with this phone. Hopefully this method works perfectly on your device.

Anyway, if you want to know how exactly to downgrade this Alcatel Flash Plus from Android Lollipop to Kitkat OS, I'm gonna explain it to you in the future post. So you may want to check out this website regularly if you don't want to miss anything.

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