How to hide private photos so other people cannot see them?

Written by B Johnson December 13, 2016
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Today, tablet and smartphone have become the best platforms to check out photos. Now with these touchscreen devices, we no longer need the photo albums anymore because all of our photos can be kept safely right on our tablet or smartphone.

I personally love to check out my photos on my smartphone. In fact, it is one of the things I love to do the most on my device. And everytime I want to check out my photos, I definitely use a very cool app called ‘QuickPIc’.

The cool thing about this app is, QuickPic comes with the feature to hide some certain photos that you consider as 'private'. So when other people borrow your device, they can only see the regular photos, while your private photos will be hidden safely.

Below, I’m going to show you how to hide your private photos by using the feature from QuickPic. Hope you like this!

#1. Go to Google Play Store

Firstly, open Google Play Store app on your tablet or smartphone.

#2. Download an app called ‘QuickPic’

After opening Google Play Store, now search an app called ‘QuickPic’. If you haven’t heard of it already, QuickPic is actually just a regular photo viewer just like any other photo viewing apps available on Google Play Store (Google Photos, etc).

However, the great thing about this app is, QuickPic is really straightforward, simple to use and it offers many great features in it. One of the them is the feature to hide photos from showing up on the main gallery. So everyone who doesn’t know the pattern code of this app cannot see your private hidden photos.

#3. Open the app

Okay, after downloading QuickPic, now open this app. As you can see, when you open this app, you will see all the photos that you have on your device – all in organized square thumbnails.

#4. Press the menu option

Now press the menu option (3-dot icon) on the TOP RIGHT CORNER.

#5. Select ‘Security’

On the menu, select the option ‘Security’.

#6. Tap on the option ‘Access by password’

After selecting ‘Security’, tap on the option ‘Access by password’.

#7. Enter the pattern code to the system

When you press the option ‘Access by password’, the prompted window will appear on the screen asking you to enter your pattern code. Now enter your pattern code here. And then do it again twice to confirm the pattern code.

Later, this pattern code will be used as the pass code to access your hidden photos. So make sure that you enter the pattern code that you can easily memorize.

Anyway, once you finish entering the pattern code, the small box of ‘Access by password’ will then be checked automatically. Now to activate the feature, make sure that the small box ‘Hidden folders’ is also checked.

#8. Go back to gallery screen

Okay, now you have set up the pattern code and also enabled the feature to hide photos on this ‘QuickPic’ app. To start using this feature, now go back to the main screen.

#9. Press the folder you’d like to hide

In order to hide your photos, first you need to choose which folder that contains the photos you would like to hide.

If you have decided which folder to hide, now long-press that folder until you see the small check mark icon on each thumbnail. But you’re only allowed to hide one single folder at a time, not multiple folders simultaneously.

#10. Press the menu option on the top right corner

After selecting a folder to hide, now open again the menu option.

#11. Select ‘Hide’

On the menu, select ‘Hide’ which you can see on the top of the list. Once you do that, the folder which you have selected earlier will be hidden from the main screen.

If you want to hide another folder, you can repeat the process again one by one manually. So first of all, select the folder > press the menu option > and then choose ‘Hide’.

As you can see on the main screen, after you finish setting up the folders to hide, these folders will not appear again on the main gallery, which means other people cannot see your private photos on the main gallery, unless they know the pattern code.

#12. How to show again all the hidden folders?

Okay, now you have successfully hidden all of your private photos from QuickPic. If you want to see your hidden photos again, it’s actually really easy to do.

First, you just need to press the menu option > select ‘Show hidden’ > enter your pattern code > and voila! All of your hidden photos will appear again on the main gallery.

However, this is only temporary. So once you close the app, all of these hidden folders will be hidden again automatically and will not appear on the main screen of QuickPic.

And this is good because once you have finished checking out your hidden photos, you can just close the app and everyone cannot see your hidden photos when they open QuickPic on your device.

#13. How to unhide the folder?

Okay, if you feel that you no longer need to hide your photos, then you can just unhide them. So your private photos will appear normally and they will not be hidden again from the main gallery.

To do that, it’s really easy, first you need to make sure that your hidden folders are showing up on the main gallery. To do that, press the menu option, select 'Show hidden' and enter your pattern code.

Once you do that, now long-press one hidden folder until you see the check mark > press the menu option > and then select ‘Unhide’. But you’re only allowed to do this one by one on each of your hidden folders, not all of them simultaneously.

Once you select the option ‘Unhide’ on the menu option, all of your hidden folders will appear normally again on the main gallery. So the next time you open this QuickPic app again, these folders will not be hidden anymore from the main gallery so everyone can see them.


Well, there you have it guys, my secret trick for you if you want to hide some of your private photos from showing up on the QuickPic app. But bear in mind that this trick can only be applied on ‘QuickPic’ app, not on other photo viewer apps.

So if your tablet or smartphone currently has other different photo viewers like Google Photos or stock photo viewer, then your hidden photos will still appear on these apps. This is why I recommend you to REMOVE other photo viewers and only use ‘QuickPic’ as the only photo viewer on your device.
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