7 important Android apps for webmasters or website owners out there

Written by B Johnson December 15, 2016
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For many webmasters out there, it’s really important to always check the progress of their websites every single day, so they can improve all the important parts of their websites and fix the problems as well.

The great thing is, today with tablet or smartphone, now webmasters all over the world can always stay updated with every progress of their websites by using some web-related apps that each of them is designed to check and analyze some specific parts of websites, like traffic, ad clicks, pageviews, the engagement of visitors and many other things.

Below I’m going to show you 7 must-have apps related to website that can help webmasters analyze and improve many sectors of website.

1. Analytics

I think it’s pretty normal for webmasters to always check the traffic of their websites every single day or even every a few hours a day.

This is actually really important to do if you, as the webmaster, want to improve the most important aspects of your site, like user experience, visitor engagement, pageviews, ad clicks and every other things.

This is when Google Analytics comes into play.

So as its name suggest, yes, the app called ‘Analytics’ is developed by Google and it’s mainly used to analyze the traffic that comes to your site every day. It’s actually one of the best and most popular traffic analyzing tools for all webmasters across the world, from individual users to well-established company websites.

On this app, you’ll find a lot of information concerning the traffic of your websites, from the keywords used to find your site, traffic source, referral traffic, pageviews, total traffic daily/monthly/yearly, and many other crucial information about your site’s traffic.

2. StatCounter

Besides Google Analytics, there’s actually another great traffic analyzing tool for your website. And the app is called ‘StatCounter’. This app is actually based on its website itself – Statcounter.com -, which its service is to count the traffic of your website every day.

The great thing about this app is, you can get instant information regarding the traffic on your site, like pageviews, unique visitors, traffic source, user experience on your site, total daily/monthly/yearly traffic and other stuff.

I strongly recommend you to use this app and also StatCounter.com website if you want to get a simple but comprehensive analysis of your site’s traffic everyday. It actually can complement Google Analytics app on your device.

3. Namecheap

One of the most important elements of a website is definitely the server that hosts your domain name (yoursite.com). There are many trusted domain name hosting sites across the web. However, my trusted domain name hosting for the past few years has always been Namecheap.com.

The great news is, Namecheap is now also available as an app which you can download for free on Google Play Store or App Store.

One thing I love the most from this app is the ability for me to control all of my domain names on Namecheap.com in one single app. And I can also renew my domain names right away from this app.

4. Adsense

Most of webmasters today definitely use Google Adsense to earn dollars from their websites. The cool thing is, Google also develops the app called 'Adsense', which you can get it for free on Google Play Store.

Just like Google Analytics app above, this ‘Adsense’ app will only show you some simple information on your Adsense account, like the earning of your site, the total clicks in one day, total ad views, etc - all in simple, intuitive and straightforward user interface.

However, this app is only the simplified version of the full-fledged Adsense website. So there are many things you cannot do on this app, like enabling/disabling websites, modifying your ad units, etc.

But if you want to get the full-fledged version of Adsense website, you can use Mozilla Firefox app to visit the full version of Adsense website with all elements on it.

5. Adwords

For publishers or website owners, it’s really important to get traffic to their sites. However, getting traffic to websites can’t be achieved overnight. It takes months or even years to attain that goal.

The good news is, now you can get an instant traffic back to your site even when your site is still new. And that’s thanks to Google promotion service called ‘Adwords’.

So with Adwords, now you’re able to promote your website in the form of ads. And your ads will be shown on many places across the web, like the search result pages on Google and also websites that use Google Adsense. So your ads will be shown in the ad units of ‘Google Adsense’.

However, on this app, you’re only allowed to control and check the ad campaign of your site. Nothing else. So if you feel that your recent created ads just don’t convert well around the web, you can deactivate your ad campaign through this app.

Meanwhile, if you want to be able to do more than just checking out your ad campaign, then you can visit the full version of Google Adwords website by using Mozilla Firefox app.

6. Yahoo Mail

Checking out emails is definitely one of the most common things to do by webmasters or website owners all over the world.

And this is really normal because by using email, you can contact many people, like advertisers, people who visit your site, people who want some help, people who want to promote their services on your website and many more.

This is why email client app is really crucial to use.

Right now, I’m using Yahoo Mail app as my daily driver to check emails everyday. I actually find it weird to use this app, instead of Gmail app, which is more common and popular to use by most tablet or smartphone users these days.

The great thing about Yahoo Mail is, this app allows you not only to check emails from Yahoo Mail, but also from other email servers like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, etc. So you can gain access to all of your email accounts with different servers, in one single app.

I also love how on Yahoo Mail app, you can do many things like changing the theme on particular email accounts, getting instant notifications on the screen and other more. So this app is definitely a complete package of an email client app.

You’re gonna love it!

7. Trends

For well-established websites, it’s really crucial for webmasters or content writers on those sites to always stay updated with the current trend that is happening in the whole world. So they can decide what contents to produce on their sites that will bring more traffic and loyal visitors every day.

This is when an app called ‘Trend’ comes in handy.

Anyway, as its name suggest, yes, ‘Trend’ indeed is an app that can give you the instant information about the popular keywords or key phrases that currently become hot and most-discussed topics all over the world.

The cool thing about this app is, you can pick which topic that is related to your site. So if your website talks about technology, then you can pick the technology section and get to know about the hot keywords that are currently trending in technology world.


Well, there you go guys, 7 apps that can be really important to use for webmasters or website owners around the internet. So if you’re also a webmaster, I strongly recommend you to download all of these apps to your tablet.

They all may not be as perfect as on the website versions, but these apps can actually give you all information about your website instantly in real time.

I think it’s really important to monitor your site everyday on the fly so you can know what parts or your site that need to be improved or fixed quickly. And one of the best ways to do that is definitely by using all of the apps aforementioned above.
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