PowerAmp: A great music player with the best sound quality for Android smartphone and tablet

Written by B Johnson December 08, 2017
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Besides watching movies, the other thing that I really love to do the most on my smartphone is definitely listening to music. And that’s because music for me can be a really great mood booster and it even can motivate me to be more productive everyday.

Anyway, talking about music, there are actually tons of great music players or music playing apps that you can download for completely free on Google Play Store. I personally use either PowerAmp and MusixMatch because these 2 music players have their own strengths one to another.

MusixMatch for example is a really great music player because it provides the feature to show you the lyric of each song in real time.

So everytime you’re listening to one song, with internet connection activated, this app will find the exact lyric of that song and show it to you on the screen.

Unfortunately, the sound quality of this app is not really good and you need 3rd party sound equalizer like Dolby ATMOS to improve its sound quality.

The good thing is, with ‘PowerAmp’ music player, now I don’t need to use Dolby ATMOS everytime I want to listen to music.

And that’s because PowerAmp is really superior when it comes to sound quality. And I can totally control its equalizer within the app so the sound quality can be improved according to my own liking.

Unfortunately, this app is NOT free so you either pay the app or use the trial version if you want to check out this app.

Anyway, below I’m going to show you how to use PowerAmp along with some of the best features of this app. So hope you like it!

#1. Go to Google Play Store

First, go to Google Play Store on your device.

#2. Download PowerAmp (Trial)

Now find the app called “PowerAmp” and then download the trial version of this app.

#3. Download PowerAmp Full Version Unlocker and Buy the app the app

After the installation process is complete, now you must also download the unlocker version of the app in order to unlock the full version. Of course, you need to pay for it with real money if you want to use the full version of this app.

But if you only want to check out the trial version, it’s okay, although it only gives you a couple of days before it locks itself after you pass the trial period.

There's actually a workaround that allows you to install the full version of this app without paying anything. And that's by using an app called Lucky Patcher which is NOT available on Google Play Store.

But then again, this app requires root access on your device, which means Lucky Patcher won’t work if your tablet or smartphone hasn’t been rooted yet.

#4. Validate the app

Okay, I assume that right now you have downloaded this app and paid the full version. Now to validate the app and unlock the full version of PowerAmp, open the PowerAmp Unlocker app.

As you can see on the main app of PowerAmp, on the menu option, there is the information that this app is verified, which means you have unlocked the full version of this app.

However, if you’re using the trial version, it’s okay, you can skip this process and proceed to the next step number 5 below.

#5. Download PowerAmp skins

Before even opening the main PowerAmp app, I strongly suggest you to also download the extra skins for PowerAmp in order to enhance the experience of using this app.

If you’re still on Google Play Store, now search the app called “PowerAmp HD Skins” which contains extra skins that you can use on PowerAmp, like Aluminum HD and White Plastic skins.

And I think they both look really cool than the default skin that comes with the app.

But if you want to try other skins, there are actually tons of other different skins for PowerAmp on Google Play Store. You just need to download them to your device and they will be added automatically to this app.

Later at the end of this post, I will show you how to apply any of these skins to PowerAmp app.

#6. Open the app

Okay, now you’ve already downloaded PowerAmp along with its extra skins.

As you can see on the screen, if you use this app for the very first time, it will show you a bunch of tutorials and tips about how to use this app, from selecting the album you want to play, controlling the equalizer, etc. You can skip all of these tips.

#7. Show all the albums in Hierarchy view

After this app finishes scanning all of your albums on your device, you can then select any of them and play the songs right away. I personally like to see all of my albums according to the folder of each artist.

For example, if I put all the albums of Taylor Swift into one specific folder named “Taylor Swift”, that would be better and make it easier for me to find all Taylor Swift’s albums in one folder.

To do this, you just need to press the menu option (Ξ icon) and then select “List Option”.

After that, select the options “by filename” and “Hierarchy” so all the albums will be shown on the screen according to the folder of each artist and in alphabetical order.

#8. How to control the equalizer?

Now that you’re all set and ready to start listening to your favorite songs. But I think it’s also important to do some tweaks in equalizer to make the sound much clearer and better to hear. To do this, you just need to tap on the equalizer button on the top.

#9. How to change the theme?

Okay, earlier I already asked you to download some extra skins for PowerAmp app so it will look better and more attractive than the standard skin that comes with the app.

To do this, you just need to open the menu option (Ξ icon) > select “Setting” > “Look and Feel” > “Skins”. And from there, you’ll be able to see all the skins that you’ve already downloaded earlier from Google Play Store.


Well, there you go guys, one really cool music playing app called PowerAmp. I know that there are many other great music players like MusixMatch or Google Music app, but I think PowerAmp is more superior especially in terms of sound quality than on any other apps, even Google Music app.

Anyway, what about you guys? Do you have any other cool music apps that you currently use on your device? If you do, don’t hesitate to share your apps right here on the comment section below. I'll be more than happier to hear your recommendations.

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