MX Player: The best movie/video player on Android smartphone or tablet

Written by B Johnson December 08, 2017
MX Player PRO
Watching videos or movies can be really pleasing to do with smartphone or tablet because you can do it literally anywhere around your house, like in the couch, on the bed or even in the bathroom of your house.

Talking about video viewing apps or video players, there are actually many video players available on Google Play Store that you can use to watch videos or movies on your Android device.

If you ask me, I personally use a video player named ‘MX Player Video Player’ on my smartphone because it’s simply the BEST.

There are many reasons why I insanely love this app. The first one, this app totally supports any video formats so I can literally watch any kind of videos with MX Player Video Player.

I also like how this app provides easy controls and navigation to user. So I can do a lot of things even when I’m currently watching videos.

This is the reason why I totally recommend you to start using MX Player especially if you love watching movies with your smartphone or tablet.

Anyway, below I’m gonna show you how to use MX Player along with some of its great features. If you’re interested, then here check this one out!

#1. Go to Google Play Store?

Firstly, go to Google Play Store to find the video playing app I’m referring in this post.

#2. Search an app called MX Player?

After opening Google Play Store, now search an app called ‘MX Player’. There are actually tons of MX Player apps in the search results. But choose the first option in the list.

#3. Download the app?

After landing to the download page of this app, now download and install it to your device. But first, make sure that your device has sufficient amount of storage before downloading it.

This app weighs in around 28MB, so I suggest you to download this app using WiFi connection in order to save your mobile internet data.

#4. Open MX Player

Okay, if you have downloaded and installed this MX Player to your device, now open it.

#5. Play a movie or video?

As you can see on the screen, right when you open this app, it will automatically scan all the videos that you currently have on your device, either in internal or external storage.

All of the videos will then be separated by each folder where they are kept on your device. But if you want move the videos to other folder, you can only do it by using file explorer app.

#6. How to control the volume?

Okay, if this MX Player app has finished scanning all the videos on your device, now tap on one of your video to watch it.

One of the best things about MX Player is, you can control the volume level of the video only by dragging the right area of the screen (either in landscape or portrait mode). So if you want to turn the volume higher, you can simply drag the right screen to up direction.

On the other hand, if you want to turn down the volume, you just need to drag the right screen area to down direction. Isn’t that simple, huh?

#7. How to control the brightness?

If the right area on the screen is used to control the volume level, then the left area on the screen will be used to control the screen brightness of your video.

#8. How to use subtitle when watching movies?

The other great feature on MX Player is, you can also set up the subtitle manually for any movie that you’re watching. But of course, you must firstly find the right subtitle from internet and then put the subtitle file (.srt) inside the folder that you can easily find on your device.

There are actually tons of websites that provide subtitles for movies. You just need to search on Google using the key phrase for example, “Mission Impossible subtitle”.

After that, go back to your movie and press the menu option on the TOP RIGHT CORNER > Subtitle > Open. And then, you must locate the subtitle file (.srt) that you just downloaded earlier.

#9. How to set up the screen orientation?

In default, the screen orientation of MX Player (if I’m not mistaken) is set in landscape mode. So everytime you play any video, the screen will turn into landscape mode no matter what.

But you can modify this setting so the screen orientation will behave according to the position of your device. So if you're using your device in portrait mode, the video will then be shown in portrait mode.

To do that, you just need to press the menu option > Display > Setting. And then in the tab “SCREEN”, press the section “Full Screen”, and then change it to “Auto Switch”.

#10. How to resize the video?

If you want to resize the video you’re currently watching, you can simply do that with the standard 2 finger gesture that you usually use to zoom in/out photo on photo viewers.

But you can also select the default presets of screen sizes by pressing the '4-arrow icon' on the BOTTOM RIGHT (beside the skip/forward button). And then, you can keep tapping on this button to select the preset that suits you well.

#11. How to lock the screen while watching video?

If you want to lock the screen while watching, you just need to tap on the ‘padlock’ icon on the LEFT BOTTOM, beside the previous/backward button.

#12. How to play video in the background?

The other cool feature of MX Player app is, you can also play the video in the background. But you can only hear the sound, while the video keeps playing in the background. To do this, you only to press the PLAY button for 2 seconds until the video continues playing.

And then, you can go to other screen and the video will keep playing in the background.


Well, there you have it guys, one great video playing app called “MX Player” for your Android device (or iOS devices?).

I personally have been using this app for very quite awhile now. And it’s still my favorite video player on my Android smartphone until today.

Anyway, what about you? Do you also happen to use MX Player on your device? Or maybe you are using other video playing app?

I actually don’t have any other recommendation for a great video players on Android device. But if you have one, please don’t hesitate to share yours right on the comment section below. I’ll be more than happier to hear more about it.
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