How to stop mobile notifications of Yahoo Mail app from showing up on the screen?

Written by B Johnson August 05, 2016
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Checking out emails has never been easier thanks to email client apps like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. I myself personally use Yahoo Mail app on my smartphone right now to check out new emails everyday.

The great thing about Yahoo Mail is, not only am I able to read emails from my Yahoo Mail account, but I can also read emails from other email providers, like Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail, etc.

However, there’s something that in my opinion is pretty annoying from Yahoo Mail app. And that is the notification feature of this app. It’s actually pretty normal for email client apps to have notification feature because even Gmail has it too.

However, it’s actually not really efficient to activate this feature because not only will it waste my internet data, but it can also drain the battery life of my device because this app usually keeps working in the background to check new emails every few seconds.

This is the main reason why, I'm going to show you how to disable this notification feature on Yahoo Mail app.

#1. Open Yahoo Mail app

Okay, the first thing you need to do is open the Yahoo Mail app on your smartphone or tablet. But if you haven’t had it yet, you can download it for free on Google Play Store.

By the way, you can also use Yahoo Mail app to open other email accounts like Gmail or Outlook So I totally recommend this app if you have multiple email accounts. In fact, this app can be a great replacement for Gmail on your device.

And you don’t need to worry about getting a lot of notifications from your multiple emails because you can turn off the notification of EACH email account.

#2. Press the menu option on the TOP LEFT in search bar

After opening the Yahoo Mail app, there is this menu button on the TOP LEFT CORNER (inside the search field). Now press it to open the menu option.

#3. Scroll down to the bottom and select Setting

On the menu option, now scroll down a bit and then select “Setting” to open the setting page.

#4. Scroll down and select Notifications

On the setting page, scroll down and then tap “Notifications” because you want to configure the notification setting on your email accounts.

#5. Turn off 2 notifications 'News' and 'Mail'

As you can see here, on the Notifications page, there are 2 toggles that are turned on in default. To stop all the notifications about 'News and Products' from Yahoo, you can simply tap on the first toggle on the top.

Meanwhile, if you want to disable the push notifications from your email accounts, you can press the toggles on the bottom area.

#6. Customize for each account

But you can also allow one of your email accounts to keep showing you the notifications so you won’t be interrupted by many notifications from your multiple email accounts.

To do that, tap on the toggle that says “Customize for each account” and then turn on the notification of each email account.

#7. Vibrate and pick the Sound

Anyway, besides setting up the notification for each email account, you can also change the ringtone of the notification on this setting page. And you can also turn ON/OFF the vibration everytime you receive a new notification.

#8. Exit the app and you’re good to go

Okay, now you have finished setting up the notifications from your Yahoo Mail app.

From now on, Yahoo Mail will no longer give you the pop-up notification again on the screen. And that’s because the push notification feature on this app has been disabled.

If you want to check whether you receive a new email or not, you can simply open Yahoo Mail app and let it refresh itself to get your new emails in real time.


Well, there you have it guys, a really great email client app from Yahoo Mail. What do you think about this app? Do you like it or you don’t really like it? Or maybe you already have a much better email client app that you have been using for quite awhile on your device?

But regardless of your choice, I think Yahoo Mail can be a great replacement for Gmail because not only can you have complete email features through this app, but you can also open multiple email accounts from Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and many other email providers on the net.

So I think this app deserves to be a must-have app for smartphone or tablet users out there, especially the ones that have multiple email accounts and want to access all of their accounts in one simple universal app.

Anyway, hope you like what I just shared in this post guys. And if you do enjoy it, please kindly share this article to your friends or family by pressing the social media buttons on this page. I would totally appreciate it guys!
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