How to save web pages offline using Opera mini or Opera browser?

Written by B Johnson August 05, 2016
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Surfing the web with our mobile device is definitely really pleasing to do everyday. Not only can we stay updated with some new information and news, but we can also be entertained by many cool contents that we can find on the web.

However, if you’re browsing the web with Firefox app or Google Chrome, you won't be able to save the web pages to your device for further offline reading. You’re only allowed to bookmark the pages and keep their URL addresses in your list.

So if you want to read the contents on any website, you must visit the website again with internet connection activated. And this is definitely not really efficient, especially if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to waste your internet data.

Okay, I know that Mozilla Firefox app has this feature called "Add to reading list". But I think this feature is not really good, especially at saving the actual website along with all of the elements on the page.

The good news is, there’s one solution for this problem. And that’s by using Opera mini or Opera as the main web browser on your smartphone or tablet from now on.

Unlike Firefox, Chrome or most of other web browsers out there, Opera mini and Opera has the cool feature to save the web page you’re visiting and then keep them on your device for further offline reading. So if you feel like reading the content on any page again in the future, you can read it offline without any internet connection needed.

Okay then, below I'm going to show you how to save web pages using Opera mini or Opera browser. Enjoy!

#1. Open your Opera mini or Opera app

First things first, now open the Opera mini or Opera app on your device. But if you still haven’t had it yet, you can download any of them for free on Google Play Store.

The Opera mini app is really small in size by the way, but the full-fledged Opera web browser app is pretty huge probably around 60MB to 70MB if I’m not mistaken. So if you want to download them both, I strongly suggest you to use Wifi connection to save your mobile internet data.

After downloading and installing this app, now open the app.

#2. Visit any web page

As you can see on the screen, right when you open the app, it will show you some of the websites that come with this app, all in boxy-shaped thumbnails. Now go to any website that you would like to save on your device for further offline reading.

#3. Tap on the “+” icon on the top left inside the address bar

After successfully landing and it finishes loading the page, now press the “+” icon which you can see on the top left on the screen, inside the address bar. When you press it, it will generate you some options of actions that you can apply on the web page.

#4. Select “Save for online”

Now if you want to save that web page on your device, you can simply do that by selecting the option “Save for offline”. After selecting it, all the contents on that web page, along with other elements like photos, contents, etc, all will be saved automatically on your device.

And the most amazing is, this Opera mini and Opera browser apps are really quick when saving the web page. It usually just takes 2 seconds to save the web page.

#5. How to open the offline web page on Opera mini?

Okay, after successfully saving the web page on your device, the next question is, how to revisit the web page that we just saved earlier?

Well, it’s actually really easy to do that.

However, as 2 different apps, of course, each Opera mini app and Opera browser app has different layout. So on Opera mini, if you want to revisit the saved web pages, you can press the button “Saved Pages” on the top below the address bar.

#6. How to open the offline web page on Opera web browser?

On the other hand with the full-fledged Opera browser app, if you want to revisit the web pages that you just saved earlier, you can tap on the “Saved pages” blue boxy-shaped thumbnail around on the homescreen.

When you press it, you will be taken the screen where you’ll see the list of web pages that you have saved on your device.

Unfortunately, if you uninstall this Opera browser/Opera mini app in the future, all of these saved pages will be entirely gone. So you must revisit all the web pages and then save them all again on your device one by one.

But don’t worry about that, there’s actually a workaround for this problem. And that’s by using an app called “Titanium Backup” which you can use to backup Opera mini apps along with their data, including the saved web pages.

So if you accidentally uninstall these Opera mini apps in the future, you can restore them all over again using Titanium Backup. However, this app requires root access of your device, which means if your device hasn’t been rooted yet, you cannot use this app on your device.


Well, there you have it guys, my simple guide for you if you want to know how to save any web page on Opera mini or Opera browser app. Hopefully this post can be helpful for you.

Anyway, what about you guys? Do you use Opera mini apps to surf the web? Or do you use other web browser for that matter? And how exactly do you save the web pages to your device? Please share you opinion here on the comment section below.

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