How to Enable Quick Internet Data Toggle on Android Lollipop OS (Using Secure Setting)?

Written by B Johnson June 23, 2016
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Controlling internet connection on your Android device has never been so easier thanks to the quick data toggle which allows you to turn ON and OFF your internet connection just by a single tap.

And more conveniently, you can put this internet data toggle either on the homescreen with widget. So everytime you want to turn ON and OFF your internet data, you can simply tap on the widget without going through Setting > Data Usage over and over again.

Unfortunately, since Android Lollipop OS, this quick internet data toggle could no longer work anymore on all devices with Lollipop OS. And this has also impacted almost all the apps on Google Play Store that use this feature.

Apparently, on Android Lollipop OS, Google has decided to remove this feature from the operating system for good. So if you happen to love this feature on your Android device, it's sad to say that the quick data toggle doesn't work anymore Android Lollipop OS.

So if your Android device happens to run on Lollipop OS, then you must always go to Setting > Data Usage everytime you want to turn ON and OFF the internet data of your device.

But of course, you can also slide down the screen with 2-finger gesture and open the drop-down quick setting window and from there you can finally toggle your internet data ON and OFF.

This is definitely not efficient and can be time wasting especially if you’re type of user who wants everything on your Android device to be easy to reach right at your fingertips.

The good news is, there’s actually a solution of this problem that basically raises this feature again from the dead on Android Lollipop OS. So even if your Android device is running on Lollipop, you can still enjoy this quick internet data toggle.

This is why today, I’m really excited to share to you how exactly to enable again the quick internet data toggle on your Lollipop-powered device so you don’t have to go through Setting > Data Usage everytime you want to turn ON and OFF the internet data of your device.

Quick data toggle with Secure Setting (Requires Root Access)

The first trick that I want to share to you here is actually pretty complicated to apply. But I think once you finish setting it up on your device, you can start enjoying the fast easy access to toggle your internet data on your smartphone or tablet.

So the first trick to enable the quick toggle of your device’s internet data is by using an app called “Secure Setting.

WARNING!! Do this at your own risk!! I will not be responsible for anything wrong that might happen on your device!

1. Your device must be rooted first

Okay, before even proceeding to the next step, your Android device must be rooted first. And this is really important because in order for “Secure Setting” to work, this app requires you to have the root permission of your device.

So if you haven’t rooted your device yet, but you still hesitate to do so, plus, you have no clue about how exactly to root your tablet/smartphone, then you can visit my other page on this website which is dedicated to show you about how to root your Android device.

2. Download “Secure Setting” from Google Play Store

Now I assume that you have successfully rooted your device. If you already have, then go to Google Play Store and download an app called “Secure Setting”.

3. Create a widget by using Secure Setting app

Okay, after downloading and installing “Secure Setting” on your device. Now go to the homescreen and add a new widget by pressing the homescreen for 2 seconds. Select “Secure Setting” in the provided list.

I assume that right now you want to create a small widget on your homescreen which you can use either to turn ON or turn OFF your internet data. So by choosing the widget from Secure Setting, you will create a new widget provided by “Secure Setting”.

4. Choose the first option “Actions”

In the next prompted window, there will be some selections of tasks/actions that you can create by using Secure Setting. Now select “Actions”.

5. Choose “Run Command”

After choosing “Actions”, a new list is opened showing you the some specific tasks that you can apply on the widget. Now select “Run Command” in the list because the new widget that we’re about to create is gonna require you to put specific programming command using text.

6. Type “svc data enable”

In the next window, there is a text field on the top that says “Enter your executable command here”. Now type manually this command below:

svc data enable

I assume that right now you want to make the widget to activate the internet connection of your device.

7. Tick off the box “Use Root”

Below the text field, there is a small box that says “Use Root”. Now tick it off so later on, this widget can have the root permission of your device.

After selecting that small box, usually the system of your device will prompt you the window that asks your permission for root access. Now select “Allow” or "Grant".

8. Name this command as “EnableData”

Now in the “Command Name” text field right below the window, when you press the field, it will automatically generate the name of the command you’re about to create.

I suggest you to change it and rename it as “EnableData” (without space) so later on the homescreen, this new name will show up right below the widget.

9. Press the save icon

Can you see the diskette icon on the top of the screen? Okay, now press that icon to save the first settings of the widget.

10. Choose the icon on “Shortcut Icon”

After pressing the save icon, the next setting screen will show up asking you to pick which icon that totally represents the data toggle you’re about to create. Now press it and select the icon from the provided options.

11. Press the save icon again

Okay, you’re almost finished creating this widget. Now press again the diskette icon to save the last setting of the widget.

12. The widget is created

Voila! The new widget now has successfully been created on the homescreen. Now try it out to see if that works or not by tapping on the widget.

Usually, once you tap on that widget, the new window will be prompted on the screen asking for root permission of your device. If that happens, select “Allow” or "Grant" to let this widget gain root permission permanently.

13. Create the other widget to turn off data

After creating the quick data toggle to turn ON the internet connection of your device, I assume that you also want to create another widget on the homescreen to disable the data connection, right?

Okay, the steps are actually similar just like creating the first widget to turn ON the internet connection earlier.

So you just need to repeat the whole process from adding a new widget > Select “Secure Setting” > choose “Actions” > select “Run Command”.

14. Type “svc data disable”

Okay, in the “Run Command” screen, now type the following command below:

svc data disable

because you’re about to create a new widget to disable the internet data connection of your device.

15. Rename the new widget as “DisableData”

In default, if you press the text field in “Command Name”, it will generate the random name according to the command you just typed in the first field.

So you need to rename it again as “DisableData” (without space) so later on, this new name will appear right below the widget.

16. Tick off the small box “Use Root”

Don’t forget to check off the small box that says “Use Root” because this new widget also requires the root permission to the Android system.

17. Save the first setting

Now press again the diskette icon on the top to save the setting of the new widget.

18. Choose the icon

In the second setting screen, you also need to pick the specific icon which will appear as the icon of that new widget. Now tap the “Shortcut Icon” and select the right icon that represents the icon to disable the internet data connection.

19. Press the save icon

After choosing the icon for this new widget, now save the setting by pressing the diskette icon again on the top.

20. Now you’re done

Okay, your new widget should appear on the homescreen now. To try it out if it works or not, now tap on that widget and see if your internet connection is turned OFF or not. If it works, then congratulations. You just created the quick data toggle manually on your device.


Creating the data toggle on Lollipop-based devices actually not only works through a widget on the homescreen, but you can also use the same feature on “Secure Setting” to put the internet data toggle to some quick-navigation or assistive app like Floating Toucher.

Besides Floating Toucher, there’s also another app called “Power Toggles” which also can provide you the easy and quick access to toggle your internet data right at your fingertips.

But I’m not going to explain to you right now on this page because I’ve already created the other dedicated pages for these 2 other tricks in my next tutorial articles. So if you’re curious to find out, then be sure to check them out through the links above.

I'm signing out. See you!
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