Floating Toucher: Access All of Your Favorite Apps Right at Your Finger tips

Written by B Johnson June 25, 2016
Floating Toucher app icon
One of the greatest things about Android UI is the ability to put a lot of stuff on the homescreen which makes it easier for users to reach all of their favorite apps instantly without pressing a lot of buttons. All can be found right on the homescreen.

Besides app shortcuts, you can also put many stuff on the homescreen, for example like Twitter timeline widget, Gmail inbox widget, weather information widget, photo gallery widget and even direct call shortcuts.

However, there’s actually another way that will make accessing all of your favorite apps more efficient than you normally do. And that’s by using an app called “Floating Toucher”.

Okay, as the name suggests, Floating Toucher is indeed an app that can float on the screen. And that’s true because Floating Toucher is quick-navigation or assistive app in the form of circle transparent button which you can float around the screen.

But what exactly can this app do?

Well, Floating Toucher is a quick-navigation app that allows you to put all of your favorite stuff into a small circle button that you can float around the screen.

But the best thing about this app is, not only can you put app shortcuts on this app, you can also cram almost everything on this floating circle button.

Actually, I’ve already explained quite a bit about this app and how does it work in my previous article about "how to create quick data toggle by using Floating Toucher and Secure Setting?".

Similarity with the assistive feature on iOS

Floating Toucher actually kind of reminds me with the main feature that you can find on iOS of Apple devices which basically has the same exact functionality just like Floating Toucher. In fact, the floating circle button of Floating Toucher looks really similar with the floating assistive feature found on the latest iOS.

Why do I keep using Floating Toucher on all of my devices?

Anyway, I actually have been using this Floating Toucher app for quite some time. In fact, this app has become the most important app that I always use on my Android devices.

And that’s because thanks to this app, I no longer need to go through the homescreen everytime I want to open my favorite apps especially when I’m currently busy reading articles on web browser or doing other tasks.

So for example, when I’m still on the web browser reading some news or emails, I can easily access other apps like operator apps to check the balance of my internet data package.

Not only that, by using another app called Secure Setting, I can also make a quick toggle to turn ON and OFF my internet connection just by a single tap on Floating Toucher.

Besides for opening app shortcuts, there is actually plenty of other stuff that you can cram inside Floating Toucher.

You can put some setting toggles to control the brightness, volume, WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode and even lockscreen button. So you can simply tap on each toggle everytime you want to change the setting of your device.

That is simple, right?

Floating Toucher also allows you to put some important functions of certain apps like for example direct dials to certain numbers, direct messages, shortcut to specific directory of file manager, shortcut to PSP games and many more.

So yeah, you literally can put everything right on the tiny floating circle button of Floating Toucher.

You can change the shape or logo of the Floating Toucher

The other awesome thing about Floating Toucher is, you can also change how the circle button looks on the screen.

For example, if you don’t like the standard circle shape of this app, you can change it to other shapes like rounded rectangular shape, the one with cute logo on it (from Superman logo, Captain America shield, green leaf logo) and you can even use your own photo as the logo of the Floating Toucher's circle button.

You can control the transparency of this app

And then, the opacity of the floating circle button can also be altered according to your preference.

So if you don’t like the floating button of "Floating Toucher" to overshadow the screen, you may want to reduce its opacity to the lower level to make it look transparent around the screen. So you can see the entire screen without being interrupted by the floating circle button.

There’s also one other cool trick that you can get from Floating Toucher. And that is its ability for the circle button to act as certain tasks according to your preference.

You can turn this app as home button or other tasks

So for example, you can set this app to hide the circle button from the screen by pressing it twice. And this really helps a lot if you want to play games or watch movies without the interruption of the floating button around the screen.

You can also set it as the homescreen button by pressing it for a few seconds if you want.

But of course, in order for this trick to work, you must firstly set it on the setting window of Floating Toucher. If I’m not mistaken, this setting can be found by pressing the icon on the TOP RIGHT.

Why is Floating Toucher awesome?

I think Floating Toucher is such an awesome app. As a matter of fact, this app is a must-have-app that you definitely don’t want to miss. Not only will it make it easier for you to reach all of your favorite apps, but Floating Toucher also helps a lot make everything on your device much easier and more efficient to do.

Where to get this app?

Anyway, you can get this app on Google Play Store right now. The great thing is, this one is free. There are actually other similar apps which also work exactly the same just like Floating Toucher. One of them is called “Assistive Touch”.

Why do I need to download this app?

However, the thing that makes Floating Toucher so great and better than any other similar apps is definitely the rich of features that it has to offer to users.

I mean, besides giving you the standard 9 available slots, you can also extend the number of slots by choosing the "folder icon" for one empty available slot. So inside that folder, you can get 9 other empty slots for your other shortcut apps. And I believe other apps don’t offer this feature.


Besides Floating Toucher, I actually have another cool app that I want to show you right now. This one is called “Multitasking”, developed by OryonCorp.

The concept of both Floating Toucher and Multitasking is slightly similar, which is an app that can work at the same time with other tasks and they also can float around the screen.

However, what makes them different is, unlike Floating Toucher, Multitasking is in the form of sidebar which you can slide open by swiping from the left edge of screen to the right.

So this app is not visible when you don't open it. And whenever you want to use it, you can simply swipe the screen from left to right.

Anyway, when the sidebar opens up, there will be a bunch of features like movie player, file manager, photo gallery, compass, calculator, note and other apps which you can float each of them around the screen at the same time.

So for example, when you’re currently reading articles on the web and you feel like watching videos, you can just swipe the sidebar and then select movie player from the options. And once you select that app, the small floating window of movie player will open on the screen.

You then can resize this floating movie player so it will not overshadow the app you’re currently viewing.

It goes the same with other floating apps like calculator, photo gallery and other apps which you can open simultaneously and float them around the screen for your viewing pleasure.

I actually have been using both Floating Toucher and Multitasking as my main apps until today simply because I want everything on my smartphone to be effective and efficient.

So everytime I want to open the calculator, I can just open the floating calculator app on Multitasking while doing other stuff on the screen, like watching movies or reading articles on the web.


Anyway, what about you guys? Do you have any other main apps, or your daily drivers, which you’ve been intensively using on your device until today? Or you also happen to use Floating Toucher and Multitasking just like me?

If so, then don’t hesitate to share your opinion here on the comment section below. I would totally love to hear what you’re saying regarding this topic.

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