What is Bioshock Infinite Good Ending?

Written by B Johnson May 24, 2013
What is Bioshock Infinite Good Ending?
As we already see at the last part of Bioshock Infinite, good ending of this game happens when Elizabeth along with other Elizabeths (plural) from other different realities, gather around Booker and drown him in the river.

Booker then dies after running out of breathe in the water.

But this is the turning point when Booker can finally go back to where he used to be, which is the timeline and reality where Booker is still an ordinary Booker himself with miserable life and pile of debts.

However, at the final part of Bioshock Infinite, good ending of this game shows that, when Booker opens the door of Anne Dewitt’s room, it’s still unknown by the public whether Anne is there in her room or not.

And what makes them even more curious is that, according to the creator of Bioshock Infinite, good ending of this game is hidden to the public, so every fan of this latest Bioshock game can have their own assumption or prediction regarding the existence of Elizabeth, which has turned back into a little baby named Anne Dewitt, in her room in Booker’s first reality.

To be honest, i think, the decision of Irrational Games (the developer of Bioshock Infinite) to hide the “truth” about the ending part of this game really makes this game even more genius and brilliant.

Well, that’s because not all games on the market right now, have such a mysterious ending like Bioshock Infinite.

I mean, most of games these days usually have some standard and cheesy endings where the hero characters in those games will either claim the happy ending or otherwise, the sad ending.

I think that’s just cliche.

It’s like playing from one game to another game (after finishing each of them), but there is nothing special that makes us so curious or think little bit further more about the whole storyline of those games.

And that’s why the storyline of Bioshock Infinite is simply top notch.

Even after many fans already finished Bioshock Infinite, good ending of this game amazingly manages to create buzz around the internet with many game forums or websites still talking about it until today.

Therefore, in this article, i want to guide you along to know exactly about Bioshock Infinite' good ending, so hopefully you all can get a much better understanding about the ending of this game.

Booker Manages to Control Songbird with “The Whistler”

The moment after “the future's Elizabeth” sends Booker back with her power to the past, when Songbird managed to capture Elizabeth and bring her back to Comstock, Booker finally knows how to control Songbird so this bird will no longer interrupt his journey with Elizabeth anymore.

Thanks to the special instrument called “The Whistler” along with the song notes, known as C.A.G.E, which are given by “the future Elizabeth” earlier, Booker now finally knows how to control Songbird.

He then uses the instrument to control Songbird and make this bird destroy the siphon, which is some kind of machine dedicated to prevent Elizabeth from using her full power to open the tear.

After the siphon has been destroyed, Elizabeth finally can use her full power.

With her full power, Elizabeth then transports her, Booker and Songbird to the underwater city of Rapture, which is the city used in the previous Bioshock 1 and 2 games.

After the death of Songbird in underwater city of Rapture, Elizabeth and Booker then are planning to stop Comstock from being born or “created” in order to stop all of this “realities and timelines” mess.

However, they know that their efforts will always be in vain because no matter how hard they try to kill Comstock, he will still remain alive in other different realities or timelines.

So even though Booker has managed to kill Comstock earlier by knocking his head on the edge of fountain and drown him, Comstock actually is still alive in different timelines and realities.

Finding the Truth about Comstock and Booker Dewitt

So in order to know how to stop Comstock for good, by using her full power, Elizabeth then brings Booker to the place where there are many lighthouses everywhere around the ocean.

This is actually the same place when Booker is being delivered with the boat by Robert and Rosalind Lutece (at the beginning part of the game, do you remember?).

From many lighthouses that they can see around the ocean, Elizabeth then brings Booker to one lighthouse in order to find the truth about what is going on with Booker’s past, while they are still looking for the way to stop Comstock forever.

This is when player can control Booker and open every door of lighthouse that is presented to Booker.

The Moment of Truth

After opening some important lighthouses’ doors that matter to Booker’s life, Elizabeth finally brings Booker to the place where he used to be familiar with, which is in the river, the place where Booker used to take baptism.

Booker is shocked and emotionally asks Elizabeth why she brings him to the river.

Elizabeth then explains that Comstock is actually Booker Dewitt himself, in the reality where Booker decides to ACCEPT the baptism, becomes Comstock and moves to the floating city of Columbia.

How to Stop Comstock Forever?

After accepting that truth, Booker then realizes that Comstock simply cannot be killed because no matter how many times they try to kill Comstock, thanks to Lutece’s “Time and Reality” machine, Comstock will still be alive in many other timelines and realities.

So the only way to kill Comstock forever is to stop Comstock from taking the baptism in the river.

Soon after that, Elizabeth with many other Elizabeths from different realities then show up to Booker and gather around him in the river.

Those Elizabeths then drown Booker in the water, as if they are baptizing Booker, and then kill him until he is running out of breathe.

Bioshock Infinite Good Ending

At the last part of Bioshock Infinite, good ending of this game finally occurs as Booker wakes up from his “death” and find himself in the reality when he was still the same regular Booker Dewitt in his past, with all of his problems and especially, debts.

He then goes to his daughter’s room to check whether Anne is still there or not. However, when opening the door, the game ends with a dark screen and that leaves a BIG question regarding Anne Dewitt’s existence in her room.


So there you go, the Bioshock Infinite' good ending.

I know, for those of you fans of Bioshock Infinite, good ending of this game seems a bit vague and leaves you wondering about the existence of Anne Dewitt in her room.

But actually, i think this ending somehow makes this game even more brilliant because it makes us so curious and want to learn more about the entire storyline of this game even deeper than last time we finished the game.

Amazingly, this ending even manages to create buzz on many game forums and many websites around the net.

So good job Irrational Games!!

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