How Tablet Gives Value to Mankind and Makes Our Life Easier

Written by B Johnson November 28, 2013
How Tablet Gives Value to Mankind and Makes Our Life EasierHi Gametabletz readers,
It’s me again, Bryan Johnson. But you can call me Bryan.

Anyway, around 30 days from now, the holiday season is about to start.

And that means, we’re gonna have the best moment in this entire year. And that is Christmas.

I’m actually really excited to welcome this holiday season.

But, i don’t know, at the same time, i also feel that I don’t want to rush into Christmas days just yet because usually, soon after the holiday ends, the excitements and joys of holiday season will start fading away.

And i really hate that because that's the moment when things become soo depressing after the holiday. And that kind of sucks.

It’s like being so excited to welcome the Halloween, and then, bam!!

The Halloween day just passed by yesterday and there is no excitement anymore the next day after that.

But the good news is - Christmas Eve is still far away in front of us, to be exact, around 33 days until that day arrives.

So we still have a lot of days of excitements that we can use to prepare for this holiday and try to make it our best holiday ever.

For me personally, every holiday, i usually try to buy many snacks and some holiday-related food and then store them all until the Christmas days arrive.

And when the moment comes, that’s when i will start eating them all alone by myself while watching some great Christmas movies in my room (lol! i know, it’s kind of selfish). That always works for me!

The other thing that i usually do every year in the holiday season is go to the mall to watch live music of some great bands playing Christmas and holiday songs.

Yes, that’s definitely the best moment of my entire life.

A few years ago, when i used to visit some mall to see live music in the Christmas days, i remembered watching this group containing some guys and girls (with gorgeous outfit - of course, the girls, duh!) and they sang some Christmas songs that i never heard them before in my entire life (i believe these songs were practiced in their church choir).

That day was the BEST day of my life. I really enjoyed every little second when seeing and hearing them sing, while gathering around people i barely know.

Trust me, if i had a time machine, i would definitely go back to that exact day.

The good news is, i don't need to go back to the past as the Christmas days are just a month away from now.

So i will definitely go watch some more live music at the mall again this December. It's gonna be fun!!

How Tablet Gives Value to Mankind and Makes Our Life Easier

Okay then, enough about my life (haha). Let’s move on to some topic that i have in mind right now. And that’s about what tablet can do that enhances or gives value to our life.

Yeah, i think this topic is kind of awesome to talk about.

I mean, tablet is like one of the best inventions that human being created in this world.

That’s why i give kudos and a lot of credits to Steve Jobs and the rest of his team at Cupertino for introducing this device to the world.

I know - before iPad, Amazon already had its own tablet-alike device, which allows users to read digital e-Book or known as e-Reader these days.

But Apple should also be credited for revolutionizing that device into a more matured tablet and give more values to human being than just some simple e-Reader, (although Amazon’s newly released e-Reader is also kind of awesome given that it now already has touch screen support, unlike their older gen e-Readers).

Since iPad came out, many manufacturers tried to make the same devices like iPad, which now are known as tablets, including Amazon with its Kindle Fire tablets.

If you visit some smartphone stores around your town, then you will find a wide range of tablets being sold everywhere on the market. However, not all of them are great.

In fact, most of these unpopular tablets really suck at best.

However, among these cheep made tablets, there are some great awesome tablets from many popular manufacturers, like from Sony, Samsung, Asus, LG or even Lenovo that i believe are worth checking out given their functionality and features that i think are just better than the iPad.

Anyway, if you own a tablet, either it’s Samsung GALAXY Tab, Asus Transformer Prime, Google Nexus tablet, iPad or anything, then you know that tablet has many things to offer to the users, right?.

If you love watching movies, then tablet can do that for you.

And if you love playing games, tablet games, then you know that tablet also has some great console-quality games across the respected app markets out there.

Listening your favorite music will also be really fun if it’s done with a tablet, although it'll be more enjoying to do on a much smaller device, like iPod or smartphone.

And if you love keeping yourself updated with the latest news across the internet world, then tablet will be your best companion, even on the go.

So the question is, what tablet can exactly do that not only can entertain you when you’re not in a great mood, but also give values and even enhance your life?

Okay then, in the list below, here you’ll find some great functions of tablet that we usually don’t realize how important they are in our life.

Tablet Allows You to Find the Latest Books Much Faster than in the Past

Used to be, when tablet didn’t exist yet, people, especially book worms, just kidding, i mean book readers, always found it really difficult to find the books that they really wanted to read, like some old novels from really unpopular authors or some awesome comics that were not sold in their specific countries.

Well, that kind of sucks, right?

I mean, how on earth those people would finally be able to get the books if there was no access that allowed them to buy those books.

I know, there are some online stores like Amazon that obviously has a really complete book catalog from a wide range of genres that surely can be shipped to any country that orders them.

However, in some countries, especially the developed ones, not many people have credit card or even have access to use internet (much even worse, they just don’t know how to use internet) in order to buy those books online.

Besides, in other countries outside the US or Europe, the shipping cost is really expensive and not many people can't afford that.

That’s the reason why tablets have really helped a lot of people, gazillion of people out there on this planet do things that they used to not be able to do, like buying new and latest books, comics, magazines or even newspaper from some foreign countries.

So again, i give credits to Steve Jobs and his team from making this device happen.

Tablet Can Give You Access to the Latest Media Contents Quicker Than Ever

Similar like what happened to those book readers, when tablets hadn’t existed yet, people were having a trouble to find many music albums from foreign bands or singers that were not sold in some countries, especially the developed ones.

And again, that kind of sucks, really really sucks.

I remembered when i used to hear some great bands like Collective Soul but didn’t manage to find their older albums in my country. That’s really annoying for sure.

Thankfully, that doesn’t need to happen again today because with tablets, you can get the easiest access to download many songs or albums from even the oldest musicians that you never heard before in your entire life.

Well, that’s kind of awesome, right?

Major Awesome!!

Not only music, by using your tablets and connect to the Amazon’s Hulu or Netflix or other television program apps, you can wide open a really huge collection of movies or TV series from across the world and instantly download them (of course, after buying them) to your tablet and enjoy them with your coffee and maybe some great snacks.

That’s just mind blowing, incredible, amazing, outstanding and other words that i can’t describe how awesome is that!!

If you want to go back to your old time memories, you can go watch one of the most popular sitcoms on earth, “Friends” from those apps on your tablet since this TV show is beyond awesome.

And if you like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies (wow, i can’t believe i can type his name correctly!), you can find any of his best movies on Netflix.

Or if you always want to get updated every day or week with the latest of your favorite TV shows (like Walking Dead maybe?), you can just buy them all through your tablet and get them instantly the exact day when they’re released.

That’s why, tablet is a freakin’ revolutionary device that human being have ever created on this earth. Can’t imagine if this thing hasn’t existed until now.

We would still be living in the cave, just kidding, i mean, in the regular house with no access for the latest movies that we really love to watch, unless if you subscribe to TV cable, which not many people have this access given their low job salary.

Tablet is a Great Console-Quality Gaming Device

Besides for reading books or enjoying your favorite movies or TV shows, tablet can also be such an amazing device for playing games.

Yup! That’s true.

These days, a wide range of games can be found easily on your tablet, from a simple shooter game like, you know, Angry Birds, to a more hardcore high-performance games with stunning graphics and visual effects like Dead Trigger 2, Modern Combat 4 or even the original versions of GTA III and Vice City. That’s just beyond amazing for a device like tablet!!

I mean, used to be, when we were spoiled a lot with the stunning graphics of console or PC games, we used to think that these games are just far to reach for handheld devices or in this case, tablet.

It’s just impossible given that those console games were just mind blowing in terms of graphics and tablet hardware were not really that powerful that time.

But look at what happens today! Your old time favorite PC games like GTA III or Vice City (and San Andreas next month) or Call of Duty-alike game, Modern Combat series now can be found on tablets.

And amazingly, these games run perfectly and smoothly even on some average gaming tablets (like last year’s Nexus 7, Kindle Fire or Samsung GALAXY Tab 2).

Whereas, some of these tablet games have some stunning graphics and incredible visual effects going on inside the game.

The great news is, next year, more and more games developers for tablets will be brave enough to jump to a much bigger bandwagon and take their games to the far new level that they’ve never done before.

And that means, next year, you’re gonna see some jaw dropping games that are gonna use some insane game engines and more detailed console-quality graphics, plus some eye pleasing visual effects, that will surely make the gaming experience a much much even better than what we can see today.

Well, that’s kind of awesome, right?

With Tablet, You Can Learn About New Card Board Games that You Never Heard Before

Can you imagine that, before the tablets were invented, we usually could only play some card or board games that we used to love with some real cards and boards, right?

And that’s too bad because all across this earth, there are many genres of card and board games that were impossible to know for many of us given that those games were only available on some specific countries.

So it's impossible for us to know about many other card and board games other than monopoly, domino, poker and some general card board games.

Thankfully though, now we have a tablet that not only does it allow us to play those card and board games right away from the tablet, but also gives a huge access for us to learn more about other card board games across the other countries that we never heard before.

Take UNO for an example. When tablet hadn’t existed yet, not many people know about this game.

But soon after the tablets went viral in all tech world a few years ago, Gameloft decided to take a step forward to introduce this game to mobile gamers out there.

And go back to the present, now we have a much bigger collection of card or board games across the App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store and Windows marketplace. Pick the ones you would like to play and you're good to go.

Tablet Can Help You Sharpen Your Skill of Playing Some Sports or Games

When there was no tablet, we used to play some games like chess with our friends or family members.

That’s kind of fun, i know.

However, not many people own a chess board or maybe don’t have a time to buy chess board, right?.

Luckily, now with tablet, when your friends drop by to your house, you can challenge one of them to play chess directly on the tablet.

And the good thing is, you don’t even need to own 2 tablets in order to be able to play chess with your friend.

With only 1 tablet, you can set the match to “human vs human” and let the game begin.

So when it’s time for you to move, you can hold the tablet and control your move. But when it’s the turn for your friend to move, then you must give the tablet to your friend. And so on, so forth.

With Tablet, You Can Play Games Together With Your Family or Friends in Multiplayer Mode

Besides playing chess or any card or board games with your friends, with tablets, now you can also play some games in online or offline multiplayer mode. There are many games that are worth checking out, like ShadowGun Deadzone, The Sims Free Play or even Modern Combat 4.

Or if you want to play some simpler games with your friends, there are also many new simple games that already support this multiplayer mode.

However, you should have more than 1 tablet in order to enjoy this feature.

But if your friends already have tablets or even smartphones, then they will be able to join with you in the game.

Usually, this type of game would be so awesome if you play it with your friends or family around the holiday season, maybe this holiday.

It will definitely add more fun and excitement to your family and friends when they are celebrating the holiday with you in your house.

Maybe a lot more fun than you used to have in the past holiday season in your entire life.

Tablet Can Always Keep You Updated with Your Favorite News

I’m always wondering (actually until now) what would happen if tablet hasn’t existed until today. Man!! That would be so annoying you know.

I mean, if we want to always keep ourselves updated every day with the latest news or phenomenon that just happened across the world, we will always need to read newspaper every single day.

Whereas, we only have a very little time to do our hobby or favorite activity in one single day like working out at the gym, reading novels, watching our favorite tv shows or movies, or even blogging.

And our entire time in one day will be spent for doing our daily job, right?.

Well, for some of you who can always schedule your daily time to do things that you really love to do, then it’s good for you.

But many of us, especially busy employees or office staff, definitely don’t have many time in one entire day that we can use to do our favorite hobbies.

That’s why, with tablet, tablet has made our life easier than before.

If we always want to read the latest news about something that we really like to read every day, like finance, politic, entertainment or worldwide news, we can just find our favorite news topics on our tablet, and then subscribe to those news via reader app.

From that, now we can just open our reader app and read all the news so quickly via the news feed on that app.

I believe it won’t take some hours to finish them off. Besides, you’re not going to read all of those news in one sitting, right?

Tablet Can be The Best Guidance When Traveling Across Other Countries

For many of you who love traveling across the countries that you never visited before, tablet can also be the best device that can help you every minute since your arrival to your new destination country.

For my recommendations, you can use Android tablets like Google Nexus 7, GALAXY Note 8, Tegra Note or some other powerful spec’d tablets where you can use some useful apps for traveling, like Google Earth, Google Maps or any other apps that can help you find the best recommendation of hotels, motels, restaurants or even great museums to visit on some particular countries.

Take Google Nexus 7 as an example.

This tablet is made by Asus and Google. It works really great for some traveling apps given its powerful hardware specs and great display.

The good thing about this tablet is its price point. If you’re not in good budget condition, you can just snatch this tablet for just $229.

Well, that’s just a great deal for many people who don't like spending big on their traveling budget.

And if you want a much cheaper tablet but still as powerful as Google Nexus 7, then aim your target at Tegra Note.

Just like Google Nexus 7, this NVIDIA's homemade tablet will be a perfect device for your traveling journey.

It now costs only $199 for the basic 16GB model by the way.

With that price tag, you can have a solid and powerful tablet that can accompany your traveling journey with many travel-dedicated apps on it, plus can help you find some locations that seem so strange for new visitor like you.

To be honest, i think Google Nexus 7 and Tegra Note are probably the best tablets for budget travelers out there. You just can count your life on these 2 devices. Period.

Tablet Allows You to Enjoy Media and Entertainment Stuff On-The-Go

Long before the tablet hadn’t even been invented yet, we usually had to stay tuned to some TV cables if we always wanted to watch the latest episode of our favorite tv shows.

That kind of sucks, right?.

I mean, it would be so annoying if we have to stay at home every day in order to watch our favorite tv shows if we don’t want to miss any episode of these shows.

Thankfully, there is a tablet that can tackle that issue perfectly.

With your tablet, now you don’t ever need to always stay at your house in order to watch every episode of your favorite TV shows.

You can just find any of your favorite TV shows or even movies on theater through some great apps like Netflix or Hulu, and then download them all to your tablet right away (of course after purchasing them).

With that being said, then you can continue your usual schedule or your daily job without missing any episode of your favorite TV shows every single day or week.


So there you go, some of the things that your tablet can do to you that not only enhances and gives values to your life, but also makes your life a LOOOOOT easier than in the past.

It’s just so amazing that human can finally come up with this device and give a really huge value to the life of gazillion people on earth.

I just can’t imagine what would happen if this device hasn’t been invented until now.

Anyway, what about you? Do you think tablet has made a really huge impact to human’s life?

Or do you think, we don’t need tablet in order to enhance our life?

Shoot your opinion on the comment section below and then we’ll talk.
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