4 Tips to Kill Boredom By Using Your Tablet for This Holiday Season

Written by B Johnson November 28, 2013
4 Tips to Kill Boredom By Using Your Tablet for This Holiday SeasonAs this December keeps coming closer to us, then we must prepare ourselves to welcome this holiday season with many joys and excitements.

One of the best things that you can do in order to welcome this awesome Christmas holiday season is play with your beloved tablet.

Either you have an Android tablet, Apple iPad or even Windows tablet, there are many great things that you can do with your tablet this holiday.

With more and more new games, movies, TV series, books or magazines getting released this December, then you’ll get plenty of awesome entertaining contents that are always ready to cheer you up this entire holiday.

Okay then, since Christmas days are just a month away from now, in the list below, i want to share to you some of the great things that you can do with your tablet this holiday season.

1. Play Games All Day Long

First of all, let’s start with this one, playing games all day with your tablet. That sounds kind of fun, right?.

It surely does.

Now imagine this, the days before Christmas, let’s say from 20 to 26 December, you want to make sure that this holiday season is gonna be the best holiday in your entire life.

So in order to achieve that goal, you must firstly equip your tablet with some new awesome games, or maybe some old games that you haven’t played already.

There are some great games that you might want to check out this December. If you love playing racing games, you can try “GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience”, which is a great simulation racing game for a die hard racing gamers out there.

However, if you want simpler racing games, you can pick up other games like Need for Speed: Most Wanted or Asphalt 8, although they both are older games launched several months ago.

But if you don’t really like playing racing games, there are many other great alternatives, like “Dead Trigger 2”, a zombie shooting game with stunning graphics and visual effects, “Thor: The Dark World”, a movie tie-in adventure game similar like Hero of Sparta game, “Batman Arkham Origins”, a console-adopted game with the gameplay similar like Infinity Blade, the latest series of “Infinity Blade 2” for iOS devices only, “FIFA 2015” if you are a die-hard soccer fan, GTA San Andreas (which is gonna launch this December) and many more.

But if you want much simpler games that you can play all day without getting depressed, then you can snatch some older games like Angry Birds series or Fruit Ninja.

I know, they are kind of old, but still worth checking out though.

Anyway, besides getting some new games for your tablet, you must also have a tablet that could last all day long without recharging or at least around 7 to 10 hours in one day.

That’s already enough to entertain you in long long hours for playing games in the row.

There are some tablets that i think are really powerful and have a really solid battery life.

To name of few, there are iPad Air or iPad mini, Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HDX, Tegra Note, Samsung GALAXY Note 8/10, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10, Sony Xperia Z tablet and some other Samsung’s or Asus tablets.

2. Watch movies or TV series

The other great thing that you can do with your tablet this holiday season is watch new movies or TV series that are gonna be released this December.

I personally don’t know that much about new movies or TV series that are worth checking out this holiday.

But there are some good movies that you shouldn’t miss this December though, like the sequel of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smug” or an awesome holiday-themed cartoon movie called “Frozen”. Hopefully, there will be more Christmas-themed movies that will launch this December.

And given that you’re gonna spend many many hours for just watching these movies or TV series in marathon, then your tablet must definitely have a strong battery life, right?.

That’s why, in this blog, i always recommend you some of great tablets that not only have powerful hardware specs, but also a long lasting battery life.

If you currently don’t have big budget to spend on a tablet, then you can pick up either of these tablets, from Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HDX or Tegra Note.

Although they are affordable to buy, they have great specs and strong battery life though. So you’ll make no mistake if you buy one of them.

But if you’re in great shape financially, you can choose either iPad Air, smaller iPad mini, Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Samsung GALAXY Note 8, Lenovo Yoga 10 Tablet or other Samsung GALAXY tablets.

3. Read Books or Magazines

For those of you book worms, no, just kidding. I mean, for those of you who like spending most of your time for just reading books or magazines, then you’re gonna love it if you do that on the tablet.

These days, tablet has emerged not only as a platform for playing games, watching movies, browsing internet or listening music, but tablet can also be a great device for reading books or magazines.

Therefore, if you want to ensure that this holiday season is not gonna suck and boring, then there are some great new books and magazines that you can always order through your tablet, even the latest ones that used to be unavailable to access in your country before tablets weren't invented yet.

If you’re not the type of power users and only wants to read books or magazines via your tablet, nothing else, then you can pick up Amazon’s Kindle Fire as this tablet will give you access from thousands to millions books and magazines that you can buy or get them for free.

However, given that you will only use the tablet for simple stuff like reading books and magazines, i recommend you to choose last year’s Kindle Fire HD (not HDX) or even Kindle Fire 1 as both of these tablets are really cheap but still powerful enough to accommodate your hobby perfectly.

Despite having a cheap price tag, which is only around $100 to $150, with these Kindle Fire tablets, you can also do many other things besides reading books, like watching movies, playing apps from Amazon App Store, listening to music and even browsing internet.

And the best thing about these tablets is, they both have good battery life, making sure that you can spend this holiday season without the need of recharging the tablet during the day.

4. Play Games with your family or friends

Given that this is a holiday season, then it’ll be great if you can spend the entire day during the holiday with your family or your friends.

And one of the most fun activities that you can enjoy with your fellas this holiday is play games on tablets.

If you have more than one tablet, then you can play some games like chess, domino, UNO from Gameloft or maybe some other card or board games right away on your tablet.

However, if you only have one tablet at your disposal, don’t you worry, you can still have fun with your family and friends through your tablet.

There are some games that actually can be played with more than one person in just one tablet.

For example, if you want to play chess with your friend, you can set the match as “human vs human”.

So when it’s your turn to make a move, you can use the tablet. But when it’s the time for your friend to play, you can pass the tablet to him/her.

And so on and so forth. It’s cool, right?


Well, there you are, some of my tips that you can apply in this upcoming Christmas season.

How about you?. Do you also have other things that you might want to do with your tablet in this awesome holiday?

If you do, then feel free to share your tips on the comment section below.
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