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Written by B Johnson September 19, 2021

Because of the simple rules and fascinating gameplay blackjack always stays popular. Gameplay is fast - it is impossible to get bored. An additional plus is that many effective strategies have been developed to increase the chances of winning.

Blackjack at online casinos is represented by a wide range of varieties. A selection of blackjack at Casinonic casino from the best gaming software developers is an opportunity to learn the rules of the real game and brighten up your leisure.

Features of the Blackjack discipline

The game is played against the dealer with one or more hands dealt. The classic version uses 8 decks. Each card brings points, the number of which depends on its rank. The goal is simple you should strive to score more points than the dealer, but not higher than 21. The dealer also receives and collects card points. He is obliged to stop at 17, but always takes more if the sum is lower. The combination of an ace with a ten or any other card equal to ten is called Blackjack and is paid at a higher odd - 3 to 2.

Additional actions can be available in different variations of the blackjack game - you can give up or double the bet, split the hand into two, make bet insurance. The terms on which they are accepted depend on the type of the blackjack game. If blackjack looks to complicated, you always can play mobile online pokies Australia at Casinonic website.


There are dozens of variations of the blackjack. Usually, they differ in terms of playability. The American version is considered a classic. The largest selection of classic blackjack games is available in any online casino. However, on the websites such as Casinonic, player can choose other popular variations of the game:

  • European - two decks are used; you can play only one box. The first card is dealt to the dealer in the open, which allows you to make assumptions about the strength of the dealer's hand. You can only double up at 9, 10, or 11 points.
  • Surrender - you can surrender and return half of your chips before you reach a 21.
  • Switch - the game is played on two boxes. Having received the cards, you can swap the top cards between them.
  • Atlantic City - If the dealer's ace or ten is open, he looks at his second closed card. If the dealer has Blackjack, the player is not invited to score points at all.
  • Double Exposure - The dealer gets two cards at once in the open. Blackjack is paid 1 to 1. No doubling, splitting hands, insurance or surrender are allowed in this version of the game.

Most of the other online blackjack disciplines are modifications or symbiosis of the listed varieties. Games may also differ in betting limits and number of boxes. Before you play blackjack in a casino for money, you need to clarify the specifics of the rules with the support or inside of the game options.

Game formats

Software and casino developers strive to create a comfortable environment for users and are constantly improving the software and game features. At the moment you can try blackjack in two main variations:

Simulators - simulate a casino table, but the game is played against the software. A random number generator is responsible for fairness, ensuring unpredictability of the hand.

Live tables - the user controls the game using a web interface, but competes with a live dealer. There is a live broadcast - you can see the dealer's actions and chat with him in real time.

There is also a third variation of the game, however it is still in development - VR blackjack. It will be available to masses sometime in 2022.

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