Play as Chris Redfield in the new Resident Evil 7's DLC "Not a Hero"

Written by B Johnson February 01, 2018
Play as Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on the new DLC
Hey guys, if you haven't been playing Resident Evil 7 for quite a while, you better check out the latest DLC that just came out a week ago for this game. It's called "Not a Hero". The coolest thing is, you finally get to play Chris Redfield in this DLC, which is one of the most prominent characters in Resident Evil series.

Anyway, in this "Not a Hero" DLC, you as Chris will be deployed at the same place where Ethan Winters was looking for his wife in Resident Evil 7. However, you will explore the underground area much deeper now than before. You will be required to use gas mask, oxygen tank and a night vision, which all of these equipment can be found along your journey inside this underground area.

Play as Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on the new DLC

Play as Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on the new DLC

Your job here is clear - find Lucas and bring him alive to Umbrella Corporation. He is the lunatic and also the member in Baker family who reminds us with one of Batman's enemies - The Riddler - because he always uses riddles when torturing his victims.

Anyway, if you've been living under the rock, so Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the latest series in this franchise. We think RE 7 is the scariest series in Resident Evil games. It's actually nothing like most of Resident Evil games you've ever played before where they are mostly about shooting zombies and monsters.

But Resident Evil 7 is a totally different game. It's actually more like a horror game than a zombie game now. In fact, it now uses first person perspective, unlike other Resident Evil games that mostly use third person or overview perspective. And this game now doesn't involve any zombie anymore.

In this game, you will play as Ethan Winters who has been worried sick about his wife - Mia - whom has been missing for very long time. He later finds out that his wife has been possessed by some kind of evil spirit, which actually is bacterium or virus named "Evelyn".

Well, if you are a huge fan of horror games, Resident Evil 7 is definitely the game you don't want to miss. Meanwhile, if you've already played the game and finished it, why don't you try out the latest DLC - Not a Hero.

It's totally worth checking out!
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